Sucker for Stripes


My love for stripes has been documented many times (this is probably considered a problem by some), but my adoration is still going strong. Gilt Baby & Kids has some great nautical-inspired pieces on sale right now, so I’m thinking you must check them out soon. You can sign up for a free Gilt account here.

(The next few posts will be image heavy because, trust me, you don’t want to hear me talk about The House.)

((It’s all we talk about! The House That Was Ripped From Our Hands! And Our Hearts! We’re So Pathetic!)

(((Let’s drive by it again.)))



  1. These are so cute – you have such great taste in clothes! I say let the stripes addiction live on!
    Lisa recently posted…My vegetarian journey

  2. Have you and my son been shopping together?? The boy refuses to wear a shirt unless it is a “Stripy one” When laundry day rolls around I have to bribe him to wear a non plaid one! Wish I could upload a pic of us now. Maybe I will be a quick post inpsired by stripes.
    Siera recently posted…Hiking Adventures and then some

  3. I have a thing for my son in stripes. I just love a striped shirt on his cute little self. Really love that baby girl striped dress. Just so sweet!
    Mama in the City recently posted…No More Mush! My Introduction To Baby Led Feeding

  4. I have an adoration for stripes as well. I wear them quite often, and I love them on my kids. My daughter calls anything stripes “zebra” including her pink & white striped leggings. My boys?… um, they are not fans, AT ALL. Oh well, at least little Miss and I can enjoy them.
    Heather recently posted…National Girlfriend Day: 10 Unique Ways to Celebrate

  5. Lyndsay says:

    I love stripes. LOVE. STRIPES. My mother in law made a snarky comment about how I “sure did dress Hank in a lot of stripes.” At least I don’t play World of Warcraft 14 hours a day. ZING!

  6. Christen says:

    I do hope the sting of losing the house wears off soon…it’s a horrible feeling!

    Any chance we’ll see that dewy summer makeup tutorial anytime soon? I’ve been experimenting on my own and am curious about what products you use.

    And stripes are the best. THE BEST.