Ombre Mania


I wasn’t sure when I last wrote about the ombre trend if it would last much longer. Still seems to be going strong, though. Take a look at some of the celebrities sporting this trend. What do you think of it?

Credit: © Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images c/o Daily Makeover



  1. I think it makes them look like they haven’t had time to visit their stylist and I’m sure they’ll regret it in 5-10 years like we regret our perms of the 80’s

  2. Ick! Jessica Biel and Whitney Port are pretty much pulling it off, but the rest of them just look like bad, grown-out highlights! Terrible!

  3. I think Jessica Biel and Whitney Port look great too, but the rest are BAD. Drew Barrymore, just say no!

  4. yay! glad to see this. rachel bilson’s always looks great. as does jessica biel. seems to just fit so well on them – more natural looking. i am torn with ashlee simpson. i saw it in one picture and LOVED it on her, but every picture i’ve seen since is just scary. i think she has too much length for it, maybe.

    drew barrymore’s…i don’t even have words. looks a little corpse-ish.

  5. I like it. I think it makes the highlights look like they are natural as opposed to stripes.

  6. Love Jessica Biel’s ombre look- but because it’s only on the front end of her layers and it gives it a gradient effect.

    Dislike the others, though. The half-half thing looks like they last colored their hair a year ago, not at all intentional.

  7. On celebrities, I always assume whatever trendy thing they’ve done to themselves was on purpose, but on a person just walking down the street, I’d always assume they just hadn’t been to the stylist in a while.

  8. I love Jessica Biel’s hair here! I think I’m a fan of the ombre hair so long as it’s not too over the top.

  9. I love it. I think it’s really pretty as long as the colors aren’t drastically different and there isn’t a straight line of demarcation between the two. I love Jennifer Garner’s and Rachel Bilson’s versions. I see this coloration on kids. Their natural highlights from the summer before grow out and their roots are darker. When it’s a subtle difference, it looks pretty.