Updates – Part Eight


You might remember a certain shiny-haired minx named Darcey, who was the latest inductee into The Fishing Club.

When Darcey and I were emailing back and forth, I mentioned how much I loved her photo with bangs and hoped she would take my advice and dive back into bang territory. Lucky for me, she just emailed with a new photo of her absolutely fantastic bangs. (Not to mention a new dark auburn shade with a few coppery highlights.)

Take a look for yourself!

Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.



  1. YES!!! Yay Darcey! The bangs are fabulous on you and the color is stunning. Perfection.

  2. LOVE it! That is the hairstyle you should always have forever and ever amen!

  3. yay! love the bangs!

  4. So nice.

  5. Awww, thanks everyone!
    I didn’t realize how drastic (and awesome) the bangs were until I started looking at old photos. This is the first time I’ve had “real” bangs since 1992, I think – a good choice.

    Thanks, Sarah, for the suggestion!

  6. Darcey, I want your hair.

  7. Beautiful! I agree that the bangs were a great suggestion!

  8. love LOVE love it. bangs like this don’t work on everyone but they look STUNNING on darcey.

  9. super cute!

  10. The bangs look great! I wish you would show the “after” pictures more often. I’m always curious to see if people went through with the suggestions or not.


    Ahem, former participants.

  12. Darcey has gorgeous hair and the bangs just highlight her beautiful eyes and sparkling smile.

    The shine, the weight, the color… gorgeous hair.

    Such a lucky girl.


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