Salt Optics (+ Giveaway!)


Oh, y’all. I am sick with love for Salt Optics. The sunglasses, the optical line…I want every single pair of frames from this Southern California-based line.

I am all about simple design, and Salt Optics is an independent lifestyle company that creates premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well. The company is completely driven by a minimalist sensibility, which means timeless, interesting designs every time.

The minute I step outside, my Odette frames are always on face, and my Jane frames are in heavy rotation indoors as well.

The fine folks at Salt Optics have offered to give one pair of frames (up to a $400 value!) to a lucky whoorl reader. (And I do mean lucky because you will never take these bad boys off again. Ever. Sunglasses at night…the whole thing.)

To enter, visit Salt Optics’ website, and leave a comment on this post letting me know what pair of frames (optical here, sunglasses here) is your absolute favorite. The giveaway will end Friday, June 15th at 6pm PST. Good luck!



  1. All glasses are wonderful. Hanna is my fave! HFW

  2. Hard to choose! But the Hanna in gray looks pretty awesome…

  3. I think I’m loving the Camden!
    Kate recently posted…What Do I Do with This Stuff?

  4. Love the Adlers in black!

  5. I’m loving the paisley frames!
    Kirida recently posted…BlogHer Food 2012

  6. love these! i can’t decide between odette and warner. but i’m leaning toward odette. nice.
    britt recently posted…a {almost} wordless wednesday…

  7. I love the Brit glasses in Blonde Havana! Gorgeous!
    Lauren recently posted…Once again…

  8. SO hard to choose! I’d probably either go with the Jane or the Stella.

  9. I really like the Cambria!! :)

  10. Lovely. I’ll take a pair of tortoise shell Brits!

  11. Caden or camden. I can’t decide.

  12. I love the classic shape of the Jane. I’ve been wearing my glasses more since Avelyn (5 years old!) just had to get glasses and I’ve wanted her to feel like she’s not the only one. :)
    Amanda Brown recently posted…Can See Clearly Now

  13. I love the Lennox frames in black! The touch of purple on the inside is lovely!

  14. Love these! The Odette is my favorite :)

  15. Um, Caden? I don’t know – I don’t think you can go wrong, frankly.

  16. I’ve wanted some that look like the gray freeman for a long time!

  17. Def Odette. They are not the normal shape I wear and I think its time for a change!

  18. TinaPow says:

    Definalty the Odette!

  19. Stephanie says:

    I love the Jane frames!

  20. I die for the optical Adler frame in True Navy. Die. Honestly.

  21. I am in DESPERATE need of a new pair of glasses! I love love love Salt and am IN love with the Clark!

  22. Your timing couldn’t be better… I am in need of new glasses and love the Brixton pair!

  23. The Stella frames in Oiled Bark Aurora are calling my name! Love ’em!

  24. Mark Ridener says:

    Gimmie the Dixons!

  25. I LOVE the Lennox in Toffee Tortoise Pink.

  26. I love the Odette as well! They are gorgeous!

  27. Ooh! The Metty. Beautiful!

  28. Ooops, I mean Mettie. Short term memory is shot…

  29. I love the Claire in Black Menagerie Orchid!!!! These would definitely spruce up my look.

  30. Melissa says:

    Harper please :-) The tortoise is lovely.

  31. I can’t decide between the Lennox or the Odette, they’re both lovely!

  32. Wow, some really great styles to choose from – it was hard to narrow it down! I believe if I won, I’d pick the Harper glasses in Evergreen.

  33. Hixson – Red. Enough said.

  34. Heather says:

    As soon as I saw the Annabel I didn’t need to look any further!

  35. MJ Mauk says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Cambria frames!

  36. Ollie. In Brownstone.

  37. I love the Alister…I also love all the names,looking through them was like going over my baby name list.

  38. I just loved Hanna for sun and Clark for optical, they are amazing!

  39. the BRIT is just gorgeous!

  40. I think the Tessa is calling my name.

  41. I would choose the Natali. Gorgeous sunglasses!

  42. I LOVE the Natali (in black, but, well, the others are pretty sweet, too!)

  43. Jesse B. says:

    Kyla in orchid, I think. It is so hard to narrow it down. Awesome giveaway!!

