Da Bishop’s Morning Sermon



Reason #1 why I love vacationing with my family.

Click to listen.



  1. Sweet. My Hubby plays and nothing sounds better than a little guitar from someone you love.

  2. great photo. :)

  3. Big hugs from me to the Bish for being so groo-vay!

  4. Da Bishop is awesome! I’m glad you’re having a good time. You’ll have to give me some tips on what to do in Santa Fe. I’ve traveled through, but never spent any real time. I definitely want to go.

  5. I just linked to you from another blog that linked to you and so on…Fabrage Organic Shampoo. I orignally thought the name of your site was whoor which would have been really great but whoorl is good too.

  6. Nothing like live music in the living room, eh?

  7. This is TORTURE. Please post. I’m forced to do actual work.

  8. I love these photos. And I love that you love your family so much!