Random Saturday Ankle Boot Poll


Happy Saturday! Which color of these boots do you prefer the most?

I’m asking for a friend.



  1. Bottom left corner, most definitely.

  2. bottom left
    lucky ‘friend’
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  3. Bottom left

  4. Where did you find these?? I’m also asking for a friend…

  5. As it was loading i knew asap #1 was the one!

  6. I’m dyyyying for those. Those are the Hudson ones, right? I want #2!

  7. WELL. I ordered the top right (2) last week and got them in the mail a few days ago and I have to say I was disappointed. I thought the black/brown combo would look good and go with everything, but in reality the boots just ended up looking really cheap. The black suede-y part was just…..weird and patchy and the brown of the leather on the straps was more orange than I though it would be, and didn’t look particularly leathery. They were super comfy though.

    So! All that to say, I’d go with 1 or 3.
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  8. I had ordered and returned the DV ones because they did look cheap. I guess you get what you pay for.

  9. Gosh, those are beautiful! Great post :)

  10. melissa Suarez says:

    love those mocs, expecially gold

  11. DSW has a brand called Crown Vintage, which has a very similar style. The pair I got was similar to #3 and they are Fabulous!