Battle of the Rollers, Part One – Caruso Hairsetter


In case you haven’t noticed, big hair is everywhere. Fashion runways, magazine covers, you name it. It’s all about VOLUME this season. (Hallelujah, by the way. I’m ready to give my flat iron a rest.)

I decided it was time to revisit my high school ways and bust out the rollers. I fondly remember the days of driving to school with 39 rollers in my hair, as I was the Hot Roller Master. However, that was, ahem, quite awhile ago. What changes have come about in regards to rollers? What kind of rollers are considered the best? I decided it was time to figure it all out, so I tried two best-selling sets, the Caruso Steam Hairsetter and the BaByliss Pro 30 Professional Hairsetter.

Let’s chat about the Caruso Steam Hairsetter today, shall we? I am loving on this super easy-to-use hairsetter. Just fill a little water into the reservoir (shown below), let the water heat up, place individual rollers on the stand for 5-10 seconds and roll into your hair.

Now, I have to say right off the bat when reading reviews about this product, a few people mentioned that they “just didn’t have the time to wait for the curlers to be steamed.” You all, that is pretty much the most ridiculous statement ever. It takes 5-7 seconds to steam an individual roller, which is less time than it takes to prep a section of your hair to be rolled. A helpful tip – place the roller on the stand, then section off and smooth the hair. When you are finished with prepping the section, the roller will be properly steamed.

Take small sections of hair and roll onto the roller. (Bonus – steam rollers aren’t wicked hot like ceramic rollers, so you don’t have to worry about burning your fingertips!) If you have layered hair, one of the best features of a sponge roller is that you can start in the middle of the hair shaft and roll around, instead of starting at the very ends. This was super helpful for me because nothing is worse than trying to roll your hair while shorter pieces are falling off the roller.

Continue rolling all the way to the scalp and clip the holder into place.

Once all the rollers are placed, leave them in for however long you want. I prefer to put on my makeup and catch up on very important US Weekly reading while waiting, which is give or take 10-20 minutes.

After the allotted time, carefully remove rollers without pulling on the hair. Here’s what the hair looks like directly after. I usually let a couple minutes pass before touching, and then I prefer to flip over, spray a little bit of hairspray and then run my fingers through the curls to separate and smooth.

Voilá! Bouncy, healthy curls that last and last. And remember since these are steam rollers, you don’t need to worry about the effects of heat styling. Truly loving this hairsetter, you guys.

The big question – will the Babyliss Hairsetter be able to hold its own against the Caruso? Click here for the Babyliss post!



  1. I want it!

  2. Those look amazing!

  3. I love me some hot rollers!

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  5. Incredibly sexy!

  6. I so used Caruso steam rollers in highschool!!! Do you still have to add salt to the water? Your curls look fantastic… maybe I should reinvest in another set.

  7. Wow, looks fantastic! I used to use steam rollers in college, but lost the thing in one of my many moves since. I loved it.

  8. these sound great! :)

  9. Gorgeous!! I had one of these once upon a time, but would love to give it a go again!

  10. Holy snakes, I could use some volume. Sign me up!

  11. those look awesome! I have shorter hair- but I want to try!

  12. Katie Bonk says:

    Beautiful hair! This would take some practice for me, but I’d love to try!

  13. Ooh! Pretty hair.

  14. Me, me, me!! You look beautiful by the way!

  15. Whoa! I want, I want! Those curls are gorgeous, and a bonus for the steam instead of heat. My split ends thank you :)

  16. How amazing do you look???? I want to look like that!

  17. You look amazing with bouncy curls!

  18. Ooh, I used to use hot rollers in high school, I love that this trend is coming back.

    Now can someone bring back the French Braid?? :)

  19. Gorgeous! I’d love to try!

  20. You’ve turned me onto Frye boots so why not hair rollers!

  21. Sign me up! No burned fingers alone would make it worth it. Not to mention it doesn’t seem to take up a lot of room.

  22. I would love to try these!


  23. Rafaella Rauber Kopper says:

    Great curls! I want it!

  24. Me likey!

  25. looks awesome! i definitely want to try.

  26. Ooooh, love the results! I would love to try the Caruso on my hair!

  27. I can usually get this same look fro ma curling iron….buuut the heat is an issue—I’d wanna try the steam!

  28. Oooh your hair looks fabulous! I just recently cut mine and it’s now shoulder-length and very layered – i wonder how these would make my hair look…

  29. Pick me! Your hair is gorgeous!!

  30. Looks like fun!

  31. I’d love one! So beautiful!

  32. Your hair makes me so jealous! How is it so SHINY? Looks like fun – my sisters and I still use my mom’s ancient (1960s) rollers and they work! She used to wake up at six in the morning to do her hair before school – a type of dedication that her daughters did not inherit.

