Here We Go


We are getting ready to leave for the hospital for my testing. Judging by the fact that we spent a decent amount of time preparing for the induction and packing the hospital bags in the car, I’m pretty sure I WON’T be induced today. I’ll keep you posted.



  1. I saw induced and my mouth dropped open. Teaser. ;) Good luck today.

  2. thinking good thoughts! :)

  3. All my digits are crossed for you! I’m so looking forward to meeting your little guy!

  4. Thinking good thoughts for you – for a safe delivery and a healthy boy!

  5. Can’t wait to hear what happens. And isn’t that the way it usually works? THe more prepared you are the less likely it is to happen.

  6. Good thing you were prepared!! I just saw on SAJ’s site that you’ve started the induction process. Best wishes for a happy, healthy delivery. I can’t wait to see little Whoolito!!

  7. I’m all a-flutter over here!

  8. SAJ says they have started the pitocin drip and D went home to get her computer!

  9. Ooh, this is so exciting! Good luck!

  10. 3pm update: water broken, contractions starting to come quickly, hospital does NOT have internet afterall. %$#@!!!

  11. Hot dog, little Whoorlito is on his way! Can’t wait to hear the official word.

  12. Yay! Thank goodness for SAJ and her updates. This is exciting. Can’t wait to “meet” Whoorlito.

  13. yay! here comes whoorlito! go whoorl!

  14. B.R.E.A.T.H.E…

    (and stop squeezing D’s hand so hard).

    Good luck with all of it sweetie! You’ll do beautifully, I’m sure, and Baby W’to can’t help but be a darling.

  15. Yay! Good luck!

  16. Good Luck Whoorl! I had a feeling it would be today – my hubby’s birthday! Can’t wait to see photos of your little Whoorlito!!

  17. I’ve been checking all day long – hope it’s over soon!

  18. ARGH! Congrats – hoping for a smooth delivery from boiling hot South Carolina.

  19. Ahhh! Hope it’s going well–obviously the masses are out here wishing you the best. Good luck and we can’t wait to hear all about Whoorlito!

  20. Hi, all. I talked to D around 8:30. Everyone is doing well, but she is only 3 cm so it looks like it will be morning before whoorlito makes his grand entrance.

  21. MamaBear says:

    Whoorl and Whoorlito, our thoughts are with you! You go GIRL! Your life is about to change….

  22. Bethany Coffey says:

    Awww thanks cj4. Gooooooo whoorl!!!! We love you;)

  23. Any Friday morning updates?

  24. omg omg i’m so excited!

    i’ll be thinking about you today. ;)

  25. I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m going to be away from my wifi connection today too so I hope Cj4 and keep us updated.

  26. No word over here either. I promise I’ll let y’all know as soon as I hear.

  27. Whoorlito…come out, come out wherever you are! :O) Many, many happy blessings for Whoorl, D and the baby!

  28. ooooh…. good luck!~

  29. lack of Whoorl update = scary, hope you are ok.

  30. i am dying to know if he has come yet. update! ahhhh. thinking about you whoorl.

  31. lisahanson says:

    dying for an update! …sending good thoughts to Whoorl and company!

  32. Got an update from her sister. He was just born!!!! I don’t know details, sorry.


  34. CONGRATS! I can’t wait to see a pic and read your birth story!

    yay, Whoorlito! Welcome to the world.

  35. Congrats to the entire Whoorl family!
    Wow. A new baby boy.
    Lacoste shirts for everyone!!!

  36. Welcome Whoorlito!!! Congrats Whoorl and D!!!

  37. Woooohoooo!!!!!!

  38. YEAH! Congrats Whoorl family :)

  39. Hi, all. I just talked to whoorl and am extremely happy to announce the arrival of whoorlito, more formally known as Anders Smith. Long and lean like his daddy, he is 6 lbs, 11 oz and 20.5 inches long and has a thick head of dark hair (no doubt, expertly coiffed, again like his daddy). The little guy is a little tired from 22 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing and is getting some special attention from the doctors, but all is expected to be fine. Mom and dad, although exhausted, sound great. Whoorl wanted me to say thanks to all of you for your good wishes and your support. I will provide additional updates as soon as I hear from them again.

