My Love for Neutral Shoes


Last week, I briefly mentioned my love for neutral shoes, and thought I might elaborate a little bit.

Why I adore neutral shoes:

1. They go with any outfit. Brights! Whites! Patterns! Denim! Skirts! I especially love wearing neutral/tan shoes with a black ensemble.

2. They elongate legs. Even though I’m on the tall side of average (5’7″), my legs are not long, (no) thanks to my freakishly long torso. Skin-colored shoes give the illusion of added length to your legs by continuing the same shade all the way down to your toes. Super dark shoes such as black cut that line off, visually shortening the legs. Here, let me show you. Both the nude and black pumps are pointy-toed and the same heel height.

black vs. nude shoes

Origami Dress by J. Crew

3. Many styles, especially those with ankle-straps, look more flattering. Once again, if you don’t have mile-long legs, a strap right across the front of your ankle cuts the leg in a not-so-flattering way. If you love the look of shoes with ankle straps, but don’t want that visual separation, stick with skin-colored shades.

4. Summer + neutral sandals + tanned feet + coral pedicure = Perfection (I’m on a personal mission to tan these ridiculously pale feet of mine this summer. Look out.)

5. Overall, neutral shades are fresh and unexpected. Although I still love black (and bright!) shoes, wearing a neutral color with an ensemble keeps things sophisticated, yet different.

Here are some of my favorite neutral/tan shoes right now.



  1. Michelle Baxter says:

    Hi Sarah! I was wondering, what brand are the nude pumps you’re wearing in the picture/where did you buy them? Love them! Thanks!

  2. I LOVE that dress!

    I almost bought it recently but decided I needed to stop my insane spending spree.

    Also 9west has some pretty decent pointy toe heels in nude. FYI.

  3. I came THISCLOSE to buying those very Target shoes yesterday. Might have to go back.
    Andrea (Lil-Kid-Things) recently posted…Raleigh Easter 2013 will have 60,000 eggs!

  4. The 14th pair down is $108.00 and they have an identical pair at Target right now for I think $19.99. I just saw them this morning and I almost bought them but I cheaped out. Yes, I cheaped out on a twenty dollar pair of shoes.
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  5. I will definitely head to Target. Ann Taylor Loft had sandals similar to the Joie sandals but with toe straps last year (and a lot less expensive!). I couldn’t find any on their website, though. I love mine. Such cute sandals overall — thanks for putting this together!

  6. As a fellow long-torsoed lady, I’d love it if you’d share some tips on how to dress without making your legs seem stumpy. You’ve definitely got it down!

    • Great idea! I’ll get cracking on it.

      • Fellow long-waisted girl here and I was going to ask you to the the same thing! I’ve read your site for years and never noticed anything but a darling figure so you must have some sneaky tricks up your sleeve.

  7. I too am freakishly long-torsoed, which has its pluses (look skinnier than I actually am and shirts “hang” well) and minuses (pants constantly need to be hemmed and dang it, i just want to look taller!!). tx for this post. made me feel better abt my long-torso issue!!

  8. I just bought the target sandals in the multi-color version. Love them. All Target shoes are currently buy one, get one 1/2 off, so I threw in another pair of the Mossimo DV by Dolce Vita look-a-likes. Can’t wait for warm weather! :)

  9. Love the dress! I totally see how the neutral shoes make your legs go on and on.
    I am loving the blue and tan Joie sandals! I have some Target flats that look just like those Madewell ones you pictured.
    I recently discovered your blog, love!

  10. There is a great difference between them and really the neutral shoes combination looks better.
    Thank you for this.
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  11. So I am quick to gravitate to anything colorful/different…and I think I bypass the nude/neutral shoe because of this–but you bring up good points about selecting shoes in these subtle shades. Of course I just bought outrageously blue (favorite color) flats–but I wonder if I should look into some of the ones you posted. I think I liked almost all of them. Dangerous for my wallet!

  12. Do it? Did it! (Oh, Target. I just can’t quit you.)

  13. I prefer the nude shoes, like you say they really do go with anything. I’ve got lots of pairs like the ones you have highlighted and they are great :-)