I’m In Love


I’ve been very good about not bombarding you with all of the darling baby things I am receiving, but I had to show you these hand-knit boots a family friend made for little whoorlito. They are currently in Oklahoma with 95% of my other baby gifts, but my dad sent me a photo today.

Seriously, could they be any cuter? She should sell these!




  1. Natalie says:

    Oh wow, those couldn’t be any cuter!

  2. Please bombard us! Nothing perks up my day like cute baby stuff!!

  3. Bethany Coffey says:

    Not only are these adorable but the fact that they AREN’T baby uggs makes them even better.

  4. Not only should she sell them, she should take orders for grown-up sizes, too! And yes, bombard us with cute baby stuff!

  5. for serious, she should sell them.

  6. Awww! They’re like tiny kittens that your baby will wear on his feet! So cute.

  7. I want some!!!

  8. Oh. My. God. I want some for my little boy RIGHT NOW, never mind that it’s summer and we live in Arizona so he’ll never be able to wear them. Sometimes cuteness trumps practicality.

  9. Adorable! If she’s selling, I’m buying

  10. Absolutely adorable! Might inspire me to learn to knit something other than beer coozies and scarves…

  11. Seriously. The cuteness is overwhelming. Must. Go. Lie. Down.

  12. OMG. Love.

  13. Way too cute. Whoorlito is going to be one stylin’ little dude.

  14. lisahanson says:

    um, i’ll take a ladies size 7, please. so cozy looking!

  15. Those are adorable. If she starts selling, post it here, we would grab some up in a heartbeat.

  16. what a special sweet gift. can she make them in a size 11?

  17. Those are gorgeous! This new knitter is seriously impressed. I hope I get gifts like that when I have kids, lol. :)

  18. Yes. She should sell those. In a size 9 1/2. Adult… for one big kid :)

  19. I’d give my right arm to be able to knit like that. Gah, they are cute. GAH.

  20. So perfect!

  21. this comment has nothing to do with this post but i had to say that i love the new pic on your sidebar of your sillouhette on the beach.

  22. My husband was looking over my shoulder while I was reading your blog and refering to your masthead he said “Does that say whoor?” (whore)

    Hee hee.

  23. I love those. I would actually love a pair for myself!

  24. Seriously, these are so cute my head might explode.