Sedu Precious Metals Iron Giveaway!


Do you know what would make your holiday season 1,000 times better? Um, I DO.


A Sedu Styling Iron from the Precious Metals Collection! This iron is a new favorite of mine (be sure and check out the video I filmed using one), and apparently I’m not the only admirer. In fact, Tyra Banks just featured the iron today on her Top Holiday Picks show. Awww yeah.

The lovely folks at are providing not one but THREE Sedu irons for this fantastic giveaway. Once again, FOLICA DOT COM IS THE BOMB.

Leave a comment on this post before next Tuesday, December 22nd at 6pm PST and you will be entered to win one of these fantastic irons. Ready, set, GO!




  1. ive heard soooo many great things about these straighteners….and mine is pretty much kaput as i cant do without it!!!i’d love to get one of THESE babies under the xmas tree!!!!

  2. Would LOVE to win one of these!

  3. Nice! I would love one of these!

  4. I’ve heard plenty of great things about these!

  5. Queen Erica says:

    My poor straightener is on it’s last leg. All of the blak enamel is flaking off and it gets in my hair when I do my hair! Ugh! A new straightener would be AMAZING!!!!!! &&&& I LOVE!

  6. Having recently committed to long hair, I’m excited to acquire some amazing hair styling tools. The Sedu definitely qualifies!

  7. Oooh. I want one!

  8. I have naturally curly hair and would love a Sedu! rocks.

  9. Oooh, yes please! I’m convinced my flat iron is dying.
    .-= nancypearlwannabe´s last blog ..adsad =-.

  10. I need a new flat iron SO BADLY.

  11. I’d love it!
    .-= Chelsea´s last blog ..I found this Flickr set through Modcloth- which, is weird,… =-.

  12. Wow, I would love one of these. I have one of those “wet to dry” ones that just kills my hair.

  13. Awwww Yeah is right! As a curly girl, I not only need a flat iron, I need a GOOD one.

  14. Winning this might convince me not to chop 10 inches off my hair next month

  15. I’ve heard amazing things about this product, and I’d love to try it out :)

  16. my cowlicky bangs need the love of a good flat iron.

    *looking fierce!*

  17. Oh, these look amazing and more compact than mine!
    .-= Emily´s last blog ..Some things from my life right now =-.

  18. Ooh, I’d love one of those!

  19. I, along with everyone else who has posted…really seem to need a new straightner! These look great! It is funny that so many people are mentioning how their straightners are failing apart! Hopefully these ones wont!

  20. These look great. I really need a new flat iron for my wavy hair! :)

  21. Your video sure made it look awesome.
    .-= Danielle´s last blog ..The Best School Fundraiser =-.

  22. well if my girl tyra banks says so, i need this flat iron.

  23. Yes, please! I am definitely in need of a new straightener!

  24. I could definitely use a good flat iron!

  25. Oh, yay! I have a really wide flat iron, 3 inches or so, so I haven’t been able to try out the flat iron waves yet. Would love one of these!

  26. Crossing my fingers, could really use one of these!

  27. I think I’m in love with the waves that baby creates!

  28. Would love one!

  29. Kara Townsend says:

    I neeed it!!

  30. Liz T-Sheen says:

    Ooh, pick me!! I just cut my just-longer-than-shoulder length hair into a medium bob and discovered…my hair is curly!! It didn’t used to be, and don’t get me wrong, I love it! But getting a sleek blowout is tougher than it used to be and I’ve recently decided that my life is incomplete without an iron! Also, I am a total dork for de-lurking just for the damn iron. I’m sorry. :)

  31. Covet!

  32. I was just telling a friend yesterday that I’d LOVE to have a new iron! This one rocks!

  33. I’d love to win this! My current flat iron has been needing an upgrade for a while now…

  34. I would love one of these!

  35. I would love one of these! My flat iron is soo old!

  36. I could totally use this bad boy; I’m currently straightening my hair with a Revlon CVS special leftover from high school.

  37. what an awesome giveaway. Seeing a how I’m still using a cheapo drug store flat iron from five years ago, I’d be totally psyched.
    .-= elizabetht´s last blog ..Overheard at the library =-.

  38. Count me in. I’m actually in the market for a NICE new iron.

  39. These are so pretty and mine is sooo ugly, old and dirty. I neeeed one of these! I promise I’ll take good care of it!

