Grace in Small Things: Part 12 of 365


1. Drinking my half-cup of morning coffee (yes, I’m back on the caffeine train after 7 years)

2. My indestructible, 4-year-old Dita sunglasses

3. The Horsetail Reed in my front window

4. Wito’s falsetto attempts

5. Listening to Andrew Bird’s new album, Noble Beast (Anonanimal is a fast favorite)

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things.



  1. oh my god, ANDREW BIRD, YES!
    listening to him right this very second. (masterswarm)

  2. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Andrew Bird (can we still be friends?)

  3. How is the coffee intake going? I remember your post back in the day about being “naturally caffeinated” (I loved that phrase), but I know I could never go w/o my morning cup…(s)…

  4. As long as I stick to the 1/2-cup policy, I’m cool. More than that and I’m climbing the walls.

  5. If you happen to catch Wito’s falsetto attempts on film, I’m sure that everyone would love to see it *hint hint*.

  6. My Dita glasses are completely indestructible too! It’s just weird.

    Mine are also about 4 years old and I’ve become totally lax with their care. You know, because they are old. I drop them on the sidewalk. I throw them in my purse with keys. I wear them on the top of my head. I leave them on the car seat. They WILL NOT scratch.

    Dita apparently does not want me to purchase new ones

  7. Andrew. Bird.

    Also, listening now.

  8. such a lovely idea.