How Fantastic Does Kristin Davis Look?


Pretty fantastic. That is all.

(I can’t lie. I get a secret thrill when strangers tell me we look alike. She makes me want to grow my bangs out completely.)



  1. You two could akmost be twins (Except I think you’re prettier). :)

  2. Jenibee says:

    My thoughts exactly! You DO look so much like the prettier version of her!

  3. Y’all do look alike! Both gorgeous.

  4. she is SO your doppleganger.

  5. She is gorgeous and you do look alike. But check out her feet – they look seriously unhappy.

  6. She’s perky and adorable, but you are witty and gorgeous.

  7. Heather says:

    Ok, she is so beautiful but the feet look like something Fiona in Shrek would wear. Not cute at all.

  8. I agree with the others: You are prettier.

  9. beautiful and botox free!

  10. would love to see a bang grow out from ya! would be so pretty!! (bangs are hot too, but i dig foreheads!)

  11. jessica says:

    Not butt kissing at all, but you are 10x prettier. Davis wishes she looked like you. Fo’ reals.