  40. My unruly hair needs one please!

  41. My hair needs one of these!

  42. This would be sooo helpful with the humid Oregon weather!!

  43. Oh man, I need one of these.


  44. I’ve never had a styling iron before. I would love to win this.

  45. Those are gorgeous. Beautiful. Precious. After seeing your video I am completely hooked. Help me look my best this holiday season – please :)

  46. ooooooooh, i want one!

  47. This looks awesome!

  48. I’ve actually been in the market for a flat iron. Hopefully I’ll win, or Santa will come through for me.
    .-= JachiCue´s last blog ..Closer…. =-.

  49. My coarse curly mop would love one of these!

  50. Oh, I hope I win!

    Pretty please with sugar on top!

    My current flat iron is something random from Target that cost $15. I think I need this Sedu Precious Metals Iron in my life!
    .-= sarah marie p´s last blog ..You’re just another fool with radical views =-.

  51. I thought I wanted one bad enough before I saw your awesome tutorial. Now I get how to actually use one to create curls… and want one even badder!

  52. My curly crazy hair would lurve one of these please…….
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Santa =-.

  53. My hair so needs this! I would love to have this flatiron.

  54. I’d love to try the curling technique with this!

  55. Nice!

  56. After seeing your hair tutorial on bouncy casual waves, I’d love to have one of these beauties! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  57. oh pretty please!! thanks=)

  58. Pick me! I NEED a new flatiron.

  59. I would love to own one of these irons! I have a Sedu dryer and it is the love of my life. A flat iron would make a lovely set! =)

  60. My beloved (and expensive) flat iron is working only intermittently these days, so the timing would be perfect. Thank you for the contest!

  61. oh…..I want…

  62. i loved! your video! your hair looks fantastic.

    i’d love to try one of these on my already straight – but could be straighter hair. :)
    .-= kat´s last blog ..writing hallmark cards. =-.

  63. want it want it want it…

  64. in NEED of one of these….still using a $20 one i got at duane reade years ago that doesn’t so much iron the hair as tangle, catch and break. *fingers crossed*

  65. I really need a new flat iron. I’ve had my Chi for 5 years, but it is the larger kind. It’s starting to wear out. Please!

  66. Wow you are a pro with this curling iron, I am so clumsy with a curling iron.

  67. Oh please, oh please, oh please… After watching your tutorial, I must have one! Fingers crossed! PS, you are lovely!

  68. Ooo, I definitely need a new one of these.

  69. eeee! how lovely!

  70. Oooo, I have never owned one before — would LOVE it!

  71. Rad!!

  72. is my favorite website! i’d love to try out a new straightner too!


  74. Ooh! Me, please!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  75. I’m totally loving the chrome-y color schemes, too.

  76. I have been wanting one of these for a while now…maybe now is my chance :)

    What a wonderful giveaway on of my favorite blogs!

    Happy Holidays!

  77. I have pretty straight hair naturally, but I love to give my hair a whoorl with a straightening iron for special occasions. It’s also great for flipping the ends out.

  78. It would keep me from stealing my moms :)

  79. I was just searching for a new iron. Creepy; it’s like my brain is connected to your blog.

    Merry Christmas

  80. You are da bomb, Sedu’s are da bomb, is da bomb! I just gave my sister-in-law’s back to her & really, really want one of my own!

  81. I am in need a flat iron. The one I had is a cheap drug store one that doesn’t really work at all… I have given up using it.. :( My husband is laid off and my work is slow so I can’t exactly get myself one.. This would make a great Christmas present for me!! :D

  82. *crosses fingers* My hair needs one, desperately!

  83. WOW, these are awesome, I would LOVE a new flat iron, mine is ancient, but I only use it in the winter, so I just can’t bring myself to buy a new one.

  84. Oh, the fabulous styles I could create…I hope my number is the one!

  85. Oooh, I want one of these. I loved your video!

  86. I would love love love LOOOOOOVE a Sedu iron! I’ve been trying to find the perfect one for years, but I haven’t been able to afford the Sedu. Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. well if you like it, and Tyra likes it, then I waaaaaannnnttt! :)

    I love the makeover (or Ty-over) episode of America’s Next Top Model — usually one of the girls gets their hair chopped off and cries. Teeheehee.

