Grace in Small Things: Part 17 of 365


1. Pulling out the beach chairs and watching a movie from my front yard on Saturday night

2. Keeping the beach chairs out for Sunday’s beach excursion

3. Actually having a slight tan for said beach excursion

4. The color of my new bathing suit

5. Kelly green Havaianas



  1. Ok so that model on the J. Crew site wearing your bikini? Looks almost just like you. If they were smart they would hire you. That is a fabulous color.

  2. Annnd your check is in the mail, Carrisa.

  3. It’s funny. I never used to like turquoise. But I am TOTALLY coming around. Hot suit.

  4. i would say that i totally need that bathing suit, but since there is currently a SNOW STORM outside my window, i think i’ll hold off for now.

    also? the movie on your lawn? AWESOME

  5. Jennifer R says:

    How comfy are those flip flops?
    I have been wanting to try a pair from them, but don’t want to fork over that kinda dough if they are going to feel like those ones I can get at Old Navy for $2.50

  6. They are the only flip flops that don’t give me blisters after extended periods of time. Love them.

  7. Yeah, now that this baby is making me balloon to the size of a small country, I do not appreciate links to women who are so small I could balance them on my belly button. DOES THAT WOMAN EVER EAT?!

    But moving on, it is a lovely swimsuit color =)