Update – Kat


Remember Kat?

Kat already had beautiful hair, but wanted a little change. An overwhelming 91% of you voted for Kat to add some bangs to the mix and here’s the result!

Doesn’t she look great? She also followed the advice to stop highlighting and celebrate her beautiful rich brunette color. Kat says:

Your advice to go to one color – GENIUS. I love the all dark hair now. it’s much more glossy and looks healthier and totally easier to manage with no highlight appointments.

Looking gorgeous, Kat!



  1. Good to see updates of people embracing the advice and coming out with beautiful hair! Great job Kat!

  2. Looking Good Kat

    breaking the highlight habit is hard to do… get a natural boar bristle brush to bring out your natural shine.. works wonders

  3. hey yay! it’s ME! :) this was super fun to do. god bless whoorl and hair thursday.

  4. Her hair looks great.

  5. Wonderful transformation! Love the new cut and color! Great post!
    Linda for Ouidad