  88. That would just be so awesome.

  89. Why, yes, I WOULD love one of those little darlings. Thank you for asking!

  90. I have no such tools and am in dire need of one.

  91. Pinkie Bling says:

    Pick me, pick me!!

  92. Pick me, I could really REALLY use one of these!

  93. I would love to win one of these!

  94. Oooh, yes please! My bangs are in dire need of taming lately and one of these might just about do the trick.

  95. That’s pretty cool. I’m in need of a new straightener :-D

  96. Super pretty! Pick me, random number generator!

  97. Ohhhhh, I would love one of these! :)

  98. My daughter has been sharing my flatiron. I would LOVE to win this, and giver her my old one!

  99. Wildirishgrl says:

    Merry Christmas!!

  100. Yay- I want one!

  101. oooo…. can i win?! por favor?!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..hoping for A’s =-.

  102. Ohhh! I would love this. So So much.

    My poor straightener’s on the road to dying. Express like!

  103. I would love to get one of these!!

  104. What is the current state of my straightener?
    Help a curly girl out yo.

  105. Jennifer P says:

    Goodness! This would just about make my year! I’ll be crossing my fingers! :)

  106. No way! I’ve been wanting to throw in the money and splurge on a good flat iron (my $20 iron isn’t going cutting it anymore), and Sedu was definitely my top choice.

  107. Jennifer Gomes says:

    These look awesome!

  108. My hair has been asking for one of these for Christmas. It watched your tutorial on how to create loose waves with it and, let’s just say it hasn’t been able to keep its desires to itself.

  109. pick me please!

  110. Oops, this is my real website.

  111. Oooh! Pretty please.

  112. oooh! Yes please! :)

  113. My hair’s been feeling the burn of my Chi, so having an adjustable iron would be great!

  114. Oooohh fantastic!! That would be a great holiday gift…for me!!

  115. Ahh, yay! I totally have the silver one on my folica wishlist:)
    .-= bethany´s last blog ..I made my first Etsy treasury! =-.

  116. I just spent the past two days trying to find your blog again! I love it! It is now under my favorites.

  117. Laura in LA says:

    Great giveaway! I need a new flat iron badly.

  118. I would love to win this straightner.

  119. Sweet… I’ve heard wonderful things about these! I would love one of my own. Thanks!

  120. All I want for Christmas is…. a Sedu Styling Iron.

  121. I would love to win one of these! I have an iron from folica (who rocks, btw!) but it’s getting a little worn (it’s about 4 years old now) and it would be awesome to get a new one. :)

  122. I have been thinking about getting one of these and it sure would be nice if I won one!

  123. Ive been dying for a Sedu flat iron for years now!! I would love to win one! it would make my holidays complete and with nice hair to boot! cant go wrong.

  124. Barbara Kirkland says:

    me me me ! I want to win :-)

  125. ooh! ooh! ooh! I just got 5 inches cut off my hair and the waves are so much wavier! This would help so much!

  126. Oh, I need one of these! Pick me, pretty please.

  127. just got a new hair cut and desperately need a new iron! my current one is pretty much useless. would love to upgrade to one of these!

  128. Yay ! It sounds like a marvelous machine !

  129. I would love to try Sedu , I have heard so many good things about them … Would def help my frizzy hair to get it straight …Love the blog and thanks for the giveaway…

  130. susanna boxall says:

    my iron sucks!

  131. Would love to have one of these babies to tame my locks!
    .-= Chris´s last blog ..Susan W. Cortez =-.

  132. I’d love to have one!

  133. So pretty!

  134. useful and pretty

  135. lovely!

  136. I would love to have one of these!

  137. I have an old Sedu flat iron and I love it, but it is pretty old so I would love to try this out!

  138. my straightener just kicked the bucket. I could TOTALLY use one of these stylish cute ones!!

  139. My $19.99 flat iron isnt cutting it anymore. Would love one of these bad boys!!

  140. I’ve heard these are amazing!

  141. i like the gold one
    !!! :)

  142. I would love to win this flat iron! My birthday is also on the 22nd, so It would make a great gift =)

  143. Ooooh pretty…i would love to win one enter me please!

  144. Tempting- this would be nice to have in one’s bag of hair tricks! :D

  145. I would love one of these. I have been looking at them for a while.

  146. So awesome!! Would be thrilled to have one!!

  147. I would just die for this! My straightener is dying and these are not only beautiful, but super effective. Crossing my fingers!