  33. Beautiful! i would love those!

  34. This needs to be MY hair. I slave (nearly) every morning with the curling iron, and my curlers are the ceramic kind which require kevlar before touching. I neeeeeeed these.

  35. Really beautiful!! I would love a go at those rollers :)

  36. Oh I’d love a set of these. I used a friends set last year while getting ready for a wedding and when I pulled the rollers out and out one of the girls said ‘Wow, you have barbie hair’ Which in my book, just may be the best complement ever.

  37. your hair looks beyond gorgeous. would love one of these!

  38. I love it!! You look so stunning! I love the look of rollers, but I feel I lack the skill and asbestos fingertips to deal with the rollers I once had. I usually spend a good chunk of time with a curling iron each morning, but you just don’t get the same bounce and hold from that.

    I’d never even heard of steam rollers before – thanks for the tip!!

  39. My hair needs more life!

  40. You have gorgeous hair!

    I’d love to give these babies a try!!

  41. Soooo Pretty!

  42. Pretty. I remember using the steam rollers that required salt. You are lucky though, your curls last and last? ha, my baby fine, bone straight hair doesn’t hold a curl well.

  43. Courtney Schumacher says:

    Me! Me!

  44. I would love to try those!

  45. Looks fab!! I want to try :)

  46. Want want!!!

  47. Looks great! And yes, also takes me back to my high school days. :)

  48. I love how full the curls are.

  49. Oooh, i would love this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. I was just telling my stylist that I need to get a new set of hot rollers, as the ones I stole… er borrowed from my mom have finally died.

  51. Intrigued! What exactly do you mean by starting in the middle of the hair shaft? I have layers and consistently give up in the middle of rolling. Thanks!

  52. This looks like a huge improvement over the spiky hot rollers I used in high school. I’d love to try it out!

  53. Sonja von Franck says:

    I’ll be waiting for the next post tomorrow, but already thinking if I don’t win, these are going on my Christmas list! And BTW, your pictures are BEE-UTIFUL! :-)

  54. Looks easy! I’d love to try it!

  55. I would LOVE to try these! My old rollers need a modern replacement!

  56. Your hair looks amazing! I’d love the steam rollers!

  57. These look awesome and so gentle. Would love!

  58. Can’t even tell you how much I’d love to win these!

  59. Ooooooh, I love!! I want!! Your hair looks GREAT!

  60. Beautiful! I would love to have one.

  61. Oh, these would make growing my hair out for the past 3 months worth it!

  62. that would make my hair like SO AWESOME

  63. I remember being 12 years old, watching the infomercial for these and wondering-could they possibly work? And when I got them for Christmas, they did! And then I promptly wore them into the ground. To get another set would be a pre-teen dream come true…

  64. i would love to try these!!

  65. Shoot! Clearly I need a set of these!!!

  66. Ooh! Gorgeous! I would love to win these!

  67. Ooooohhh! I want this one! Fingers crossed. :)

  68. Exactly what I need!

  69. Damn, those look so easy to use that I think even I could use them!

  70. Stephanie says:

    Those curls make me want to leave my hair long — I’ve been contemplating a several inch chop.

  71. Lovely curls – I would love this!

  72. i would love these!

  73. What a great idea! I still use my hot rollers from time to time but I really hate how hot they get. Hurts your fingers and usually makes me overheated when I wait for them to cool.

  74. I love hot rollers but have never tried steam rollers. I’m on pins and needles waiting for your next installment!

  75. gorgeous!

  76. Your hair looks gorgeous like that! I wish I could get mine to stay curly, but it falls flat pretty much 20 minutes after I take the curlers out! Keeping my fingers crossed that the Caruso will do a better job!

  77. I am not talented in the hair roller usage department but these rollers make me think I should try again!

  78. Have never tried the steam ones, only the good old fashioned ones…which I’ve busted out recently. Would love to try these!

  79. Gorgeous!

  80. I remember the infomercials for the Caruso back in the day. I’ve always wanted to try it.

  81. I’ve wanted one of these since I saw the infomercials years and years ago!

  82. Lovely! I’d like to try it!

  83. Your curls are beautiful! I’d love a steam roller set! *fingers crossed*!

  84. oh that my hair could look so fab!

