My Show, It’s Almost Heeeere


The first episode of my talk show airs next Tuesday. Woot woot! (And I say that in a full on early-2000s-hands-in-the-air-cheesefest manner.) Starting next week, a new episode will air every Tuesday at CafeMom Studios on YouTube. In the meantime, here’s further proof that I might be a little cray cray.

I hope you all will tune in!



  1. Sweet! I like you in the role of media queen.

    If your ears burn sometimes late at night, it’s because I yell “Whoorl!” at the tv every time you show up :)

  2. You are ADORABLE. And yes, We are fun women!
    Roxanna recently posted…Beauty update: Little treats that smell delicious

  3. Can’t wait to see the show cause you are just adorable!

  4. ahahaha you are so cute and strangely I would also say NORMAL! love it
    Erica W recently posted…DIY Round-up

  5. So, so cute. I totally subscribed. Will they send out reminders via email? I’m new to the whole YouTube show thing.

  6. Aw, Sarah. I totally teared up. SO proud of you and excited for you. I’m going to hug you extra hard next time I see you.
    Angella recently posted…Bear Stuffs

  7. Oliver Destin says:

    Really you”re so sweet. I wish your success and I’m waiting for lovely show.Thanks for a good information.
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  8. Looks great, Sarah! Also, I was watching TV with my roommate awhile ago and your commercial came on. I started pointing and yelling, “I know her! I know her!” My roommate looked at me like I was crazy and I said, “Well, I read her blog!”
    Amanda recently posted…happy friday!

  9. Hahahah that was so cute
    Rachel recently posted…may

  10. Signed up! Can’t wait! And yes…we are fun ladies hanging out here with you.
    Jill V. / TerraSavvy recently posted…Happy Weekend!

  11. Wow. This is great news. You are a rising media star. First the Pantene ad and now this new show, congrats,
    martymankins recently posted…Not Photoshopped #1

  12. Fun! I can’t wait to watch.
    laura @ hollywood housewife recently posted…allparenting column

  13. You are so cute! Can’t wait to see the full episodes.
    Time Traveler Tours recently posted…Beware Mme La Guillotine Wins Stamp of Approval from HiP Paris Blog