Grace in Small Things: Part 11 of 365


1. Waking up with butterflies in my stomach, anticipating a very important day in our history. It’s going to be a beautiful one!

2. Chanting “Barack Obama” with Wito. Wondering if he can grasp, at all, the magnitude of that name. (Just found out they share the same birthday too!)

3. Onion bagels with cream cheese

4. Puffy clouds

5. Mini jaw clips

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace in Small Things.



  1. Amen to today’s list! (Except the mini jaw clips, because I haven’t tried that yet. But I could REALLY go for an onion bagel with cream cheese right now.)

  2. Here here! I’m even going to try the mini jaw clips tomorrow! :)

  3. Great list today! Those mini jaw clips are what usually keep me from getting overwhelmed and chopping my long hair off right at the roots ;) Quite a lifesaver!

  4. I’ll chime in with one of my own…that other guy from Chicago–Andrew Bird dropping that new album today. Today was the most tolerable day in January so far.

  5. Yes! I listened to it last night! Love Mr. Bird.