The Mouthy Twos


One of the best parts of blogging for the past eight (OMG EIGHT) years is accessing my archives for a little walk down memory lane. And truly, thank god for my archives because my memory ain’t so great, y’all. Truth, I’ve forgotten actual chapters of my life from my college days and my twenties…can’t remember names, can’t remember places, can’t remember faces. (And no, I didn’t partake in los druggos…)

Short term memory? Stellar. (Seriously, quiz me!) Long term memory? Piss poor.

Archive surfing has been very eye-opening in regards to my kids, especially when delving into certain “developmental” periods. “Was Wito like this? He could not have been like this, right?” These are questions I’ve been asking myself a lot lately, so I figured it was time to do some research.

Turns out, the same time period for Wito included a bit of this.


And a little bit of this.


The thing about Wito, though, is that he has never been sassy. Dramatic? Yes. Possessed with the ability to feel things VERY deeply? Um, yeah. (Fantastic example here.) Sassy? Not so much.

Wita, on the other hand, is a little sassafras. She’s got that cool demeanor, doesn’t show her cards to many, and possesses a bit of a smart mouth. Now, this shouldn’t be surprising…I mean, she’s the second born AND a girl. What should I expect? Lately, though. LATELY. She’s killing me with her little quips.

Well, here. Just take a look at a little snippet of yesterday.

Do you have one of these? It’s a good thing she’s cute.



  1. My son is the same age. I get “Go away, mama!” And “Leave me alone, mama!”

    I’m so glad I’m not alone.

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that they go from being zygotes to demanding their own freedom inside of three years.
    Schmutzie recently posted…Get Swabbed for Cervical Health Awareness Month

  3. My 4th 2-year old has taken the cake with “I HATE YOU” and “MEAN MOMMY” and “I DON’T LIKE YOU” Verbal skills are highly overrated I think. (ha).

  4. J is 3+, but he still gets me with “don’t talk to me–EVER AGAIN!” Also, “you’re not my friend,” and this morning, “You’re bothering me!” Yeah, you’re bothering me too, kiddo.

  5. It’s nice to see other parents who have part-time devil children writhing at home. My daughter will be 2 in a week, and if I hear her say “No, Daddy! STOP!” one more time when I’m trying to drive, bathe her, feed her, clothe her, play with her, look at her, talk to her, or generally live life on the same planet with her, I might not make it to 3. Oh, she’ll be fine, but I might not make it.

    • Oh! Driving is the worst with her! If she drops something, needs her sippy cup, her shirt is slightly twisted, etc, she will scream at the top of her lungs until I PULL OVER and fix the problem. One day, I calmly told her that I couldn’t help because I was driving at the moment, kept on driving, and she screamed for the entire remainder of the ride. I thought she was going to pass out.

  6. Hahahaha! Loved the video. My little girl is the same age and her fave is “Leave me ‘lone!” (usually while she’s doing her “business” behind her crib. We are potty training this week so it makes it all the more interesting :)

  7. I know in the moment that probably drives you crazy but as a Mom for a 2 yr old and 1 yr old that made me laugh! Both my boys are like your son, dramatic and turn on the tears!

    • Haha! It actually makes me laugh too…mainly because she always smiles or smirks when she does it. Like she knows she shouldn’t be saying it!

  8. Sorry but that’s nothing! When Harper is pissed she yells at the top of her lungs, “You’re an idiot!” Nice, right?!
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  9. Um, I was this. I have an older brother and am the baby of the family.

    It doesn’t go away, I am sorry to say, but you know she won’t take any crap as she gets older.

  10. OMG Sarah-She is just the cutest !!

  11. Our youngest is our sassiest yet. Of course she realized early on that she had quite the audience in her two older sisters.

  12. Oh, I have one just like that–except she is now 5 and it hasn’t gotten better. Mine is also very lucky she’s cute.

    Your description of your kiddos is very similar to my own.
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  13. I have said, “she’s lucky she’s cute” about both of my girls at least 8 million times. Girls, man.
    alimartell recently posted…For What Ails Me

  14. Gotta love a stinker! I have a two year old boy who loves to point his finger at me and shout “NO MAMA!” When he gets in trouble. Oooh, you’re gonna GET IT kiddo!

  15. I’m sorry but this is hilarious! She’s so cute though. My 3 year old asked to watch it over and over again and kept laughing and then copying her faces. He told me to stop annoying him the other day. I was only asking to hold his hand in a car park. Stop copying me, this is stupid are new ones he picked up from preschool. Great, just great. I look forward to elementary school. he’s bilingual and only speaks french to me so thankfully he doesn’t tell me these things too often!

  16. OMG I love her! ha ha ha Great editing on the video too. Something you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

  17. OMG… My 5 year old was like this and still is. But I love her and I think she is going to be quite the leader or executive one day. She doesn’t take S$%# from anyone. She will stand her ground no matter who it is. But she can also be incredibly sweet and compassionate.

    I feel like my job is to guide her so she doesn’t fly off the side of the road and one day she will be driving her own life at 105 MPH.
    Jennifer recently posted…Hair and Bravery

  18. Ha, I have a six year old like this. I think it’s a girl thing, I am pretty sure I have still got it, too ;). My son is also 2,5 but curiously there is no sass coming from him, it’s all full on amateur dramatics, arms flailing, tears and even, dare I say it, touch of the man- flu when he is ill. Lucky both of them are pretty darn cute.

  19. Michelle Baxter says:

    I kept saying to myself, “Where have I heard this before?”…Turns out it’s what I’m pretty sure my husband hears when I talk to him! Your Wita is so cute…on me, probably not so much!

  20. Michelle Baxter says:

    PS – The song you play in the background of her videos always cracks me up!

  21. AHHH! THank you for posting this!! I have a 2 1/2 year old son and he is the SAME!!!! He slams his bedroom door and says GO AWAY! Since its my first I feel like I have failed as a mom! HA! THank GOd this too shall pass right??