  85. Oh, yes please!

  86. Super gorgeous! Would love to try these out!

  87. absolutely beautiful!

  88. Oh Man do I want to win these… I use rollers everyday to pump some life into my fine hair

    fingers crossed

  89. Hot rollers are something I have never owned and ALWAYS wanted to try. Come on Random Lucky Number!

  90. um…gorgeous much? I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I win; that pricetag is just a skosh out of my range right now.

  91. I want that!!

  92. HOTT! Complete sin – but I covet that hair!

  93. LOVE! Yeah for no more flat irons!

  94. wow, i really love these!!!

  95. Beautiful! I want!

  96. lovely!
    And the clips don’t leave kinks?

  97. Yea! I’m ready to give the flat-iron a rest, too! The hot roller phase was the easiest and quickest for me since I already have voluminous, curly hair. Let’s make this trend stay!!

  98. Wow, the result is amazing. I have regular hot rollers, but these look like they could work even better. Definitely need theseee!

  99. So need to try these!

  100. I want some! I have the flattest, straightest hair on earth.

  101. OMG. I want to win this so badly. I’m not flat-ironing all over anymore because I was making my hair all straight and then putting it up in a pony tail. Now, I’m using a curling iron that I’m pretty sure I had in high school. So, I need these.

  102. I’ve been wanting to try rollers!!!

  103. Looks wonderful! I was just going to start researching hot rollers. Do they come in more than one size?

  104. Gorgeous! I’ve been eying the hot rollers at target for a few months now…

  105. Awesome! Plus it looks like such a space saver!

  106. They are the best. And I always get pretty great second day waves, as well! I was given a Caruso set for my 12th birthday and it worked for 10 years, and the replacement has been going ever since then!!

  107. Would you believe I still use the hot rollers my mom used in high school? I could use a more modern set of hot rollers!

  108. Oh I would love to win one of these sets!

  109. that is gorgeous. i love hot rollers even though most of the time I’m too lazy to use them :)

  110. Amazing! Would solve my curling conundrum!

  111. I would love to try these, i am still using my hot rollers from high school :)

  112. These are awesome! Your hair looks fantastic!

  113. LOVE it! Beautiful!

  114. LOVELY!
    I had this as a teen, and recall the only drawback was that the cover to the roller crimps my fine hair where it rests on my hair near my scalp. Any ideas on how to avoid crimping?

  115. I used to have one of these, then gave it away in a fit of “My hair will never be that long again!” bad decision!

  116. Elizabeth says:

    I would love these! I have a set of hot rollers that I just broke out recently. I used to use them all of the time. It was so easy. Put the rollers in, do makeup, get clothes picked out. Take them out and hair was done! I have a friend that uses the Steam Rollers and loves them. I’d love to give them a try. I think your hair looks awesome like that!!

  117. I’ve been eyeing these for a while. Your hair looks amazing and now I want them even more!

  118. Jennifer H. says:

    I had these rollers a really long time ago and they worked great! But then the whole straight hair thing came around and I ditched them…not smart!

  119. Count me in!

  120. Want, please. Like most things you feature… And hallelujah to moving away from a flat iron.

  121. Elizabeth L says:

    I had one in college that I lost to an old roommate. Would love a chance to have another one.

  122. okay i need these.

  123. thanks for the review that looks amazing!

  124. Your hair looks absolutely lovely! Now, maybe if I win those my hair will look….passable?

  125. Jessica Dutcher says:

    I am intrigued! If nothing else, they are on my Christmas list…

  126. oooh, amazon here i come! i need this

  127. Yup, the Caruso’s rock. A friend of mine turned me onto them years ago – about 13 years ago actually – and I use them all the time. I need to get more rollers, though. My set came with three sizes: small, medium, and large. I prefer to use the large like you did. I’ve put away my flat iron for a good while as well now that I’ve noticed a ton of breakage in my hair due to heat damage. Waaa!!! Back to au natural and sleeping in french braids for me.

  128. lOVE IT!

  129. beckie scott says:

    oh baby have I been drooling over those!

  130. Ooh, such pretty curls! My hair is stick straight so I would love these!

  131. Ah, it was only a matter of time before big hair came back. Whoohoo! (Your hair looks great, BTW.) I’ve only used hot rollers. Steam sounds like a healthy alternative.