  44. I can’t decide between Jane and Tessa!!

  45. The Horse Whisperer is in desperate need of some new shades. For him, I’d choose the Ollies. I’d get myself the Odettes, with the tortoise outside and the pink inside!
    Abby – Bright Yellow World recently posted…There’s a hole in my heart where Google Reader sharing used to be.

  46. I really like the Adler in black! Thanks!

  47. Briggs or brit. They’re all so gorg!

  48. Rachel Malis says:

    I really love the Vargas, but the Mettie would be super fun and a little out of my usual comfort zone!

  49. I’m in love with the Bre. And also about 20 other pairs, but I think that would be my first choice!

  50. I THINK I lean towards the Lennox. No, wait, the Hixson.

  51. Kristen McCann says:

    Whoa…i am in desperate need of new sunglasses…I fear, daily, that I am stuck in the early 2000 s with my old sunnies. Love the Harper pair!

  52. I’m mourning a pair of sunglasses I lost this weekend. I’m pretty sure the Cambria would heal my broken heart and squinty eyes.

  53. I like the Lloyd pair!
    My son, who is closing in on being 18 months, sat on my glasses.
    I could use some new ones. Ones that aren’t being held together by duck tape!


  54. I like Harper and Hathaway, but it was really hard to choose. They all look so cool!

  55. ooh it’s a tough call, but i love Cambria.. or Harper.. or Briggs!

  56. Love Salt and I love the Harper pair!

  57. I love the Bre in Tobacco Brown. So beautiful! Thanks!

  58. Erinn H says:

    Loving the Stella optical frames… maybe in that plum color!

  59. Sarah Knight says:

    LOVE the hanna frames!!!

  60. Kristen says:

    I’m loving the Odette, or the Harper (I’m biased though, that’s my daughter’s name) or the Hathaway! Too many gorgeous choices!

  61. These are awesome! I really like the Jaden optical and the Cambria and Genevieve sun glasses.

  62. What a great giveaway! I love the “Briggs” sunglasses. So chic!
    ris recently posted…Lago de Nicaragua

  63. MissMary says:

    Love, love, love! Optical: Allie in Raven Black. Sun: Corsa in Silver Grey Gradient.

  64. Rachel C says:

    I need new sunglasses! Lately I’ve been sporting scratched up Target shades and they just aren’t working for me.

    I really like the “Kyla” style in the “Black Menagerie Orchid” color.

  65. Lindsay says:

    So many nice choices, but I think the Acadia (in Asphalt) is calling my name! :)

  66. so hard to choose. all of them are great. i think i’d go with the acadia or maybe warner.

  67. Vanessa says:

    I love the natali glasses!

  68. LOVE the Odette. Those are pretty much my dream sunglasses. With a side of Jane for regular glasses, which I also need desperately.

    Fingers crossed (but not my eyes!).
    Susannah recently posted…Call it a Day

  69. ooo love the Alder sunglasses!

  70. I need new glasses! Bre in toffee tortoise pink is perfection! Jane in black menagerie orchid a close second! As for sunglasses I must agree with you, the Odette frames are beautiful!

  71. OMG!! The Natali were made for me!!

  72. I love the Jane frames, but the Claire would probably look better on me.

  73. I absolutely love the Darby and the Briggs. It is a tough call on which wins the place in my heart! (Who are we kidding? They both do.)

  74. Fantastic giveaway! This is the first I’ve heard of Salt and their frames look beautiful. I just got new eye glasses and for some reason held out on new sunglasses. Maybe there’s a reason…I’m loving the Cambria and the Genevieve. So chic.

  75. Wow, it is SO hard to pick out just one favourite. I do like the Kyla though. Lovely contest too!
    Mama in the City recently posted…Got Milk. Will Share!

  76. Cambria ashford green please, also love the odette.

  77. What a fun promotion! I love the Lennox!

  78. I love the Harper sunglasses! Hooray!
    Janet recently posted…Idaho Huckleberry Pie

  79. tadpoledrain says:

    Ooh, I love Bennett in Coastal Grey. Also Townsend, Paisley, Harper, Elson, and Odette.

    I love glasses.

