Friday Fun


I stole this from All & Sundry. Well, I told her…is that truly stealing?

You should make one too.


For the record, the jeans aren’t my favorite (is that a 1980’s tight roll?). Whatever, I still love this shit.



  1. oh no. this looks like so much fun and i should be working! :)

  2. I’m all over this shit!

  3. Awesome. I just made one!

  4. I was all over that. I didn’t even read the whole post, “make one too” was as far as I got. Ahhh, Hard at work!

  5. love it. made it. enjoyed it. now wondering if you had to purchase your girl to be able use the image or if I am missing something…

  6. Bethany Coffey says:

    Hey whoorl. How’d you get the code for it. Or whatever?

  7. Yours is so classy! I’m loving the necklace.

    Oh! I just noticed the cupcake! AWESOME.

  8. The cupcake was actually a last-minute addition after I saw yours, Leah. I was inspired by you holding worthwhile objects such as a camera, books, etc.

    Then there’s me…with a cupcake…um, er, yeah.

  9. Jurgen Nation says:

    I love mine! She looks better than I do. I’ll post it when I get over that fact.

  10. oh. my. goodness.

    that really does look like you.

    you know, for a cartoon. ;)

  11. I’m already obsessed… I made THREE: work me, shopping me, football fan me.

    I really need to get a life.

  12. Angella says:

    I made one today too…but hated the preggo clothes options, or lack thereof :)

    So I opted for the “fuller figure” option…and they didn’t have any children I could add instead of pets :)

  13. Hi Whoorl!
    I stop by here from time to time – LOVE the cartoony girls – I did one and my husband was like, “babe, you better save that, its YOU!” Congrats again to you and your (dishy!) husband on the Whoorlito from a fellow So. Cal. native girl.

  14. I love that site, I used it to make my avatar a few weeks ago. :)

  15. Um, hello? I need some entertainment, please.

    You are here to serve me!