Let’s Play A Game


Or be a part of my non-scientific, double-blind, placebo-controlled, government-funded study!

Um, it’s really none of those things. But did you see how well that flowed from my fingers and translated on the written page? Seven years of pharmaceutical sales has taught me something, by God.

Mommies, tell me how many days +/- you delivered from your due date. Also, if you had two separate dates (like the lame LMP spinny-wheel date vs. what the ultrasounds predicted), which was closer? And non-mommies, I’m not discriminatory…tell me about your sisters, friends, etc.

And finally (TMI), did anyone have really bad breast pain in their last month? Like your nipple was struck by lightening?

Because OUCH.



  1. My best friend from college had her baby 3 days before due date. She begged dr. to induce her b/c she was miserable. She is pregnant with her second now and her due date is almost the exact same as her first! I hope you aren’t miserable…i am pretty sure this is the best place to be preg. in the summer though! good luck

  2. Natalie says:

    Well I can’t help you with the due date action, but I do remember my oldest sister talking about how she felt like someone had used her boobs as punching bags. It happened with each of her 4 boys…yes count them, 4 boys (under the age of 7, so brave). She’ll be starting a football team shortly :)

  3. sundance kid says:

    The boy came on his due date….water broke. Was planning on inducing day after due date. Just couldn’t take the mental waiting game. Luckily, we didn’t have to induce!

    They say 1 in 20 babies actually are born on their due date.

    Can’t recall any boob pain. :( Hope yours feel better.

    Will call later. :)

  4. In the last year:

    Two friends delivered exactly one day before their due dates

    One friend delivered two days before her due date

    One friend delivered six days after her due date (with thanks only to an induction)

    One friend delivered two days after her due date (third child)

    I think that all due dates were based on the LMP thingy, mainly because most of their dates matched up pretty well with the ultrasound dates. I feel like I am the only person in the world whose LMP date is five days from her ultrasound date. What is the difference between yours?

  5. I delivered my son 10 days early from the LMP spinny wheel thing, but exactly the day the ultrasound tech told me.


  6. my friend had her baby the day before her due date. she had a doctor’s appt. and the doctor accidentally broke her water while trying to move some membranes or something?

  7. Interestingly, my LMP due date and my ultrasound due date match up perfectly.

    My sisters and I were all two weeks early and my sister’s sons were both 2 days late.

    I have no idea what will happen to me. :)

    Good luck!!!

  8. boy #1 – 2.5 weeks early. I had too much amniotic fluid, and i went into labor with my water breaking, so it kind of makes sense.
    boy #2 – 12 hours before his due date. the “typical” labor you hear about- contractions, getting closer/more painful. etc. textbook.

    my family runs late with babies. my grandmother ran two weeks late, my mom went late woth us kids, my sister went late….

    with one of the boys, my dates were a few days +/- at each ultrasound, but my OB wont change your “original” (LMP) due date unless there is 7 days difference or greater.

    good luck!

  9. I am loving these comments, ladies. Keep ’em coming!

    All of my ultrasounds (4 or 5 of them) have put my due date at August 5-7th, but my LMP date is August 11th.

    It sounds to me like the ultrasound dates are usually closer. ..

  10. My first was an excruciating 11 days past the LMP due date. Awful. Some people will tell you that the first one is never on time, which is true for me but I’ve known plenty of people that delivered their 1st early or on-time.

    Second was 21 days early (going thru a lot of stress at the time… I think she wanted out of that environment).

    My third was a charm… exactly one week before my due date(& only one day before the scheduled c-section). Coincidentally, she was due on August 8th… just about the same as your little Whoorlito!

    Bottom line, you cannot predict. The last weeks are always the toughest… feel like forever! You’ll make it and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

    P.S. If you think your boobs hurt now, wait until your milk comes in!!!! Yikes.

  11. With my first I was induced 2 weeks early due to mild pre-eclampsia. With my second, I really wanted to go into labor on my own since I didn’t get to experience it with my first. At 5 days past due (at the end of July) I wouldn’t handle it any more and he was forcefully evicted!! I’m probably not much help. :)

  12. My son arrived 5 days after his due date (saving him from having a Valentine’s Day birthday).

    I was induced because of low amniotic fluid.

    By then everything hurt – so the boobs were the least of my problems!

  13. My friend just had her baby on Monday and she was due on June 29th and had to be induced. My sister had both her girls exactly on their due date.

  14. My first had matching due dates (period and sono) and my water broke on that day, 12:06 am!


  15. Oh, and ditto on the “wait until your milk comes in” comment :)

  16. I have decided that all of my babies will come exactly when I want them too and there will be no pain, boob or otherwise.

    What. Let me have my fantasy.

  17. don’t believe everything you see in an ultrasound. we went two weeks early with celia because they thought she was going to be 10lbs and was measuring earlier than her due date. she came out 7 even. i think the error was the weigh she was positioned in utero…

  18. what the hell? weigh? i mean way..

