Update — Caroline’s Bridal Hair


I am SO THRILLED to receive Caroline’s update from last year’s bridal hair post.

(If you are walking down the aisle soon, this post from last year has tons of hair options!)

Caroline’s before photos:

After considering the options, I decided that this hairstyle would be perfect for her taste and style.

And here is Caroline’s wedding day look.

From Caroline’s email:

Hi Sarah,
Here are a few photos from my wedding.  I followed your advice and people loved my hair.  I am sorry that it has taken me MONTHS to get these to you.  The best excuse I can come up with is I’m now nine months pregnant (12 days from my due date) and things have been a wee bit busy around here.  My next suggestion for a post? The best styles for post-partum.  Or am I kidding myself and need to succumb to the daily pony tail?  Seriously though, I’d love to hear how you handled your hair in the early days with your son and any coping strategies you can offer.
Congratulations on your pregnancy and keep up the great work on Hair Thursday,

Thanks, Caroline! I honestly don’t think that you could have looked any more lovely. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I’ll be addressing the whole “postpartum mom hair” issue here on Hair Thursday very soon.



  1. Gorgeous! Wow I love it, and if possible, I love it more with her shorter hair! :) Congrats on your beautiful wedding and baby!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Easy, breezy and very chic. And wow, what a stunning bouquet. Congrats on the new bambino on the way!

  3. Great hair! I will be anxiously awaiting that postpartum hair post.

  4. Lovely!

  5. Postpartum hair post? Now? Where were you 20 months ago? Just kidding. My only advice to other new moms is to resist very strongly the urge to shave your head yourself. I didn’t shave my head but I wanted to often.

  6. Wow, love that ‘do! I’m gonna save this picture cause that is what I’ve always imagined for myself…for someday… :-)

  7. I actually JUST went back to the original post with advice for Caroline’s wedding hair a couple of days ago! I’m gathering some inspiration for my own wedding in a couple of months. So fun to see how it turned out! Just lovely.

  8. Beautiful hair and congrats on the baby on the way!

    I just came back to the website after a long hiatus looking for suggestions for post-partum hair. I have a 2 week old and the urge to shave my head or get a pixie cut is very strong. Please help soon!

    Thanks to sarah for the comment about not shaving my head. I seriously needed to read that today.

  9. How beautiful! These seriously made me tear up a bit. :D

  10. Her color is just beautiful! Great recommendation – the style was perfect.


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