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I have this little list…okay, it’s a big list. A huge list. A COLOSSAL LIST of post ideas inspired by your comments on previous posts. Have you ever asked me a question or had a post suggestion, and I responded with an enthusiastic thumbs up? “Yes! That’s a great idea! I’ll get right on it, yes sirree bob.”

Was that question/suggestion and response interchange over 6 months ago? Probably!

You all know I love my lists, but what I love even more is when I can cross items off my list. It’s time to get cracking. However, many of the topics could be much more easily addressed in a video format opposed to a lengthy blog post. So! I’m toying with the idea of some quick videos for some of the subject matter.

Most of the topics are focused on beauty and style, but I’m open to other subjects. I’ve got a good head start, but anything you care to add to the list? (Or feel the need to remind me since I might have absentmindedly skipped over it the first time? Uh, sorry about that.) Let me know!



  1. I don’t know if it’s too personal or not inline with what you are looking to help with but….

    I’ve gotten distracted over the years online with other projects, however TheOhanaMama has always remained and is my constant. I want to continue on that path, freeing myself from other things that take up my time but don’t fulfill me. So, with that said, I want to know how you went from starting your site to gaining national campaigns and writing gigs?

    What’s the secret? I love the balance that you have with promoting products and still being true to you. It’s not one gross commercial or review site. I am a HUGE fan of yours and other mama bloggers in your circle that make a living at writing and working with companies. Any tips or resources would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Sarah!
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  2. I would love to see a review/top 5-10 list of your favorite eye makeup removers. You did a similar post (I think at Babble) of your favorite mascaras… and I went out to buy your top one immediately! I currently use Neutrogena eye makeup remover in the purple bottle because it’s the ONLY one that I can find that actually works. I’ve tried drug store and department store brands. Do you have a favorite?

  3. I’d love to hear how you organize and structure your time. Basically, how do you balance work, taking care of the kids, taking care of the house, personal time, etc… I am in need of some practical advice. I’ve been working a lot lately, and feel like things around the house are being neglected. (There are days where I think buying new clothes would be more time-efficient than folding laundry!) So I’d like to find out how other working moms deal with it all.

    • This was my question too! :)

      • Christina says:

        Yes and along with the organizing what you use to organize yourself as far as calendar and planning schedules for the kiddies and family as a whole.

  4. Eye cream recommendations? I’m starting to get a few wrinkles…

  5. Lauren D says:

    I have been a creeper, err reader! For a long while and honestly I love your posts on parenting. My son is almost 5 and I have laughed/cried my way through many a posts in agreement. (Suck it terrible twos!) jk, sort of. Anyways. I would love to hear new adventures, activities and just general kid related stuff!

    Much love

  6. Would love to see more videos! Sounds like a great idea!

  7. I would love to see how you organize all your beauty/hair products. This self-professed product junkie who lives in a little house from the ’50s is stumped when it comes to storage solutions.

    And along those same lines, maybe a peek into your closet to see how you keep things orderly.


  8. I have another petition: sunscreen recommendations

  9. How about your blender buying decision? Maybe I missed it, but I was really looking forward to the reasons why you went with the one you did.

  10. Can you do a shorts round up… Do you wear shorts? How to wear shorts for non-leggy body types!

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