How To Flat Iron Your Hair


Using a flat iron isn’t super time-consuming, I swear. Here are four simple steps to achieving straight, smooth and shiny hair!



  1. Great tips!!! Just wanted to add that as far as temperature control goes, use lower heat on fragile, fine and blonde hair. I would recommend 275-300 degrees. Thick, coarse, healthy hair can handle higher temperatures closer to 350 degrees. The home flat ironer should NEVER go as high as 450 degrees!!!

  2. These are good tips. Only thing I do differently, though, is not releasing so much hair from the clip at once. I like to pull out one section at a time so that I don’t miss any hairs. But maybe I’m just OCD.

  3. Oooohhh….so you’re not supposed to turn it all the way up even if you have coarse hair…oops. I’ll change my ways!

  4. Hi! I had bookmarked this video to watch on the weekend but it now says it’s been removed… any chance it’ll be back? Love your videos! :)

  5. I don’t get it. Her hair is already straight.

  6. This video is really superb. I like this tips very much and it also very much help full for me.

  7. Everytime I flat iron my hair I regret it because it messes up the minute I’m done with it. I don’t understand why I do exactly like in this video. Also it makes my hair very stubborn and dead-looking. It won’t look good whatever I do to it.


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