My Best Job Title To Date


I’ve been part of some really cool collaborations during the past four years of my internet existence, but this one personally takes the cake. Citysearch has just launched a new website called Mopshots – a website full of awesome hairstyles handpicked by some incredibly tyrannical people, aptly named The Dictators.

(Dude, that’s me!! I am a DICTATOR.)


There I am! Just casually planning global domination while twirling my hair! RUTHLESS.

At Mopshots, you can submit your own fabulous hairstyle, browse through the Dictators’ top choices, as well as find out what salons and stylists created the styles.

It’s pretty damn cool, if I do say so myself. (And I will because I AM A DICTATOR.)

(This is clearly going to my head.)



  1. That’s awesome! I love that photo of you. You look all sweet and nice and then you’ll get all dictator-y on someone and be all “NO BANGS FOR YOU!”

  2. i would totally enter but i do not go to a salon! unless drinking too much tequila and waking up with a pair of scissors and a pile of curls at my feet counts as a salon.

    (it’s more of a saloon, really…)

  3. Oh no! I have a hair appointment for tomorrow. I had made up my mind what I was getting done… Now i’m looking at these cuts and second guessing myself!!

    I love the “dictator” title. Will you be a benevolent dictator?

  4. It’s probably no coincidence that all of the Dictators have fabulous hair.

  5. Neat site! I love seeing real haircuts on real people in real life (as opposed to celebrities and hair magazines where everything is a little too perfect).

    You have the best hair out of all the Dictators.

  6. Nice job! I’m jealous. :)

  7. You totally need a business card with that title on it.