  40. Congratulations!

    What a cool name. I can’t wait to see pictures of the little guy.

  41. Gorgeous name! He sounds perfect.

    Congrats to the entire family!!! Can’t wait to see a photo!

  42. Congrats on the birth of your new son! I look forward to hearing all about the birth and seeing what adorable clothes you will swaddle him in!

  43. Woo-hoo! Congratulations!

  44. yeah! Way to go Whoorl! i’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see little mr. anders!!!! i’m sure d is quite proud….

  45. Yeah! The name is great; congratulations to you three.

  46. Congratulations! That is great news. So excited for the family!

  47. AWESOME!! Congrats, Whoorl! You did it! I can’t wait to see pictures.

  48. Congratulations!

  49. an awfully serious girl says:

    Good luck!

  50. Congratulations!

  51. victoria says:

    Welcome to the world, Anders! A beautiful name for a beautiful boy (must be – with parents like yours)!

  52. Yay! Congratulations!

  53. Bethany Coffey says:

    Yay!! Babies everywhere!!!! Love the name whoorl. What a tiny little thing he is. Hope you are all doing WONDERFUL!!!

  54. Anders! That’s perfect. How gorgeous and perfect he must be.


  55. Welcome, Baby Boy!

  56. When I think of an Anders I think of a deliciously scrumptious baby and also a strapping young man.

    Congratulations, whoorl, to you and your family!

  57. LOVE the name. Perfect for a strapping young D and Whoorl.

  58. Congratulations! We look forward to seeing the little guy.

  59. YIPPPEEEE! I LOVE THAT NAME. Beautiful name for a beautiful family.

    Congrats, Whoorl!!!! Welcome to the club!

  60. Oh glorious day! Big hugs to you, D, and Anders. See your happy trio soooon.

    Hope you ended up getting some much-needed rest last night.

  61. Thought you’d like to know that Anders in dutch (pronounced ON ders) means different!

    Congrats on your little boy!

  62. Anders! I LOVE IT! That was the last name of a guy I dated briefly in high school, and the guy modeled…so I’m sure little Mr. will be as darling as his mum.

    Rest up, we, your faithful readers, wait with bated breath for the full birth story and PICTURES!

  63. Congrats Whoorl and family!!

  64. Congrats on the arrival, love the name! Can’t wait to see photos of your new little guy!

  65. Just saw the update on Secret Agent Josephine’s site… thoughts and prayers for Anders in the NICU (and for you because that must be scary).

  66. Yay! Congrats to the little Whoorl! Can’t wait for details!

  67. Anders, welcome to the world. Lots of us are looking forward to hearing more about you! Whoorl, congrats! What an awesome name. CONGRATULATIONS!!! you did it!!!

  68. Yay! Congratulations!

  69. I’m hanging tight!!

  70. Prayers & good thoughts being sent your way!! I hope Anders is out of the NICU and you’re all cuddling up in your hospital bed! We’re on day 19 of our NICU stay today, it’s not a fun ride…But it’s the best place for them to be when they need it! Be well and hang in there!! Congrats!!

  71. YAY! Jillian has a prom date!

    Rock on, Anders. Welcome to the world AND the Internet.

    Good job, Whoorl!

  72. Hoping that the NICU stay is quick and over fast – we are all rooting for you Anders!!!

  73. Lets make it to 100! Can’t wait til you get home Whoorl!

  74. Congratulations whoorls. Can’t wait to see pics of the little dude. Anders is such a neat name.

  75. congratulations on your new baby boy!

  76. Welcome to the world little man. :)

  77. Congratulations on the beautiful new arrival! Can’t wait to hear the details!

  78. elizabetht says:

    congratulations!! :)