  132. Love it! My hair needs something new too :D

  133. Suddenly my flat iron seems so… well, flat. Even my curl iron seems blah compared to this! I love the look. It’s so yesterday and so fresh at the same time. I would love to try these and this look!

  134. Agh! This sounds amazing… I’ve been looking for good, practical rollers forEVER.

  135. I LOVE THESE! Had them in highschool!

  136. So pretty!

  137. These would work perfect for my hair type. I would love to try them out!

  138. Pinkie Bling says:

    Gorgeous photos! I LOVE this look. I’ve been wanting to try the Caruso rollers for a while now, but saw a lot of nay-sayers on folica. Happy to hear they’re Hair Thursday-approved!

  139. Ruth Trujillo says:

    Very nice review! Thanks!

  140. I hope I win =)

  141. You make curling hair look so easy!

  142. I’d love to try that!

  143. I love the hair. If I don’t win, I may have to run out and get these.

  144. Oh I’d LOVE to try these! No heat damage is a major win as my hair is dry ever since I got pregnant. Thanks!

    samanthajocampen at gmail

  145. Jessica fielhauer says:

    oh yes please! sign me up.

  146. I’ve tried traditional hot rollers, and those didn’t go very well for my hair. These would be really great to try!

  147. To die for! P.s. I love your dark hair color. I went dark at the start of fall and since then it seems to be everywhere! Woo!

  148. So cool… um I mean hot.

  149. Awesome! I’ve never tried steam rollers, just regular hot rollers.

  150. Your hair looks beautiful (as usual) all curly!

    I’d love to try these out!

  151. Laura in LA says:

    Would love to try it!

  152. Love it.

  153. Luv it!

  154. Amanda Leigh says:

    I *lovelovelove* your hair! It’s gorg! I could only hope that if I had some of those fancy pants rollers my hair would look half as beautiful!

    Did I mention I LOVE this look! :)

  155. Does it come with a guarantee that my hair will look as fab as yours? : )

  156. Linda Kirsch says:

    That looks amazing and YAY for no burnt fingertips!! :)

  157. No burnt fingers? SOLD!

  158. Gorgeous! I’d love to try!

  159. I was just at Target yesterday looking for hot rollers. I thought I found something that might work, but thought I would check here to see you if there was a recommendation. Great timing. :) Steam looks like the way to go!

  160. I want these really bad!!!!!!!! tired of flat irons and curling irons. Pick me please:)

  161. You look beautiful!
    A must have product!

  162. Thank you!! My hair has been utterly neglected as of late, and using a hot iron curler seems doesn’t do enough. Ah, I can pretend I’m a Victoria Secret girl!

  163. My hair needs this, truly!

  164. Charlotte says:

    I’ve been lusting after these on Folica, but, for some odd reason, had absolutely no idea how they work (because I am apparently ridiculously slow). Hot rollers have always failed me, maybe these’ll do the trick?

  165. I have curly hair, but would love to be able to curl it when it’s dry and blah!

  166. Wow! I was googling about hot rollers and then decided “I bet Sarah at Hair Thursday will have something about them” and BAM, this post is front and center!

    Thanks Sarah!

    I’m totally going to give this a try!

  167. Wow, the Caruso curls look MUCH better.

  168. That looks amazing! I’m in the process of growing out my hair JUST so I can do this to it. It’s an achingly long process, but I think I have about an inch or two left. I can’t wait!

  169. my hair is begging for this. pretty please?

  170. I’ve tried several types of hot rollers to try and control the crazy that is my hair. Still haven’t found one that I’m happy with. The steam/sponge sounds like a good combo and should create less frizz.

  171. Gorgeous! Would love to try this on my shoulder length hair to add volume. Lots of parties and wedding celebrations coming up that I need to kick it up for.

  172. Simply….beautiful!

  173. I’ve been wanting to take the hot roller plunge!

  174. Wow, I would love to own these. My curlers are almost worn out.

  175. I used to have a set of these rollers back in the day, loved them!

  176. Lovely!

  177. I am also rocking the post pregnancy hair loss and I’ll take any help I can get!

  178. I have stick-straight hair. I want to try!

  179. Your hair looks fantastic! I have a set of hot rollers that used to be my mom’s… probably from the 60s! I’d love to try something new.

  180. WOW! I could do that! My hair is a little short for it right now, but it’s growing! Maybe I’ll ask for this for Christmas…

  181. iheartgreen says:

    Oooh pretty hair

  182. Bow chicka wow wow! Lookin’ hot, mama and I want to, too!!

    I’m currently using hot rollers from my high school days and they are on their last legs.

