Cary Anne Photography



You guys, you need to head over to Cary Anne Photography’s website to check out the photos of my cousin and her new baby. They will take your breath away, I promise. (Are they not the cutest family ever? Love love love.)

Also, can we talk about the fact that I have never had professional photos taken of my family? NEVER. (That’s why I cling to the Levi’s video we shot last year – I am forever grateful that I have that footage of the four of us.) This year is the year though…in our new home, oh, I just can’t wait.



  1. Aww I love it. Feeling super cool being on Whoorl today! xoxo

  2. Ummmmm…you’ve never had family photos taken? What on earth are you waiting for?!?! : )

    • Same thing I am? Magic? An amazing photographer to pull a Mary Poppins, probably. Guess we all should see about doing something about that one of these days…
      Fairydogmere recently posted…Possibility

  3. Those are stunning! Wondering if I could convince that photographer to visit Phoenix for a shoot…
    Jen Campisano recently posted…In Like a Lion

  4. so many beautiful shots! gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful mama and precious babies! I am loving their house and am dying to see more… house tour please :)

  6. Incredible…

  7. Do it, already! Life is so short and too awesome not to if you can help it.

    Look, on the other hand, I’m one to talk. The only professional photos I’ve ever had done were in the 90s. Yuen Lui, Seattle. senior photo session. *clears throat*

    And I maybe, kind of, sorta, sometimes pretend to be a photographer myself. Wouldn’t you agree that Doctors tend to make the worst patients? Pot, kettle, man it has been a long week!
    Fairydogmere recently posted…Possibility

  8. Putting it in writing; this year is the year. Now do we have to hold each other to that? Hmmm, procrastinating begins again tomorrow…
    Fairydogmere recently posted…Possibility