Grace in Small Things: Part 15 of 365


1. An old friend who is willing to come over and drink margaritas with me at 2pm on a Thursday. (I promise, we will NOT attempt making an olive pie again. I think.)

2. Stoneyfield Vanilla Yogurt

3. The Woman in You by Ben Harper (Listen to it NOW.)

4. Seeing Andrew Bird in less than a week

5. Hanging new art in the living room. The collage wall has been retired!



  1. Laura in LA says:

    Must see the new art! Picture please.

  2. Love Ben Harper! We have seen him many many times. Very good live show.

    And I second Laura, need to see the new art…

  3. Hmmmm….you should put some of this Andrew Bird and Ben Harper on that CD you said you’d make me!

  4. wow no more collage wall?!

  5. I miss Darren’s blog.

  6. Since I must always comment here re: Andrew Brid– I saw him at Carnegie Hall a couple weeks ago and it was tremendous. He was really excited to be playing his new stuff. And he was wearing a tartan blazer that I couldn’t get over.

    Also, a moment to brag, I’m being gifted tickets to his concert in London. So, you know, there’s that.

  7. Wish I could come on over and drink margaritas with you both!

  8. whatever you do, don’t make slynnro a cd…she loves them. ha.

  9. Yes! Can’t wait to see Andrew Bird next week (in PDX) too! I’ll look forward to your account.

  10. I miss Darren’s blog, too.