  148. And it comes in a little pouch. How much better could it get!

  149. yay! my hair is getting longer and i definitely need a high-quality hair straightener!

  150. My straightener has recently gone kaput, so I would definitely benefit from this!

  151. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

  152. It’s time for me to get a new one – this looks perfect!

  153. I love these! Straightening with style.

  154. Oh my gosh I would KILL for one of these irons!! I’m still working with the same cheap pink thing I got back in high school.

  155. Oooh pretty – I’m always on the lookout for the perfect straightener.
    .-= Thursday’s Child´s last blog ..Fire and Ice =-.

  156. I could definitely use one of these! Thanks!!
    .-= Lacretia´s last blog ..Start the Countdown! =-.

  157. oh wow, what a great giveaway ! i gave my hair straightener to my friend last year & i don’t have one ]: ..but i know she needed it and uses it :]
    whoever gets this will surely enjoy this !

  158. oooh, I likey!

  159. Oh my! What a wonderful givaway!

  160. I’m going to win one of these giveaways someday…

  161. Melissa Edmunds says:

    My CHI is dying a slow, painful death! I could finally put it out of its misery if I won one of these.

  162. i want that! i’m super jealous of your cute hair, my hair is dyyyyying for something cute. current state of life leaves no time for any hair attention – ugh.

  163. I’d love to try out the Sedu!
    .-= Tracy D´s last blog ..Fail =-.

  164. Yay!!

  165. pick me!! pick me!!!

  166. I would looove this! My current straightener is a little…sad xD

  167. I love Folica and my flat iron needs an upgrade. *crossing my fingers*

  168. Crossing my fingers!

  169. Hooray! I would love to have one!

  170. I hope I get picked! I am growing my pixie cut out.

  171. love your site!

  172. I need a straightener! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  173. How great! I’d love to win one of these!

  174. I heard about this iron from the heavens!! Would love to win of these beauties!! Here’s to hoping! :)
    .-= Maria ´s last blog ..Amazing =-.

  175. Yes, please!

  176. I would love one of these! My flat iron is a cheapo.

  177. Wow, my frizzy hair could use one of these!

  178. This iron cannot be found anywhere.. and my hair just screams for it!!

  179. I am in major need of a new hair straightener. Just had bangs cut AGAIN and need something better to beat them into submission.

  180. My curly hair and I would LOVE one of these.

  181. This is great! Awesome giveaway, which I would put to wonderful use. Thanks for this. :)

  182. Yes please!

  183. i just cut bangs and could definitely use a sedu iron! i should mention i have curly hair and now have to straighten it each wash :

  184. amy Wright says:

    I would love to try this flat iron…I currently use a Chi and it is always snagging and breaking my hair.

  185. Nancy GLOVER says:

    I really need a new flat iron my current one is one the fritz and it takes forever to heat up.

  186. This would make me so happy, need a new better flar iron!

  187. Wow — so pretty!

  188. God the flatiron I have right now is completely frying my hair. It’s such a peace of crap. I really need a good one, but can’t afford it since school comes first.

  189. I need a new one and these look really nice!

  190. Please!

  191. This would probably be the best present I could receive!! Happy Holidays!
    .-= kami´s last blog 09. =-.

  192. OMG This would be an awesome awesome awesome thing to win, just in time for Christmas!!! :)

  193. I would really use a new flat iron, mine is already 3 years old :(((
    .-= Tavia´s last blog ..Update: MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast – Spring 2010 Collection – New info + Photos =-.

  194. I have always wanted a sedu! This would make my holiday season! *fingers crossed*

  195. love this much coveted iron! this would make my year

  196. i’d love to win! pick me, pick me!

  197. seems easy enough!

  198. I so would love to win one these amazing flat irons…so pick me, pick me!

  199. So nice! I’d love to win one of these.

  200. This would be awesome to help combat the dreaded DC humidity.

  201. Would love one.
    .-= Laurie´s last blog ..Video killed…me. =-.

  202. Do you have ANY idea how badly I need one of these? I mean seriously, ANY idea?????

    PS – Merry Christmas!!! I hope Wito gets everything he asked Santa for!