  80. I love the Hathaway sunglasses but could also use a new pair of opticals — so sign me up for the Claire’s too. :)

  81. oh my! natali or caden are simply divine! would love to have a pair of either one of those!

  82. I hate to be a copycat, but I would love the Odette sunglasses in toffee tortoise pink! I would wear them all the time!

  83. Love, love the Cambria.
    Rhi recently posted…My Go-To Recipes as of Late

  84. Love, love LOVE, crazy love the Caden glasses in Burlywood. I have such a hard time finding glasses in a large style that don’t overwhelm my narrow face, and these look perfect. I’m sure one bazillion people will enter this giveaway, so I will start saving my pennies now!
    MommyTime recently posted…Educating Gracefully: A Minor Rant on Obligation

  85. Ooh, I love the Harper!

  86. Ginger–although they are all quite stylish.

  87. They all look amazing but the Cambria glasses caught my eye.

  88. Bethany says:

    Love the Goodwins!

  89. Those Adler glasses are GORGEOUS.
    Gretchen Alice recently posted…S-A-T-U-R-DAY…uh…day!

  90. Sarah S says:

    I just got contacts for the first time in 8 years, I need sunnies! I love Hixson, I think they would compliment my “new look” perfectly!

  91. I like the Caden sunglasses! So cute!

  92. love, love, love these !!!!

  93. I love the Corsa!

  94. Love the Annabel! (I’ll take one of each color, please!)

  95. Elizabeth Emily says:

    I would LOVE to win a pair of sunglasses for my fiance. Do they do prescription sunglasses? I ADORE the Vargas, and I’d love to get them in prescription form for him!

  96. annaliese says:

    I love the Clark sunglasses!

  97. Harper!

  98. Odette and Percy – sorry, couldn’t choose!

  99. The Odette are gorgeous! Love the tortoise/pink combo!

  100. I almost never bother to enter giveaways but have been wanting Salt glasses ever since you posted them on Instagram. I think I’d go with the Allie (although I have a teeny little face and must try glasses on before I can buy). LOVE.

  101. I love the Corsa aviators! Gorgeous.
    Rebecca (Bearca) recently posted…the head and the heart

  102. Paige Bowick says:

    Hey Sarah! Paxton!

  103. Samantha says:

    I think that the Deirdre in Purple Velvet are absolutely gorgeous. Ginger is a really close second though.

  104. carly dolan says:


  105. So exciting! I like the Tessa in wine stripe

  106. The Hanna or the Hixon! Gorgeous frames!

  107. Perfect timing – I just scheduled my yearly eye checkup! My fav is Stella – or should I say…. STELLLLLLAAAAA!

  108. Another vote for the wine stripe Tessa I think. I like the Stella a lot too though!

  109. I’m probably a Bre or Jaden kind of girl. Thanks for the great giveaway! :)
    Jill Browning recently posted…Flower update

  110. I love the Annabel Toffee Tortoise Pink frames! I recently added some pink stripes to my pixie and these would go excellently with my new hair!

  111. I like the Langford frames in Caspian Tortoise the best. I need a new prescription and can’t wait to get new frames! My coworker just told me my current frames do me no justice, so I’m feeling self conscious in my current glasses. Fingers crossed – I would LOVE to win!

  112. I love the Camden!

  113. In love with the Vargas!

  114. Genevieve! Woot Woot!

  115. I am loving the Briggs optical frames and the Natali sunglasses frames. Truth be told, however, there are at least a dozen of those sunglasses frames that make me swoon. What a great selection!

  116. I just bought some new optical glasses, but I’d kill for some new sunglasses. I love the Kyla design.
    Christy recently posted…Hula Kitty

  117. Love the Odette!
    Page recently posted…inspiration found elsewhere

  118. I absolutely adore the Stella! Now the hard part will be picking the color.
    Just Shireen recently posted…On Death

  119. Ooh, I like the Annabels.

  120. I absolutely love the Hathaway sunnies! Thanks!!

  121. such a fun giveaway! I think the Mettie, in blonde havana, is my favorite!

  122. I love the Vance or the Norton…so stylish

  123. Michelle says:

    And I was just thinking that I need a new pair of frames…I LOVE the Annabel frames.

  124. Ohh..I love Salt frames! I just got a new pair of regular frames, so a pair of shades would be ideal! I love the Odette in toffee tortoise pink.