  183. Alisha Schubitzke says:

    I want to try those so bad

  184. Yay bouncy hair!

  185. Okay, I’m growing my hair out so I can try these. Gorgeous!

  186. If my hair looks half as good as yours after using the steam rollers, I would LOVE to try them!

  187. These look awesome! Your hair is gorgeous.

  188. Love it!

  189. Love. Seriously — you look gorgeous! And I hate using ceramic rollers becuase they burn your fingers…and cheeks…and ears…and everything else they touch!

  190. Hot rollers are on my Christmas list!

  191. OOoooooooohhhhh, I’d love to give my hair some ooomph with some soft curls! (And I’d promise not to bitch too loudly about having to wait a whole 5-7 seconds for the next roller to warm through properly.)

  192. I’m so impressed with the beautiful results of this steam roller set. You look gorgeous!

  193. yes please! awesome!

  194. Love it!!

  195. I am so ready to give my flat iron a rest, I love big hair!

  196. Cor Blimey. Those curls are amazing. Hair envy!

  197. Oh, I love how these turned out, I prefer the look you got with the Caruso rollers to the BaByliss ones. Although there is only a tiny difference – the Caruso curls do look a bit less frizzy. Count me in for the givaway!

  198. I’ve been looking into rollers instead of using a curling iron all the time. It looks simple and has beautiful results.

  199. Beautiful! I’d love to try these rollers.

  200. I too, am ready to ditch my flat iron but have never used rollers before. They seem super easy… :)

  201. It looks really easy and your hair is so pretty! I wonder how it works on fine hair?

  202. LOVE! The curls are so bouncy and full! I think I need this…

  203. Here I am with curly hair, coveting these rollers! I think they would smooth my curls perfectly.

  204. I, too, used the Caruso years ago! (And, um, use Clairol ones now.) How happy am I “big” hair is back? So happy!

  205. I NEED THOSE CURLERS! i love using curlers for my hair

  206. I got out of using curlers a while ago, but these may be the ones to bring me back!

  207. I love this idea! It seems like it would be better for your hair than regular heat too!

  208. Oh my gosh, I hope I win!

  209. Oh! Oh! I’d love to try these!! AWESOME!

  210. yes, please! not that my hair will ever look anything like yours but a girl can dream!

  211. Miss Lilywhite says:

    Loving the curls! I want some too :-)

  212. I would like to try this! :)

  213. no, way. That is so cool. I want these for 3 reasons: 1) my ceramic curlers just bit the dust 2) I strongly dislike burning my finger tips with my ceramic curlers AND 3) your hair look A-MA-ZING!

  214. I agree that the counter space issue would be awesome. I like that you can have just the size of roller that you actually use.

  215. WANT! I ordered an old Caruso steamer on ebay and it only lasted a day (I think I killed it by accident by leaving it on with no water in the reservoir.) The results I got were amazing and I’ve been wanting to get a new one (that I promise not to kill!) but the budget doesn’t currently allow for that.

  216. Oh my goodness. That is just total sex hair. I would cry if I won one of these. Just amazing!

  217. Amazing results! I want!

  218. I’ve always wanted to try hot rollers–the volume they seem to produce looks lovely!

  219. Must have hot rollers!

  220. your hair looks stunning!

  221. Wow! Beautiful curls without heat!

  222. I would love to win a set of these rollers – the small footprint of the steamer is a huge plus compared to the clunky boxes of my sets growing up (let’s face it; borrowed my moms until I moved out and then never got a new roller set!) but I love that it’s not based on finger-searing heat. I am a baker and get enough burns already.

  223. Those curls look amazing!

  224. I just, just, just bought a set of flocked rollers. :( I really like how they make my hair look but I didn’t realize how toasty they’d be to handle. This set could save my fingertips.

  225. I love the look of your hair and I want that look!

  226. Looks awesome! Definitely going on my Christmas list!

  227. Your hair looks so pretty! Loving the big, bouncy curls. I like that the Caruso uses steam, so you don’t get a lot of heat damage to the hair. I would love to try these.

  228. You look so vintage-y and pretty!!!

  229. I think I need that now!

  230. I think that’s the heat-damage free answer to my stick-straight hair… no more sleeping on pin-curls for me!

  231. My sis used to have one of those years ago. Your hair is beautiful!


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