  203. My flat iron has been held together with duct tape and a rubber band for almost a year and a half. It’s time.
    .-= Kristine´s last blog ..hockeyandbeer: ran 1.43 mi on 12/17/2009 at 12:33 PM with a pace of 13’37"/mi =-.

  204. My flat iron just crapped out (right after I took the plunge and got blunt bangs!) so I could really use a new one!

  205. I LOVE Sedu! I have a Sedu blow-dryer and it works fabulous on my thick hair. Would love a flat iron to go with it!

  206. This WOULD make my Christmas a thousand times better.

  207. So stylish! I’d love one!

  208. Awesome! A flat iron was on my Christmas list anyway. :)

  209. Oh yes I’ve heard wonderful things about this flat iron. How exciting.

  210. Tammi Marie says:

    I’ve heard good things about the Sedu brand! Awesome contest! They are such pretty colors too.

  211. Can’t help entering… what a great giveaway!

  212. I just got a new haircut that needs a flat iron to style it. This would be perfect! pick me

  213. Oh man. It is SO time for me to upgrade from my hideous $20 flat iron. My hair thanks you for this opportunity.
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Girl Talk Thursday – Retroactive embarrassment =-.

  214. Hells yeah.

  215. I don’t think I entered this yet, so here I go, with my fingers crossed!
    .-= Darcey´s last blog ..Second Chances =-.

  216. I have heard great things about these straighteners! I would LOVE one!

  217. oooh Merry Christmas to me?? :)
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..weekly winners, volume 38 =-.

  218. Oh I want one! How fun!

  219. Katie Bonk says:

    I am in desperate need of a new straightener! Mine is so rough on my hair- this one would be great! :)

  220. I have heard amazing things about this and would love to try!

  221. I was just thinking I need a flat iron. Fate? I think so. :)
    .-= Jana´s last blog ..Books I Can’t Seem to Finish =-.

  222. Sign me up for this..thinking my curls need a lil taming!

  223. I could use a new, amazing flat iron! Thanks for holding these giveaways!

  224. Wow! I would love to win one of these!

  225. danana-banana says:

    Cute & effective? Sign me up!

  226. I would LOVE a chance to win!!

  227. Ooh, my bangs of insanity would greatly appreciate some assistance in this department :)

  228. OMG, after your tutorial… I NEED this flat iron!

  229. Kanishka B. says:

    OMG I would love one of these. I’ve been thinking about getting a new flat iron since mine has provided about 4 years of solid service now. Hope I get one!

  230. Um, I want this. Badly. And we all know how often I do the flat-iron-as-a-curling-iron thing.

    It actually makes me laugh because whenever my hair is curly and they compliment my hair I’m all, “I USED A FLAT IRON. It’s crazypants, right?” And then they’re all, “Not possible!” And I’m all, “Yuh-huh! Give me your email and I’ll send you the video of how to do it.”

    I’ve emailed that tutorial to so many people. It’s a little ridiculous. Heehee.


  231. Yum! I would love one of these!

  232. Oh I’d love to win one! My straightener AND blow dryer are about to die.
    .-= lindsaywillman´s last blog ..Bucket List, revised =-.

  233. I want!

  234. Count me in! This sure beats my discounted drugstore flat iron. :)

  235. Oh I would LOVE one of these! I am due with baby #2 on the 4th of January and a new straightener would be an awesome gift just for me :)

  236. Wants! MY old flat iron is on the way out. This would totally make my Christmas.

  237. BArb & getupandplay says:

    Ooh, pretty!!! (and they’d make ME pretty!)
    .-= BArb & getupandplay´s last blog ..Charlie, you’re a star! =-.

  238. This could make my mornings so much better!

  239. Much like a magpie, I am instantly attracted to anything even slightly shiny. Also, I sport a bit of an afro when it gets too humid and I wonder if Sedu and Nectar Thermique will be an unstoppable combination.

  240. My naturally curly hair could use this!

  241. oooh me me me!

  242. I have always wanted to try a Sedu! I hope I win :)

  243. I would love a new flat iron!

  244. Me please!!!

  245. I would love to have one of these!

  246. My frizzball of a head could SO use one of those!

  247. Awesome, I’ve been dying for a flatiron! Fingers crossed!

  248. Was juuust thinking I’d like a flat iron…

  249. Please, please, oh pretty PLEEAAASSSEEEE!!!!

  250. Loved your video – your hair is gorgeous! Now I really want to win one of these…

  251. jennifer in sf says:

    Oh man, my hair and I could really use one of these!