  125. The Corsa or the Hanna. Love them both!

  126. Life As Wife says:

    Is it nerdy that I think the Clark is so cute?

  127. Brit frames in the dark, burnished brown. Thanks for the chance to win!

  128. Odette!!

  129. Love the aviator style, corsa is adorable.

  130. Im loving me some cats eye Hanna shades! Especially in the blue…

  131. Genevieve! Gorgeous! Crossing my fingers!!

  132. Cori Gummelt says:

    I love the Clark! Want some sunglasses for my husband :)

  133. Oh man, fingers crossed, I would LOVE a pair of Hathaways! So nice!

  134. Ooooh. So hard! Deirdre looks pretty. :)
    Angella recently posted…Bear Stuffs

  135. I like the Hanna and the Harper sunglasses.
    Megan @ Mama Bub recently posted…Assorted Bub Updates

  136. The Odette look fab…the bigger the better!

  137. Jenny C. says:


  138. Love the Vargas. Simple aviators always look good on any day (and possibly night)
    ChrisB recently posted…Fourty 5

  139. I like so many, hard to pick just one!

  140. Heather S says:

    Awesome giveaway – I totally haven’t seen the Salt Optics brand yet! I dig the classic Warner aviators in honey gold.

  141. The Natali, in the Tortoise with the amber lenses! If they came in white, it would be perfect!
    Jessica recently posted…7 Days

  142. Lovin’ the Hixson Style – in the spicy red persimmon color!

  143. claudia098 says:

    Loving those green lenses on the Zef sunnies.

  144. I like the Odettes!

  145. I will be wearing my NATALI sunglasses at night; my TESSA specs by day. Thank you for turning us on to SALT. Never heard of them and it’s love at first sight!

  146. The Paxton. No, the Brixton. No, damn, I can’t decide. There are a LOT of cute glasses and sunglasses from Salt!

  147. Courtney Nelson says:

    my favorite opticals are the Tate and favorite sunnies are the Adler!

  148. Allison says:

    Those Clark’s man, I’m telling you what. Perfect!

  149. OOOOh. The Dirk frames are excellent. Love.

  150. The Hathaway sunglasses!

  151. Oh my goodness, what an awesome site! I love the Natalie sunglasses. So awesome!

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  152. I go for the Camden design in the evergreen color. (though did you see they also come in purple…not for me but I know several people who would love this!!)

  153. I love the odette sunglasses!

  154. Oh these are awesome – really hard to pick.
    But I love the Vargas avitors in the honey gold with brown gradient lenses.

  155. MAN, I’ve been eyeing salt frames ever since I came across them a few months ago! I love the “Jane” for eyeglasses (which I badly need new of)…and ALL the sunglasses, I can’t decide!
    Emily @ Peck Life recently posted…Pondering a camera bag.

  156. vargas!

  157. I wear optical and sunglasses everyday in the blaring Texas sun. My favorite for optical are the “BRIT”. And I would definitely sport the look with “ODETTE” sunglasses. SALT is the best!

  158. Ooh, I am very overdue for a new pair of glasses. My eyes were immediately drawn to Jane. The Claire is pretty adorable, too.
    Jen recently posted…Row(an) boat

  159. Wow. I happen to need new glasses + sunglasses! I love the Allie frames, but also the Genevieve or Vargas sunglasses.

  160. Heather S says:

    I would choose Briggs in Black Ice! Classic!

  161. Elizabeth says:

    I like the Odette frames! Definitely the shape I normally go for.

  162. Ooh, I looove the Hixson sunglasses in persimmon!

  163. my fave is yates in asphalt grey!

  164. Mettie Mettie Mettie!

  165. Briggs! So cute, love the torty frame :D

  166. I love the Mettie and I don’t think I can pick a favorite color.

  167. I love the Jane glasses in Desert Jewel.
    Monica recently posted…A Creative Summer

  168. LOVE the vargas frames. classic.
    laura holt recently posted…the week via instagram

  169. do i really have to pick just one? i can’t. So i’ll go with three: the hathaway odette and natali.

  170. I’m going to have to say the Jaden in Toffee Tortoise Pink! :)
    Mrs. Schwartz recently posted…Free Pattern Friday! – La Trouvillaise bathing suit!

