As you may have noticed, my Flickr photos are now private. Well, at least the ones with my belly, my face and my friends.

While I completely understand Flickr is an online public photo community, lately it has been acting a little more “MySpace” than “photo community” in my opinion.

Starting a few months back, I noticed a couple of strangers adding my belly photos to their favorites. Not a big deal, didn’t really pursue their intent, moving along. Not until I was added by a member called *iwannabewithaprego* (or something similar), did I put two and two together.

Ohhhhhh, I get it. Followed quickly with Ewwwww.

So I started my own little screening process. Whenever I received notification of a member adding me to their contacts, I would read their profile, look at their photos, and the kicker- look at their “favorite” photos from around the Flickr community. That’s usually where you find the good stuff. And of course, 90% of these people had tons of pregnant women’s photos (especially the breasts and bellies) saved. Plus, most of these members didn’t have any photos of their own on Flickr- obviously just seeking out photos of bellies.

Man, there are some lonely blokes out there.

I laughed it off, blocked their request and continued with my weekly belly posting. I guess these photos have been well-received considering some have over 2,000 views (huh? that in itself is bizarro). Well, in the past month or so, my “contact requests” have jumped from a few here and there to 20,30,40 and counting. And unfortunately, the majority are from members whose saved photos range from pregnant bellies to fully-dressed attractive girls to naked wanna-be-porn-stars to skanky hos getting it up the poop chute.

I shit you not. No pun intended. Poop chute photography.

Apparently, anal sex and pregnant bellies are like two peas in a pod! I don’t know whether I should feel complimented or violated that my bare belly evokes the same response as driving the Hershey highway. And the worst part, ya’ll, I mean the WORST PART was when I clicked on this one guy’s “favorite” photos, all I saw was a nappy-ass chick getting the poop chute serviced by the skinniest-thighed, palest little man I have ever seen. EWWWWWWWW! I could just envision “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake playing in the background. Probably on a cassette tape! EWWWWWWW! And the bedspread, don’t even get me started on the flammable polyester bedspread.

Hold me.

I know Flickr touts itself as an online sharing application, but c’mon people, no need to share that.

So, no more public bare belly photos for this chica. However, they are still available to my designated friends, so shoot me an email or leave a comment if you want me to add you to my “friends” list. I will certainly add you, given you pass my twelve background checks. Peace.



  1. EWWW! :(

  2. That is very yucky, and I totally understand. Given I pass your background checks, could you add me to the list? I have a flickr account, but I’ve never uploaded anything; do I have to give you that information?

  3. Natalie says:

    That is, how you saaay? Bleh. Seriously. You must have scrubbed in the shower for days. Ew, ew aaand ew.

  4. Eeeew. It’s too bad, because I read your blog regularly, and every time I click on my bookmark, the first thing I look for is if there’s a belly update. Don’t ask me why, since I don’t know you, but it’s fun and exciting. (Um…I meant fun in a “she’s getting closer to baby!” way, not an “Ooohh, I wonder if she likes it up the poop chute” kind of way.)

    OK, I’ll go back to lurking now. Hmm…that sounds creepy too, but I think you know I what I mean.

  5. I was wondering what happened to your pictures! That is just plain yuck of those whack jobs, ewwww….I’m just a lurker but if I pass your criteria can you add me?

  6. Yeah, I’m just a lurker too, but that maybe the nastiest thing ever. I’ve had you added for awhile now, but if you don’t want to add me I totally understand.

  7. lisahanson says:

    *ew* i am completely digusted for you. i don’t consider myself at all prude, but jeez, come one. that’s just wrong. protect the belly!

  8. hiya…just wanted to be one of the lurking ones to come out and let you know i’m not here for bellies and poop chutes. got here from Amalah’s ClubMom post about you finding out that The Baby was, in fact, a Whoorlito, one which would be well dressed to boot! and stayed for the awesome fashionness and cute stories :) so hi.

  9. I don’t think that, as you say, “riding the hershey highway” and pregnancy have anything in common. And I am so totally grossed for you.

  10. Sweet jesus. That is so disturbing. I’m grossed out by this for you! Dateline could do a fifteenth version of “to catch a predator” off of this though… hmmm. So. Many. Pervs.

  11. That’s quite disturbing. I have a Flickr account, that I don’t use, and have heard people compare it to MySpace etc, but that’s revolting. And suddenly, it feels like there’s truth to those comparisons.

  12. Blech. That is so yucky to even think about. I have never used flicker for photos purely because my girlfriend found picks of her kids on someone else’s website (nothing nasty, just weird) and it was someone she didn’t know.

  13. Hershey highway. Bwah! Now there’s something you don’t hear every day.

    I swear, though, just when you think you’ve heard it all…

  14. Yeah, I totally would have made my pictures private too after that. That is just too creepy!

  15. that pretty much tops the disgusting radar.

    great, now child molesters are peering at my kids…. thinking maybe i should make mine private as well!

  16. I think you made a wise decision.

    Also, thanks to you, I will now have the phrase “poop chute” stuck in my head until sometime next week.

  17. Well, that’s disgusting and now I’m concerned about photos I’ve posted of my grandchildren, family, etc. Ciao, Flickr. Of late, I’ve just been posting photos directly into my blog as opposed to using F’s service, primarily because of its public nature. Thanks for bringing this to your readers’ attention. If I could stay on the photo list, that would be great. If you feel I’m too much of a ‘stranger,’ I’ll feel rejected, but handle it.

    By way of introduction, I wandered over to your blog from SAJ’s when she linked you in nascent stages of your blog. You have a terrific writing style, filled with humor and honsty. Have you considered going to BlogHer? If you have the time and inclination, it really should be a great gathering.

