Hayden Harnett





(At least this wallet in grey sold out last night. I’m not sure I could have stopped myself.)



  1. Oh that is just CRUEL! What are the odds?

  2. I KNOW! I am so obsessed with them. And I LOVE that grey. the Lorca in grey was my second choice (got the indigo).

  3. Wow. I just adrenaline-purchased the wallet in the tan crinkle for forty dollars! Forty dollars? I’ve been waiting and waiting to replace my wallet-with-the-broken-zipper-that-dumps-all-my-change-to-the-bottom-of-my-purse. It worked out better than I could have hoped. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. If it makes you feel better, I have that wallet in grey, and it hasn’t worn well at all (in contrast to the grey Havana, which I have and am obsessed with, too).

  5. THANK YOU! Just scored a wallet for $42. And I gave you credit in the “how I heard about them” section.

  6. thank you!! I just grabbed the large EROL tote in sun. It’s sooooooo gorgeous, can’t wait for it to get in!

  7. well, SHIT.
    i am SO getting divorced when husband gets the visa bill. hahaha.

  8. Damn. I am so very glad that I resisted the urge to tell you that I was with you on the not buying anything pledge yesterday…

    But see? How people are buying? You can shop vicariously through others!

    (BTW… I picked up a wallet and the Lorca Turnlock purse in black.)

    I thank you… my husband does not.

  9. Stay strong!;)

  10. Do you really want to know what I think? I think HH should donate a wallet to me after the sales I encouraged this morning. I mean, four people already commented that they bought something…how many others have purchased something without commenting?


  11. I may or may not have mentioned here yesterday that I wasn’t going to be doing any shopping. But then I got the HH email and suddenly everything went black. Four minutes later I had a confirmation email with a new Grey Lorca and Grey clutch wallet…still not sure what happened!

  12. Uh…it’s 50% off. How often will this happen?? I put your name in the referral box when I bought the Conrad – hope you get a nod of appreciation! A buttery soft leather nod, preferably!

  13. tutugirl1345 says:

    I feel like you’re purposely trying to kill my bank account with these posts. :) Thanks for the code!

  14. Thanks for this update, Whoorl! I just purchased the flight tote to use for school, I’ve been looking for a new school bag FOREVER. And I put your blog address in under the “where did you hear about us” section. I, too, think they need to give something for the free press!

  15. Another purchase under Whoorl. I’ve been waiting for a sign to buy a new wallet :)

  16. Ouch… that hurts when you’re on a spending hiatus. Can’t you just take a timeout for this sale? just this once??

  17. I bought a coin purse and the small white EROL tote. I also gave you credit on the site so hopefully someone at H&H will take notice and send you a gift card!!!
    Not sure whether I should thank for introducing me to H&H……

  18. Laura in LA says:

    Be strong woman! Go hold all of the pretty bags you already have to soothe the pain.

  19. Miss Virginia says:

    Help me oh fabulous fashionista, Whoorl! If you were shopping…which bag would you get or which ones do you already own?! I can’t make up my mind!

  20. The bags I own are:

    Havana Hobo in Grey
    Lorca Turnlock in Yam
    Sloane Satchel in Blueberry
    Conrad Shoulder Bag in Cordovan

    I (obviously) love all of those styles and most of their colors are great! Good luck!

  21. I am going to be much poorer if they ship to Canada…

  22. silverblue says:

    Woah, those are some expensive bags.

  23. Thank you!!!!!! Was going to buy one a few days ago and held off!

  24. This is a great idea you’ve started here. I am the complete opposite of you, I never buy anything for myself and I’ve been trying to do more of that this year. The other day when you showed pictures of your closet it really hit home with me and just reinforced what I already knew, that I do not own enough clothes. I can just get through one week at work and then I’m through my entire wardrobe. So this is really great, I look forward to seeing what you are not going to buy because I desperately need the help, I don’t know where I should even start!

  25. Whoorl, My husband liked the bags so much he actually bought me one when I showed him last night.

    I knew there was a reason I fell for him in the first place; the boy is not afraid if expensive purses.A very fine quality in a man ;)

  26. I’m not sure I have the cash to buy something right now (being the grad student that I am), but I want to give you a belated (by one year) thank you for introducing me to Hayden Harnett! I searched for months for the perfect bag for myself (as a christmas present – 2007) and within hours of you posting the link to your bag, I had torn through the HH website and fallen head over heels in love with the Tharpe Hobo. Without a doubt, the most perfect bag I’ve ever owned! But thank you thank you thank you and next time I make a purchase there I will credit you!!

  27. I’m another reason they should send you a freebie! I just got a leather passport case (I need one, and half off? Yay!).

  28. Thanks, just bought the wallet in tan crinkle for 42.50. I gave you all the credit…hope you get a freebie.

  29. Um, I hate to add insult to injury but HH also has a cheap-o line at Target.