  171. I like the Stella frames in black ash! And I really need some new frames.

  172. Natali!

  173. Beth DeAngelo says:

    Natali for me!

  174. Melissa says:

    Too much eye porn!!! Holy smokes, those are all good lookin’ glasses! The Corsa lenses look hot to me!!

  175. The Hixson in Persimmon!

  176. OMG not to act totally stalker-like but I think the Odette and Jane are also my favorites. The Jane would fulfill my dream of being the chic librarian, the Odette my 2nd dream of being Jackie O!

  177. Jennifer says:

    I really like the Natali sunglasses, as well as the Clair glasses. Fun site!

  178. Jessica says:

    Love the stellas. Awesome :)

  179. I love the Brit frames : )

  180. Love love love the Hanna frames in grey gradient!

  181. Miss Virginia says:

    L.O.V.E. the jane and the Odette! LOVE!

  182. I love love love the Caden! Wow, I love all of them. It really is eye candy

  183. Oh, wow. I’ve coveted your glasses for years! I’m with you on the Jane frames, but in Toffee Tortoise Pink.

  184. Im thinking the Vargas, Odette or Elson!

  185. I love the Odette in Shetland Grey

  186. Laurie Ann Noel says:

    I love the Mettie style!

  187. Meagan S. says:

    Oooh I am loving Allie in raven black! And hoping this is open to Canadians?!

  188. Ever since getting laser eye surgery I’ve been coveting some good sunnies…I’d totally get the NATALI!!!! in black.

  189. The Odette / Shetland Grey would be my choice! One can dream, right?!!!

  190. Jennifer says:


  191. Jennifer says:

    Love Salt!! The Hutton frames are fantastic!

  192. Lauren D says:

    All of them, ha! I love the Cambria :)

  193. Rebecca says:

    I love the Harper sunglasses, classic!

  194. Tough to pick from so much beautiful eyewear, but my fave is the Warner in honey gold w/brown gradient lens. Aviators are timeless!
    verdemama recently posted…Service

  195. I need a new pair of glasses so desperately! My current pair is so bent out of shape and no amount tweaking seems to help but glasses are expensive! I love so many pairs but I think I would decide on the Townsend in the matte tobacco brown or maybe matte london fog! I don’t know, there are too many options!

  196. Jennifer says:

    Totally loving the Harper frames!

  197. I love the Adler in asphalt grey. Glasses are my favorite accessory and a girl can never have too many. They camouflage my crows feet.

  198. I love the Adler In black ice. It looks amazing!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway :)

    • Didn’t notice the Adler were male sunglasses! Haha, I would pick the Lennox in evergreen instead :)

  199. I love the Bre frames in blue. I will admit that this is partially because that is my name – even spelled the same way – and partially because they are just awesome frames. What a great collection of frame shapes and colors (and, ahem, names).

  200. Wow. Those are smart. I like Tessa!

  201. Mettie is the one for me!

  202. Ooo, I love. And I need new glasses too. I like Jane.

  203. Samantha says:

    The Glacier Grey Hanna glasses are great! Thanks for this post… Really love some of the optic frames. Will definitely look for retailer near me.

  204. lillie-beth says:

    I love the Anne Hathaway sunglasses, but I’m terrible about picking out sunglasses for myself. Would you help? Fun giveaway!

  205. I love the Brixton in blue. At this very moment, I am debating the Brixton vs. Oliver Peoples Wacks for my next pair of glasses. This would make the decision for me I think!

  206. Katrina says:

    Oh man, picking just one is brutal…but I think I’d have to go for the Stella – I’ve been dying for a pair of pink frames ever since I first saw yours. Lovely!

  207. Samantha Tedesco says:

    Thank you!!!
    I love the Acadia!

  208. So hard to choose! I’d have to go with the tortoise Odettes.

  209. love the Lexi – optical and the Acadia – sun.

  210. ambient says:

    Ooh, I need new glasses so badly. I like Jane the best, though the Lexi gradient designs are pretty neat.

  211. Love the Cambria in Bourbon Havana!

  212. I love the Zef sunglasses.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  213. Love me some Natali Black Sun! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  214. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! My absolutely favorite sun frames are the Halston.