  19. Child #1: Started labor on my due date, had her the next day. It was a very accurate EDD since we’d conceived through IVF and knew the time of conception pretty much to the hour.

    Child #2: Started prodromal labor four days before due date. After two days of every-five-minutes-painful-contractions that weren’t doing a damn thing, ob took pity on me and induced. Baby came flying out soon after, two days before due date.

    Child #3: Went into labor ten days before due date.

  20. My little guy was born two days early, on a Monday, just like I told my midwives three days before. They kept telling me I had at least another two weeks to go so not to worry about it.

    At the same time, I drank Raspberry leaf tea the week before, twice. I vacuumed for two days straight getting ready for Father-in-Law to visit. And I was in labour for a full day before I realized that the pain in my side was actually contractions.

    My boobs hurt like that for the first month and a half, but not the last month, sorry for your pain.

  21. STILTS was born the day my dr. predicted using the LMP method. But contractions started a full 24 hours beforehand and I was only admitted in the hospital 7 hours before he popped out.

    And even though it’s been more than 13 years now, YES, I remember the boob pain. It was like the ‘girls’ were saying “This ain’t NOTHIN’ Mama. You don’t KNOW what pain is!”

    Hang in there! :O)

  22. My cycles are normally between 42 – 52 days apart so, the spinny-wheel date was way off (by about a month). So, the ultrasound date was our main gauge. I was induced three days after the official ultrasound due date and had my boy the following day (four days after the due date).

    I don’t remember boob pain…I remember major crotch ache at the end though. My boobs didn’t seem to be a problem until after the milk arrived and they turned into footballs. I think they woke me up more than my munchkin did.

  23. When I get prego, I can’t wait to have boobs! I say now I won’t care if they hurt simply if I have a pair…finally. But I’m sure when the day of painful boobs comes, you will be there for me. Right? RIGHT?!

    Counting the days until I can drive south to welcome Whoorlito into the world….

  24. We had triplets the first time around and delivered them a bit too early 34.5 weeks…This time around we’re having twins and we’re planning on delivering them at 36 weeks on 8/2/06…All dates were based on Ultrasounds.
    The boob pain, TOTALLY normal, and a TOTAL PAIN. But like one of your friends said, just wait until your milk comes in. eesh.

  25. LMP= 1 day early
    Early U/S due date= 4 days late

    Most importantly though, 9lbs 3oz with a 15 INCH HEAD!

  26. I delivered six days before LMP, two days before u/s. My ob kept asking me if I was “sure” when my last period was. Uh, yes.

    Sorry about the boob pain…but maybe it’s preparing you for breastfeeding?

  27. My LMP date and ultrasound date were pretty close together. I should still have to be caring about what they were since they were both saying THIS week… but my baby came 4.5 weeks before she was due. So, yeah, I don’t care so much for those dates anymore. They lied! The craziest part, I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get to be 9 months pregnant and that I missed a whole month of the experience (and the time to prepare – eee gads!)

  28. Sam was born six days before his official due date, one day after the date *I* thought he was due. I don’t remember boob pain, but my memory is crap. (Seriously, the only way for me to “remember” anything is to check my blog.)

  29. R*belle says:

    My son (first child) was induced at 40 plus weeks. My daughter (second child) came in a rush about a week and a half early.

  30. Angella says:

    Graham (1st) came on his due date, but was 9lbs 12oz (No kidding) and came out with forceps. So, I was induced 10 days early with Nathan…and had a 3 hour labour & an 8/4 baby. This one will be induced early as well (they apparently only get bigger), so my personal experience may not be of much help :)

    My friends’ experiances are all over the board (early AND late…and then induced). I’m hoping Amanda is early :)

  31. My first and only child was born 13 days before her due date (and I had a fast labor). The date calculation was based on the knowledge of my cycle and the wheely thing. I had an ultrasound one week before and the tech said I wasn’t even close. (She was also “sure” that the gender-unknown baby was over 7 lbs.; at birth she was 6 lbs., 2 oz.)
    Nipples — can’t remember pain there, but they were kind of…leaky.

  32. Two kids delivered on their due date. My daughter waited while I was in labor for 20 hours before she would come out. My son was ready he came in 5 hours.

    I had incredible boob pain because I was getting my milk so they tingled pretty bad also I think it was because I had no boobs before I got pregnant so they had some growing to do.

    Good luck, my best friend is due Aug 4 so I’m doubly excited.

  33. Okay, you are stealing my last brain cell now, because I am awake with a sick kid at 3AM, who is on the VERGE of sleep. *sigh*

    Hrm….our first was a week late. Second was on her due date. Third was a week early, right before my second final exam that week. Fourth was a bit late (the second boy) and the fifth was born relatively on time, but I also augmented my own labor because my labor didn’t start for 12+hrs after my water broke…so she was late, but on time (well, her time anyway).

    I still get shooting pains in my nipples occasionally, and I have been continually pregnant or nursing for almost a decade. It is from the milk glands doing their thing, not a big deal at all.

