The Giveaway Of All Giveaways


Ladies (and gents), I think you are going to like what I’m about to tell you.

The wonderful owner of Stylebell (Hi Sapna!) is offering one lucky reader a collection of some of my very favorite hair products and tools. (Have you been to Stylebell? If not, PREPARE YOURSELF TO BE SUCKED INTO THE FABULOUS HAIR VORTEX.)


Take a look at these awesome, tried and true bestsellers.

CHI 1-inch Ceramic Flat Iron

Hot Tools 1-inch Ceramic Curling Iron (Also seen here.)

Stylebell Heatproof Storage Bag

GHD Professional Ceramic Anti-Static Brush

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream (Shhh. It’s my shiny hair secret.)

All of it, people. We’re talking a value of over 200 dollars. THINK OF WHAT THIS COULD DO FOR YOUR HAIR.

Leave a comment on this post and the winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, August 10th and announced on Monday, August 11th.

Comments will close at 8pm PST on Sunday, August 10th.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

(The regularly-scheduled Hair Thursday will resume next week.)



  1. Oooh, oooh!!! Pick Me, Pick ME!

    Love your site!


  2. Ooooh, enter me! Awesome!

  3. jenvictoria says:

    I love it! Can’t wait to see who is up today on Hair Thursday!

  4. I don’t have much hair but still, I like winning things.

  5. Sweet! I’m getting my hair cut this weekend so new hair toys would be awesome.

  6. awesome giveaway! I’d like to be entered ;c)

  7. Winning things is the best!

  8. Wow! I’ve always wanted a Chi. Please pick me!

  9. I WANT …. no I NEED this. My hair is a disaster. :(

  10. Kimberly says:

    Ooh, so many items to covet here! Great giveaway.

  11. This new mom needs new styling products.

  12. Ohh! Fabulous stuffs here! Hoping for Lucky Number ME!

  13. Great giveaway!

  14. loooove this site – please pick me :)

  15. Wow! I swear I’d wake up early just to use these gadgets and hair product!

  16. Whoa! (a la Joey Lawrence)

  17. How awesome, I’d love to try the Chi!

  18. Oooh need tools! Want glossing cream! What a lovely giveaway!

  19. i really need a flat-iron!! the other stuff would be extra goodness!

  20. Oh how I want to win all these products. I’ve heard such great things about the glossing creme and my hair could use any help it can get these days!

  21. Oh, my hair needs these products!

  22. Ooooh! *drool*

  23. Winning these would be awesome!!!

  24. I LOVE contests AND new hair stuff!!!! My five year old Chi has seen better days!!! I haven’t used a curling iron in years….maybe this would inspire some beautiful curls/waves….I’m in!!!!

  25. I’d love to win this stuff! My hair needs help. Even my husband thinks so.

  26. Yay contests!

  27. My favorites!

  28. oh please please pick me!!!

  29. Looks great! Count me in!!!

  30. PLEASE oh PLEASE. don’t make me beg.

  31. oh my! talk about a motivator to do you hair every day! :)

  32. my hair could definitely use the help! :)

  33. best contest ever!

  34. Commenting for excellent hair products prize!

  35. Oooh, how fun! Thank you, Stylebell!

  36. brookeraymond says:

    oh, my goodness. this is good.

  37. Pick me! Pick me! Thanks Sytlebell & Whoorl!

  38. Hot diggity! I’m growing my hair out, so please pick me!

  39. AppleTree says:

    Awesome giveaway…My hair could use some serious help.

  40. You give away the best stuff! Pick me! :)

  41. I want it! I want it! I want it!

  42. Oh, i’ve been dying for a chi straightener. Please pick me!

  43. My hair needs help, but I never know where to start with the buying of stuff. This would be great! I own NONE of the above!!

