It’s a Sad Day…


When you realize while getting dressed for your Week 27 prenatal appointment that you are mentally choosing shirts by their total overall weight in order to be the lightest possible when forced to step on the dreaded doctor’s scale.



  1. oh man. you are such a cute little tiny pregnant girl i can’t imagine it’s more than most thin people weigh normally! ;)

  2. I deliberately book my appointments for the mornings so I’ll weigh less. Sad, isn’t it? I am 30 weeks and have gained 30 pounds, so that should make you feel much better. You look like you’ve mabye put on ten pounds. I passed that mark a long ways back. You look amazing! :)

  3. i do that, and i’m not even pregnant. THAT’S what’s sad.

  4. What?!?! C’mon! This is the one time (unless you plan to have more) where you have AN EXCUSE to be heavy! I gained exactly 28 lbs with both my kids. I stepped upon that scale proudly… “oh, yeah. I’m huge.” ;-)

  5. I remember those days…my blood pressure would spike just thinking about getting on the scale. Many times the nurses would freak-out that it was so high, but once they got me away from that darn scale my blood pressure would go right back down.

  6. undercover celebrity says:

    It’s like I always say: you’re never too pregnant for a tube top. :)

  7. Oh, I remember those days. I’d always make sure to pee first before they weighed me so I’d be maybe half a pound less! :)

  8. Ummm…shut up!!!! :)

    I totally do that too. Non-appointment days you’ll find me in jeans, many layers which I never remove and clompy shoes.

    Day of the appointment? Feels like spring with lightweight khakis, a tank top with shirt overtop (that WILL be removed prior to scale) and sandals that will also come off.

    Hey DCMM, stop bragging, you know that 28 isn’t that much! :) I’m over that and not due for 2.5 weeks, but up until a few weeks back, my BMI was still considered ‘normal’ (which I know, doesn’t apply when prego, but the ‘baby inside’ makes ya crazy at times).

  9. kimmers says:

    I TOTALLY FORGOT about the weight thing at my 17 week ultrasound on Monday and had ALL THE LIQUID on my person when I stepped on the scale. Which explains the 6 pound weight gain over 5 weeks. Could also be the the morning sweet snacks I must have…

  10. i have my yearly grab and grope and still have the mentality of being pregnant. no food or drink plus a diuretic before i go so not to be berrated for the lack of LOSING the baby weight.

  11. I feel your pain. Been there, done that!

  12. Also, make sure you poop before your appointment.

    Poop has to weigh AT LEAST 1-2 lbs.

  13. Oh yeah. Similar to me almost not putting on lip gloss before my WW meeting.