    Best of luck!

  34. Jennifer says:

    doctor’s due date: Dec 3rd. ultrasound due date: Nov 30th. the day I started labor: Dec 12th. day he was born: Dec 14th.

  35. bishOp stu tu says:

    whOOrl gOOrl,

    my babies came right on time as I recall, and I had damn little pain in my bOObies.

    tankee, da bishOp.

    letsa’ rap this deal UP…eh?

  36. I went into labor two days before my due date with Jones. After 17 hours, he was born via c-section. I TOTALLY expected to go long as my mom had done with me. So, he was born one day before LMP date. My doc didn’t believe in the US date. Friend Marcie just went three days late with her third – and it was her hardest labor yet!

  37. Wish I had something witty about boob pain to write, but I don’t. Ouch, Whoorl. Feel better, kiddo. Ice cubes?

    Probably not. ;)

  38. My little guy was 12 days late according to the calendar, and 11 days according to the ultrasound. I could have been induced early, but I let him come when he was ready, which was one day before mandatory induction (42 weeks).

  39. My cousin was Due July 2nd and she gave birth on Tuesday (July 11th).

  40. ligtning!?

    good god!

  41. Conner was 2 weeks early, but he was big enough so I’m thinking he actually came on time. (hello surprise, so we were’t really keeping track)

    The dr. stripped my membranes and I went into labor that night. (not exactly the most comfortable thing, I think i tore the pleather on the exam table, but it worked

    Good luck!

  42. Daughter #1- exactly two weeks late from calculated due date.

    Daughter #2- exactly two weeks early from calculated due date.

    And yes, my boobs hurt like hell.

  43. My water broke with both of my kids. I was so thankful because I was always so worried I would never know when to go to the hospital or wouldn’t make it on time.

    My first, daughter, was 2 weeks early from my calculated due dat. My second, son, was 1 week early from my calculated due date.

    Don’t remember terrible pain in my boobs but my crauch always hurt from the pressure.

  44. at the end, my boobs didn’t hurt much, although my soul did when the stretch marks appeared. 1st trimester, a subtle breeze in their direction made me want to cry though.

    due date ? – ultrasound predicted 10 days before the wheel. i went into labor 2 hours after my due date (and after a long day of walking around the mall). my doctor predicted a month early from my measurements and a bout of pre-term labor at 31 weeks. all in all, i think it’s a crap shoot.

  45. You aren’t gonna like this. My due date was July 28th. On August 25th, I had an appointment at my ob’s office. After my exam, the doctor said, “I don’t know why you’re not in labor. Everything is ready. Well, if nothing happens before then, be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 6am and we’ll induce.” I stopped for an ice cream cone, went home and sat in my rocker. My back started bothering me so I went to lay in my bed. My back continued to really hurt. Then the contractions started. I timed them for an hour. Then I told my husband to take a shower and have something to eat. We arrived at the hospital at 8pm and my daughter was born at 1:20am. Turns out I ovulate around day 20 in my cycle, so my due date was wrong from the beginning. Duh!

  46. 22 days past due for #1 (and still was induced) – and 12 days past for #2 (and yes, was induced again). Don’t know if it mattered, but I had hyperemesis (constant morning sickness) for both pregnancies, including up to and after delivery. #1 was only 5 lbs. on his due date, so I was happy to have him “cook” a little longer – he was born 8 lbs. 8 oz.

    And honestly – I can’t think of much that didn’t hurt during those last few weeks of pregnancy, but yea, the girls do get a little more sensitive than usual!

    Don’t let all our stories scare you – your little man will arrive when he is good and ready – I’m sure you’ll be ready too! Good luck!

  47. Just came across your blog through Agent Josephine’s link! Sadly, my Jack was eleven days over due. The spinny wheels lie, truly they are designed to drive women mad. They should give us a “Due Month” not a due date!

  48. My “official” due date (according to the spinny thing) was April 21, then the ultrasound changed it to April 24, then he ended up being born on the 16th. And annoyingly, I went into labor one hour after I had left my office to go on maternity leave. No week watching Dr. Phil while eating bonbons for me.

  49. I don’t remember exact dates, It was almost 10 years ago, but I do remember being 2 weeks late. And it pissed me off to no end when people would tell me “you’re first usually comes late”. That’s not what one wants to hear at that point, but it seems to be true. My second was more on target, but that first just took forever. Don’t worry though, he will come out when he’s ready, and then you’ll have to share him with the whole wide world, so enjoy having him all to yourself right now.

  50. my ultrasound due date was December 21st. but my official due date was December 14th. my baby arrived early on December 9th.

    here goes hoping that yours will arrive early too!

  51. I had my son on my due date. Water broke, went to the hospital, dilated to a 8! I delivered him in less than two hours from the time my water broke.
    My daughter was born 10 days early. Dilated to a 5 when I got to the hospital, had her about five hours later. No epidural with either one.