  215. Tough to choose; they’re all great! Loving the Hathaway, though!

  216. Elaine C. says:


  217. I love the Hathaway sun shades!

  218. I’m torn between the Hixon and the Mettie!
    Marianne recently posted…Marianne: It totally counts.

  219. Hathaway!

  220. Camille says:

    I’m going to have to go with the Briggs Matte Asphalt Grey… but there are so many good frames!

  221. Fun giveaway! It is hard to pick just one, but I would choose between the Warner or Vargas… wait Vance are really cute too!

  222. Flora R. says:

    I love the Darby frames!

  223. The Odettes are awesome!

  224. Oh, I love the Elson sunglasses in gold – enter me for the win!!!! :-)!

  225. Love the CAMBRIA sunglasses!
    Misty recently posted…No way it’s been 4 years!

  226. Starlene says:

    My son needs new glasses but has no health insurance. And cute frames are so expensive! He would LOVE the Briggs – Black Ice

  227. Loving the Clark and the Camden- must avoid sharing with husband, who is vying for a new pair of Persols!

  228. wow, these are so cute, I love sunglasses and would love a pair of the Harpers.
    Sarah recently posted…the perfect day, followed by a not so perfect day

  229. LOVE the Bre glasses in toffee tortoise pink! So cute!

  230. I like Bre.

  231. The Claire Mocha is adorable. It’s so difficult to find good frames these days :/

  232. Susan B says:

    I think I like the Camden best, but I have a small face so picking out glasses is always such a challenge!

  233. Christine S. says:

    Oh My Goodness, um I want one of each…? I have been scoping out some aviators lately so if I can only pick one, I would have to say the Corsa or the Warner. I don’t know, its so hard because I really like this line.

  234. I LOVE the Harper shades!! Salt has the best sunnies and glasses :)

  235. It was hard to choose! I think I am going to go with Vargas. Final answer.

  236. I’d probably go with the Bre in Tobacco Brown (but secretly wish I could rock the Tate in Tortoise).

  237. Katie B. says:

    Oooh, so many gorgeous choices! I think I’d have to go with Vargas Honey Gold sunglasses.

  238. Michele says:

    Adler stands out to me!

  239. Brooke R. says:

    I need some classic aviators as mine just broke, so I’d pick the Vargas.

  240. Love the Caden in Caspian Tortise! I just got contacts and I’m really loving all the fun sunglasses I can wear now!

  241. Okay, fate, I’m about to move to the tropics of Indonesia and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be needing some new sunnies, so I’m asking that you interviene on my behalf. I’ll take the Matties or possibly the Cadens, or maybe the Hannas?
    Erica @ Expatria, Baby recently posted…News News News

  242. I love the Harper in Black! Classic and cute :)

  243. Olson for my husband and Hixon for me!

  244. The Tate Optical frames in black are to die for — made for me, I think! :) Thanks for the amazing opportunity.

  245. Elizabeth says:

    They’re all awesome! Love the Vargas

  246. I love the Kyla sunglasses!

  247. Stephanie says:

    I love the Cambria in Bourbon Havana! What an exciting giveaway. Such lovely glasses.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  248. Kate I. says:

    I love Brit in blonde Havana.

  249. Samantha says:

    Really diggin the Hanna shades!

  250. Darby in Matte Black Havana sure is one lovely lady!

  251. I love the briggs pair in smokey tortoise! thanks for hosting this.
    sidewalkchic recently posted…Flea market find: 1950s costume textbook

  252. Camden in toffee tortoise pink please!

  253. Oh my. I too, am sick with love, for Stuart. The Stuart Salt frames are the perfect aviator I have been searching for!! You most definitely have made a Salt convert out of me! If I had the money I’d buy half their lineup!

  254. I love how they’re all in alphabetical order! I like the Odette, but have to stick to my Canadian roots and go with Acadia. They’re my favourite ones!
    Siera recently posted…Blake Shelton Concert Recap

  255. My comment disappeared in interweb land :( so if you get two, my apologies. I really dig the Odette ones, but have to stick to my Canadian roots and go with the Acadia. They’re my fav! I love how all the glasses are listed in alhpabetical order!

