Lauren Conrad’s Ombre Color for Summer


If you haven’t noticed, ombre color (a darker to lighter gradation of color from roots to ends) is everywhere this season.

Here’s Lauren leaving the Chris McMillan salon after hair stylist Kristen Ess worked her magic.

According to Kristen, she created Lauren’s ombre color with a low volume smudge which only stays on for 15 minutes and takes her natural color to a slightly warmer and more golden tone. Then she carefully applied a baby highlight around the hairline. And last, free handed highlights that get heavier toward the bottom created a more naturally believable, beachy summer blonde.

What do you think of the ombre trend?



  1. 4sheets says:


  2. Okay, it looks fine, but … well, I feel like it’s kind of what my hair looks like when my highlights are starting to grow out and the ends have been highlighted half to death and my roots need to be touched up a bit. Sweet jebus PLEASE tell me we’re not going to go back to the dark roots on long hair trend. I just can’t take it.

  3. I thought for the longest time that there was some Hollywood conspiracy where everyone was just growing their highlights out, come to find out, they’re doing it on purpose! Crazy!

  4. My hair would look terrible with coloring like that. It would make me look like I got lazy with my salon appointments…

  5. I’m not sure if I like it or not.
    But since we can’t all have hair like Jennifer Aniston, we have to come up with something to make us stand out.

  6. My hair is doing that naturally right now, because I’m growing out old highlights! I like it, it reminds of little kids who start out blonde and then darken.

  7. I actually kinda like it. I think it’s natural looking but not boring.

  8. Allison says:

    I think Lauren Conrad’s looks fine, but for the most part, I really hate this look. Rachel Bilson’s looks just awful.

  9. i appreciate the technique used to do it but, honestly, the ONLY person i’ve seen it look halfway decent on is whitney port. lauren’s looks like crapola.

  10. I like it…And, I think a great example of it is on Jessica Biel (who had the most beautiful shiny hair at the MTV Movie awards)

  11. This is kind of amazing, because I basically just requested the same idea for my own hair to my hairdresser friend! Of course, in darker shades as I am not, nor will I ever be, blonde.

  12. tera Stephens says:

    LOVE IT and did a similar look on an adventurous client today!!!

  13. LOVE it. Wanting to do it to mine own hair. I’m a stylist who would love to apply this to my clients


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