Olivia Palermo’s Shorter Look


Looks like Olivia Palermo recently took some length off, thanks to her hair stylist Andre Davis at the Roy Teeluck Salon. This is TOTALLY the length I want for winter, but alas, my half grown-out bangs would jack up the look completely. Hrmph.



  1. Sarah, what if you styled your bangs BACK into the rest of your hair? Can you blow dry them off to the sides? If you did a slightly side part that could work… just a thought!

  2. Emily, I thought about that, but the whole reason I love that look is the uniform length all around (kind of like the long Gwyneth Paltrow bob). When you add in the bangs or layers around the face, it just looks totally different, methinks. Wahhhhhhhhhh.

  3. I still think it would be cute with some blunt bangs

  4. I saw your title on twitter, and instinctively knew EXACTLY who you spoke of.

  5. I really like that look. I’ve been wanting to get a bob like Selena Gomez.

  6. Yeah, I hear you. I am dying for all one length hair myself. We should get bang extensions. Ha.