Update – Dawn


Remember Dawn?

Dawn wanted to add a little oomph to her current style and Hair Thursday readers agreed that sideswept bangs (alá Jennifer Garner) would do the trick.

Check out her beautiful new look.

Thanks for the update, Dawn!



  1. Holy crap! Dawn! You are STUNNING with that beautiful, straight, shiny hair.

    I have the same type of hair, and this reminds me to never, ever let it go “natural”, no matter how lazy I’m feeling. Like, um, today.

  2. Wow! What a transformation!!! She looks fabulous!!

  3. The sideswept looks GREAT on her!

  4. wow, dawn, you really look great! it looks like the cut isn’t too different from what you already had, and it made a huge difference.

  5. looks LOVELY.

  6. Oh Dawn! It’s Fabulous!

  7. SO gorgeous! Jealous (in a good way, of course).

  8. Elizabeth says:

    So beautiful and such a subtle change that yielded great results. I love it!

  9. Dawn,

    You look GORGEOUS! :)

  10. Bless you all for the wonderful comments. I have yet to master a true blowout like the stylist sent me home with but I get a pretty good substitute thanks to Whoorl’s curling technique and the side-swept bang tutorial. Thanks again for all the suggestions and encouragement!

  11. Dawn looks absolutely fantastic!

  12. Wow!