A Good Weekend


We had a goooood weekend, which is exactly what this girl needed.

Reading books at Barnes and Noble is a good way to spend a Friday afternoon.

Looking at this sweet face always makes me feel good.

Wearing jaunty mustaches around the house is quite a good time.

Date night is VERY good.

Gin + Cucumbers = Goodness

Father’s Day at our favorite park was beyond good.

Sheet cake is good. (Until you eat 5 pieces in 24 hours, in which case, not so good.)

Watching Wita go to town on a corn cob (for breakfast!) was hilariously good.

Peonies from D to start off my Monday morning because “I’m a great wife and mother.” Um, very good. (Methinks someone must have read my post last week…)

All in all, good stuff.

Thanks again for your comments in regards to last week’s post. As I mentioned in the comment thread, I’m so lucky to have such smart, supportive readers.



  1. Katie J. says:

    Everything about this post makes me smile :) The good is definitely worth celebrating!!! (and awesome pics, as usual!)

  2. You are one lucky lady! A gorgeous family and many fill good moments. Plus pink peonies are sure to be feel good inducing!
    Mama in the City recently posted…I Am A Blogger: Vancouver Mom Blogging Event

  3. excellent!

  4. yeah for a GOOOOOD weekend! Much needed, definately deserved! :) beautiful family! hip hip horrrray!

  5. That’s a whole lotta good. :) Sorry I missed the last post. I’m away from my family too & totally get the “I’m an island” thing. Glad things are looking up. I always go through an adjustment period after a family visit.

  6. Hi Sarah! Peonies were a high (and bright) point of my week too. And, oh, that chocolate sheet cake! Beyond delish (and devilish)! Your family is so gorgeous! Enjoy every second. So happy to know you! xoxo, BF

  7. What kind of camera did you take the pic from Fathers Day in the Park with? Such a great pic. (And great Lighting too)

  8. I love peonies…what a lovely set of photos :-)
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  9. Love all the pictures, but that family photo is divine! Maybe you should add family photographer to your plate *ducks*
    Roxanna recently posted…Why wait?

  10. You kiddos are so cute. Wita loves some corn! And um, is there any sheet cake left? That’s my definition of having it all: sheet cake at the desk. Followed by 18 sets of stairs. Fail.
    Carrie recently posted…Windblown

  11. Reina Collins says:

    Haha, y’all just look funny with em fake moustaches on LOL. Lovely pics,cute kiddos, awesome post!!
    Reina Collins recently posted…http://www.kimkardashiantapenews.com

  12. What a fantastic post. And that vase is just so cool.
    Janssen recently posted…Four Excellent Middle-Grade Novels

  13. It’s amazing how refreshing cucumber can be in an alcoholic drink. I got hooked on cucumber gimlets on the cruise ship last week. Amazing. Also, check out Effen Vodka which makes a cucumber flavor that works well with club soda.
    martymankins recently posted…Music Monday: Cloudless


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