Amber Frames



$49.00, eBay

I adore the shape and color of these French frames so much, I would risk purchasing them sight unseen. You do know my mandate ends in  2 days? Hmmm….

(Thanks for sending me this link, Dad. You are beyond cool.)



  1. Jennifer R says:

    I have amber/tortoise shell glasses and I love them
    However, they do hurt the bridge of my nose sometimes because of their weight
    I think you should go for it

  2. If I didn’t already own my tortoise ones, I would probably go for them. I just love the color!

  3. Canadian Lawyerista says:

    I could really see you in these.

  4. Aw, I always love your fun frames…let’s all hope that maybe, just maybe, they’ll be there post-mandate? They’re adorable!

  5. can i go eyeglasses shopping with you? b/c i have tried finding new ones and am hopeless at it.

  6. i LOVE those frames.

  7. I kind of totally love those.

  8. I love that you dad sent you these. So cute.