Grace in Small Things: Part 16 of 365


16 measly GiST posts since January? It’s April, for goodness sake. This must change immediately.

1. The wild chickens roaming everywhere in Kauai – parking lots, sides of roads, beaches, etc.

2. Reconnecting

3. Lappert’s Luau Delight (coconut sorbet swirled with passion fruit sorbet)

4. Catching up on Lost episodes while Wito sleeps

5. Tan, pedicured feet



  1. Damn you for introducing me to the idea that I could have six pints of that sorbet FedExed to my house OVERNIGHT! If I ever find myself with a spare $120, that might be exactly what I do.

    (Glad you’re back!)

  2. I believe there are Lappert’s in Palm Springs and San Diego if you need a fix.

  3. Oh how I’ve missed you!!!!

  4. Chickens! I’d forgotten about the chickens – thanks for the happy reminder.