Pregnancy Has It’s Perks


One of the beautiful things about being 36 weeks pregnant is while your husband slaves away in the nursery, you can sit on your ass and make up new hybrid cartoon characters with the baby’s belongings.

Introducing the spawn of Dumb Donald and Marvin the Martian.





  1. what is that contraption? it looks neato! like baby bug might need one.

  2. Lyndsay says:

    That’s awesome.

  3. Ha. HA! That’s perfect. I almost want to be pregnant, reading this. Almost.

  4. they should make those in adult sizes. ;)

  5. Jurgen Nation says:

    AAAHAHA! That could be a great masthead!

  6. It’s a Bilibo! And it’s totally not suitable for children under 2. Eh, who cares…

  7. aha, i see we’re feeling better, are we?


  8. We need to get you an advertising gig with Bilibo!

  9. HA!