  252. Yes please!

  253. Pick me! Pick me! (Please)

  254. please let me win!!!

  255. I would loooove to win one!!!

  256. I would love to win one of these!!

  257. My hair wants this!
    .-= Trenches of Mommyhood´s last blog ..I’m Usually Behind the Camera, So This One is a Keeper =-.

  258. Me, please! I need to learn how to do my hair like a grown up.

  259. Goodness gracious! I’d love to have one of these!!!

  260. Yes, please!

  261. Oooh! As a naturally curly mopped girl, i have never been good at straightening my hair…would love one of these! :)

  262. I’ve heard such great things about these!

  263. This looks like an amazing little tool! Count me in!

  264. I need one of these bad boys! My half wavy, half straight hair needs some help.

  265. Karen Reeds says:

    Lent my flat iron to a friend and she seems to have forgotten that when you borrow something you must then return it. A win of one of these would avoid the uncomfortable task of having to ask her to give it back. Nice!

  266. i’d LOVE one!

  267. This is just what I need to tame my unruly winter hair!

  268. Oooooo… pick me! :)

  269. Fingers crossed that my number is picked!

  270. This would make my day :) I hope my number is picked!

  271. Please, please, please! Happy holidays!

  272. livlaugheat says:

    awesome! thanks!

  273. Please add me!

  274. Please! I would LOVE this flat iron!

    Sarah…you have the BEST hair so anything I can do to make mine look like yours would be much appreciated:)

  275. I really loved your video tutorial from last week. I tried it with a crappier iron but I still achieved a similar effect.

  276. Someone is going to be very lucky & very happy!

  277. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    .-= angela´s last blog ..09.05.09: end of summer s’mores =-.

  278. I want one. Please random dot org, pick me! I deserve straight silky hair, I do, I do!

  279. Cute! I have heard of Sedu. It is supposed to be a good brand. Thanks.

  280. Would LOVE one! Although I live in Denver and my hair goes straight most of the time due to the dry climate…I spend most of the summers on the eastern shore and my hair is a NIGHTMARE of frizzies. Please, please pick me!

  281. My hair would love you for this. My Chi is dying. Remember when Chis were cool? Yeah, not so much anymore.

  282. Oh wow! I’d love one of these. I tried to curl my hair using my flat iron (it’s a Chi) and it didn’t work.

  283. My CHI is dying, so I could really really use a new flat iron. :)

  284. Santa Baby,

    Slip a Sedu under the tree – for me.

  285. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, plz!

  286. My wife would like one for sure!

  287. ooh! This is an awesome giveaway!
    .-= Sorelle´s last blog .. =-.

  288. I’m not saying that I need this. I’m just saying that my current flat iron may or may not say “Conair” on it. Allegedly.

  289. Hate my current flat iron, this would be awesome!
    .-= Boulder´s last blog ..A summation of 2008, with thoughts on 2009 =-.

  290. I’d love to win one!

  291. Awesome! :) Flat irons are the best invention since sliced bread.

  292. My daughter would LOVE one for Christmas.

  293. Merry Christmas! Would love to win one of these.

  294. Come on random number generator—pick me!!

  295. kelley wendt says:

    I would love one!!

  296. Heather Ben says:

    pick me, pick me!

  297. ooh! i would loooove one of these! thanks for the giveaway!

  298. One of these WOULD make my Christmas 1,000 times better!!!!

  299. I would love one of these, yes please!

  300. This would make my holidays so much brighter!

  301. stella lopez says:

    Ooh I hope I am not too late to try to win! I LOVE the Sedu, I have the hairdryer and I would love to have the precious metals iron!!!! pretty please :)

  302. Ohhh awesome! My hairdresser uses the Sedu, always makes my hair so straight and pretty. It’s been on my wish list forever.

  303. I’ve heard these irons are just fantastic. Love your blog by the way, keep up the good work!

  304. This would make my Christmas 4,000 times better! Pick me!!!

  305. Hope that I’m not too late. My hair needs help.

  306. I need one of these! My current hair straightener is about one use away from kicking the bucket.


  1. […] Hair Thursday is all about Sedu straighteners. […]

  2. […] Hair Thursday is all about Sedu straighteners. […]