  256. Ooh! Kyla in toffee tortoise pink. So fun!

  257. Love the “Vance” – love them!!

  258. The Briggs and the Elson are both pretty awesome!

  259. I Love the Acadia! Cute Sunglasses!

  260. I’m loving the Caden! I really love them.
    Mandy A. recently posted…Thing no one tells you about when you’re pregnant #48585593

  261. Caden in Caspian Tortoise, please ma’am!

  262. Kelly Todd says:

    I think a pair of the Clark sunglasses for my husband! Maybe I was influenced because your hubby looks so dashing in them!


  263. Love the mettie in blonde havana!

  264. Iowagirl74 says:

    So many cute ones to pick from!! oh my!
    I think I will go with Kyla or Natali … though I don’t think there is a pair I wouldn’t accept! :-)

  265. I think I’m a Natali girl, in Caspian Sparkle!

  266. Oh, I love SALT!
    It’s between the Caden or the Camden (are they related? they must be related.) Ooooh, or the Hathaways! Can you even imagine? They’re pink. I want to win.

  267. I love the Adler in Burlywood … these would blow my $10 sundglasses out of the water!
    Katie recently posted…m-as-tu-vu:

    Isabella Rossellini

  268. Hixson in Oiled Black Aurora :)

  269. My favorite are the Natali in black. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  270. amy beth says:

    oooh the kyla in the black menagerie orchid…but i did look at the odette about 50 times too…

  271. I’m totally in love with the Ginger sunglass frames! Any of the colors, it’s so adorable!

  272. Definitely the Odette!

  273. I love the Hanna and the Odette. It would be a tough choice!

  274. I love those Briggs – pretty much in all the colors! What cool glasses.

  275. The Briggs is amazing. I wonder how they would look on my face….:)

  276. Hard to choose but, I love the Briggs in nude!

  277. Stefanie W. says:

    Ooooh, Hathaway is fantastic!

  278. Caden & Odette… I would also like to state for the record that my current sunglasses are scratched to hell & back from the crums & other goodies found at the bottom of my suit-case/purse!

  279. *crumbs

  280. Ohh! I love the briggs pair in smokey tortoise!

  281. I want the Claire in Orchid!
    Mary recently posted…Easter Recap and a Belated Week 7 Update

  282. I love the warner pair!

  283. Love Tate!

  284. brittany k says:

    I love the briggs frames!

    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  285. I love Camden! In Black menagerie orchid! (That’s a long color description)

  286. I love the Elson and the Caden!

  287. Pamela Peters says:

    The Jane, for sure. And, Warner for sunglasses. Thanks!

  288. Melissa says:

    I don’t think I’m alone in my love for Camden in toffee tortoise pink!

  289. Odette please! Those are beautiful. Thanks for doing this.

  290. I looove the Ollie in Brownstone! I just tried a pair on the other day and I didn’t want to take them off!

  291. The Cambria in Bourbon Havana. And I swear I chose this before I realized there was Bourbon involved.

  292. love, love SALT…tough choice for me between Caden or the Holly!

  293. Kimball Mayer says:

    Salt Paxton are my favorite in Black Coffee! Thanks!

  294. I think Jaden is calling my name!

  295. I love oversized sunglasses, so def the Natali in black and the Odette in the black or grey. Obviosuly I am finding it difficult to make up my mind…lol.

  296. I like the Acadia! What a beautifully designed line!

  297. Oh my gosh, I want those Mettie sunglasses! I love the graphic tortoise print that doesn’t just look brown from far away.

  298. Stephanie says:

    The Metties in that blue color?! Ah so cute!!

  299. Wow. They are all fantastic, I love the Camden in Moss. Great giveaway!

  300. I think the Acadia is glamorous!In paisley!

  301. I love the Vargas in Tempest color. Great giveaway.

  302. I like Clark.
    Terry Bain recently posted…Twitty · Storify

  303. I love the Brit! My current glasses are from SALT too!

  304. Those glasses are fabulous! My fav is the red HIXSON! Sassy!

  305. It’s hard to say without trying them on, but I love Kyla and Ginger.

  306. Hexon in red sounds fun!!

  307. Ooh! I love the Odette ones too!
    G recently posted…Sun Spotting


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