Shoot Me Now


It’s official – I weigh more than my husband.

Additionally, I am wearing his shorts considering they are the only piece of clothing in this god-forsaken house that fit me.

On a happier note, I am 50% effaced and a “fingertip” dilated. Not much, I know…but it’s a hell of a lot better than last week’s “not effaced AND tightly closed up” observation. Things are a-happening, peeps.

ANNNDDDD tomorrow’s my last day of work. Which is a good thing since my boss made me cry. Awesome.



  1. You’re almost there! When you start weighing more than your hub, the end is near.

  2. I surpassed my hubby with my first…by a LOT…and he’s not a small man. You look FANTASTIC, so I’m guessing your hubby isn’t a huge guy.

    Good news on the nether-regions! :)

  3. Yay! Sounds like things will be happening soon. I’ll say Congrats! now, because I’m pretty sure you won’t be in a blogging mode when the blessed event occurs. :-)

  4. Stupid lameass boss person.

    My sis is experiencing similar woes with the clothing. You don’t even know how beautiful you are right now! You are supposed to be big and really, your hubs isn’t that big of a guy to begin with so where is the competition in that? Hang in there. Before you know it you’ll be birthing that baby!

    :) sizz

  5. Congratulations and good luck and can’t wait to see whoorlito! (I’m assuming the dilation puts you near labor, and I’m going to an internet-free zone this weekend, so I’m just going to get it all out there now.)

    And way to take it to HR. That’s happened to me twice, and I regretted not taking it up with them afterwards. I’m such a wuss.

  6. Have a terrific last day of work!!!

  7. sundance kid says:

    Tell your boss to sit and spin!! Congrats on last day of work! Hang in there!!! Hugs.

  8. Lyndsay says:

    Yes – the unlawful comments! My boss keeps asking me “just how much of my FMLA I will be using” “am I for sure comeng back” and makes comments all day about calling me at home if she has a question while I am on leave. I don’t know if I should talk to HR or not. I don’t even know how you go about “talking to HR”.

  9. Doesn’t your boss understand that he shouldn’t be mean to women who are mere weeks away from giving birth? What a moron!

    But on to happier things: Congrats on the progress! That is really good news.

  10. I’m convinced that pregnant women are among the most poorly treated in the workplace. The amount of screwing-overs and hosings I’ve witnessed in my years of gainful employment are staggering. It’s repulsive, honestly.

    Congratulations on the progress! I’m sure you’re still beautiful, as always, even if you don’t feel that way.

  11. How exciting! The beginning of the end of your pregnancy and the beginning of the beginning of a new life!

    (I know, I should totally write cards for Hallmark. Sorry I’m so lame.)

  12. Congratulations! I’m excited for you.

    And good for you for not taking any of your boss’s crap.

  13. Hooray you are on your way!!

    Glad that it is your last day of work. Sorry that you boss sucks and ruined your last few days of work. No need to cry before going on hiatus for a bit.

    Hope you have a great weekend getting ready, things could be happening sooner rather than later :)

  14. Way to be. Just before I left my previous career the hotel manager sexually harrassed me. It was horrible. I am such a quiet person, but it was empowering turning that pig in.
    So jealous you are in the home stretch. I am not even into my third trimester and I am finding pregnancy getting too cumbersome! My husband is 6’6″ so if I get to his weight please take me out and hunt me!!! SCARY

  15. Effaced! Dilated!

  16. undercover celebrity says:

    I would like to join you in breaking rule #29 and say that in my lack-of blogging over the past couple of months, I feel like I’ve missed out on all the trials and tribulations of your pregnancy! Congrats on your last day of work and on the effacing and dialating. Good work! :)

    It’s so sad that now that you weigh more than your husband that you’re in a condition that doesn’t allow you to wrestle. For I tell you the truth, if I out-weighed Mark I would be so excited to take him down. :)

  17. You not allowed to complain. You look amazing! I hope you’re baby comes soon! Like now.
    Good luck!

  18. Jeers for your boss. Cheers for your cervix. It is totally the longest-shortest time you will ever go through. You will make it!

  19. Woooo Hooooo! It’s getting exciting now! Don’t forget to call your friendly neighbor if you need anything!

  20. You go, HR woman. I want to squeeze that man by the throat and I didn’t even get the details.

    Go, dilation! I’m not even sure if that’s right . . .

  21. I can’t believe you’re almost there! How are you holding up in this heat! It’s horrible here in LA. (and we live close to the beach!) I had a photo shoot in Beverly Hills and it was 102 degrees!

    Stay cool