  18. Um, horrifying? YUCK!!!!

    I know everyone else has said the same, but you know, I just needed to weigh in and say it anyway. I’m sure you are hideously scarred by this, but take heart that the majority of us are really just here enjoying the pregnancy stories and cute belly shots! Can’t wait to hear all about baby Whoorlito once he arrives.

  19. Er, would you add me? I do have an account and you’re bound to be traumatised but only bcs of the animal bones, boiling in pots (I’m in vet school) and the odd necropsy photograph (vet school). But I think most pregnant women look lovely and it is a true pleasure to see their bellies grow, in that Door Into Summer way.

    That being said, it truly is too bloody sad. Ichsa! There’s one member who only adds women w hairy arms. Come to Portugal, I say, come along!

  20. Bethany Coffey says:

    Damn lady that was funny. and sick. and pathetic. But I love your photos and i’m not a wierdo, just into a little midget porn, you know on the side. J’k I would love to be added.

  21. I can’t honestly believe it. I’m so, so horrified it’s just…squicky.

    AWFUL. Awful.

  22. reluctant housewife says:

    This is exactly why my Flickr is private except for pictures of flowers and In N Out Burger signs. Although I have a feeling that there are people out there that get off on that too!

    Since my blog gets about 923734 hits a day from people searching for “Dirty Housewife Gets It Up The Poop Chute” I don’t need to let them see my face. But they’re free to read about poop if they must.

  23. Angella says:


    I just started a Flickr account, and after reading that both you and Leah are making photos private, I think I might just do the same.



  24. the horror! that visual you gave us has ruined me for the day. and now, i am singing whitesnake, thank you very much. :)

    why do people have to come along and ruin a good thing with their poop chute pregger belly obsessions?! jerks.

    i hope i can still be your flickr friend.

  25. well, I’d added you as one of my contacts, cause I’m pg too and I just kinda like checking out the belly pics. (too cute)

    Plus your post about going to the cupcake store and giving and old man whatfor made you pretty awesome in my book.

    understandable if you don’t know me well enough to add me as a contact or whatever, but I do enjoy reading your site!

    Have a good day.

  26. Why do the freaks have to take the fun out of everything? Ugh. Despite this very awkward turn of events, it’s nice to see that you’ve kept your humor about it.

    I’d love to keep seeing the pics, but definitely understand if I don’t make the cut.

    And with that, I’m off to tell my friends to make their photos private as well. Thanks for spreading the word. WORD.

  27. Rayshell says:

    Sad that your blog has turned into a “my Space” site of sorts! Call me old (I don’t have a my space site) but I’ve always thought my space is for teenagers and creepy old men! Sorry they have started to invade your world too! Anyway..I enjoy your writing with or without the photos! :)

  28. So, I am guessing MiMi does NOT read this…..? If she does, I guess I better book my flight to OK now for the funeral.

  29. i just checked my account and some wierd guy with pictures of arabic symbols and guys playing in an arabic band chose a pic of celia sleeping on our treadmill as a favorite. so, i clicked and surfed and he has a strange fetish for treadmills. what the fuck? it’s a mad world…

  30. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. That’s so grody!

    I’ve long made my friends and family photos private, and the only ones with people in them I make public are ones where you can barely make out the people (reflections, or me shooting myself with the camera virtually hiding my face).

    There are indeed one too many sad, lonely men out there. It reminds me of the dude in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS looking at himself in his dir-tay mirror saying “I’d F$%k me”.

    ps: your flammable polyester comment with the Whitesnake (on cassette, no less) was cuh-lassic! Hugs and love.

  31. “Nappy crotch?”
    I think that comment was the most offensive one of the post.

  32. miss kitty says:

    I am new to your site — love it. My friend who told me about your blog will be so bummed not to see your belly. She’s not a weirdo but just a wonderful mother of 3 who has enjoyed reading about you being so excited about your pregnancy. Enjoy every second and protect yourself and your baby from the pervs.

  33. Jurgen Nation says:

    AAAAHAAHAH! “Here I Go Again.” You did not just write that. Yes, you did! And I love you for it.

    Except for the fact that I’m going to be singing it for the next week or so.

    Oh, yeah, and what the fuh? I would have made them private, too.

  34. double Ewww! I never would have imagined!

  35. Holy fucking shit. I’m gonna go double-check my Flickr site right now…..*panic panic panic* thanks for the heads-up.

  36. Maliavale says:

    Oh, NO! Just when I was so proud that I was all Flickr-y and not MySpace-y. Fucking creeps. That sucks, a lot. =/

  37. Bonita in Pink says:

    Hi there!
    I just discovered your blog yesturday and when I read this entry, I had to comment because it reminded me of the one time this sick person added me to their group about women with hairy arms! Like, “manly” hairy arms and I don’t have manly hair arms. Or hairy arms for that matter, so I just didn’t get it. But whatever. LOL It disgusted me that he would add my picture to a picture pool like that because not one of them had me showing my arms or anything.

    Crazy I tell you.
    So it’s well understood what you are doing with your pictures.

    There are some crazy sickos in this world I tell you. SICK.

  38. Leggings are back! Where have you been? Be fashion-forward!


  39. That is soooo creepy!!!!

  40. That is soooo creepy! Ew. Double ew.

  41. Good lord.

  42. Kristin says:

    I had the same thing happen to me. Yuck indeed.

  43. There are so “odd cookies” out there. I have had to block so many weird men that have added me. All my photos that I post of people are friends only and I still get the kooks!

    Shelly aka shellytay(flickr)