  44. Wow–what a combination! That would definitely get me out of my blow-out-the-bangs-and-let-the-rest-air-dry rut!

  45. Just started reading this blog and am loving it! Definitely enter me!

  46. This is awesome! Woot!

  47. OMG. If I win this, I’ll think I’ve died and gone to hair heaven.

  48. Mary (formerly Maliavale) says:

    Law bless! I could use all of those things.

  49. Since reading your site, I’ve been saving up to order a Chi iron and the curling iron to replace my crummy old ones. YAY! As a matter of fact, I think I’m even cutting my hair this weekend based on one of your examples!

  50. yes, please.

  51. Alright, I’ll play… I think it would be really cool to be announced as the winner because my birthday is August 11!

  52. Christina says:

    i am definitely in need of new styling tools!

  53. Count me in – I use Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream every morning :)

  54. Wow! I could use every single one of these items. Thank you for this opportunity.

  55. I love free things. Especially luxurious things. Or any things.

  56. Oooh, VERY excellent giveaway indeed, and that is no lie!

  57. WOW! Please pick me!! This would make my hair-stylist sister SOOOOOO jealous! ;)

  58. Pick me! Pick me! My hair sucks.

  59. This would do wonders for the sexy haircut I’m getting soon!

  60. OMG! Hair Products!!

  61. Hair that gleams so brilliantly you need sun glasses to style it!?!?!

    Sign me UP!

  62. Ohh I would love this and next week is my birthday.

  63. Fun stuff! I was trying to pick my favorite, but I can’t!

  64. Pick me! Pick me!

  65. What an awesome giveaway!

  66. Oooh! The only thing better than winning these tools would be to have you come here and teach me how to use them.

    I hope I win! My hair desperately needs help!

  67. I would be in hair heaven!! I NEED this. :)

  68. I have been silently following you for several months now – guess it took a giveaway to make me comment! :)

  69. ooh! i hope you pick me. then maybe, JUST MAYBE, i’ll be able to duplicate what my stylist does for me.

  70. Have a teenage daughter who would be thrilled!

  71. Wow. You weren’t kidding! Truly kick ass! Now stop telling people so I can actually have a shot at winning here. SHHHH!

  72. Over here!! *jumps up and down waving arms*

  73. Count me in, please…thanks!

  74. Ooh, ooh, pick me, pick me!

  75. Oooh. I’ve so been wanting to buy a flat iron..

  76. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I so need this. my hair, it hurts for your toy lovin’. :)

  77. I’d really like to win this one! I’ve spent the past three days working with 700 kids in “heavy mist…” My hair could really use the help!

  78. oh my gosh I use all of those product!

  79. Count me in!

  80. Oooh! Free stuff!

  81. I so need tools like this. My hair and I would be forever thankful.

  82. I would like to win this very much. Very, very much.

  83. whoop!

  84. I want to win! Cool stuff.

  85. Pick me! Pick me! I need the entire kit to help tame my unruly ‘do ;-)

  86. Oh! I want to win all of those things! My hair… it needs it.

  87. This is awesome! Thanks Stylebell! Pick me, pick me!

  88. Oh I love this site. Please enter me!

  89. Am I the only one geeking out a bit over the heatproof! storage bag? Yes, please.

  90. Oh! Please! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! God knows, I need all the help I can get.

  91. I am so in! Thanks whoorlie and stylebell!

  92. Oh I’d love to win!

  93. What a great prize! Can’t wait!

  94. My hair is sad and un-shiny…please pick me!

  95. Thanks from Oklahoma – Lord knows I need it!!!

  96. Great giveaway. My hair needs a change. Thanks!

  97. My hair could use this.

  98. methodpam says:

    Wow. Awesome giveaway.

  99. Goodness, I think I need to win. Have you seen my hair lately? No, of course not. Let me take the paper bag off my head…..

  100. Cheryl W says:

    Nice stuff! Thank you!

  101. Oooh, I’d love the flat iron!

  102. Oh I wanna play! Good stuff!

  103. Pick me, pick me, PLEEEEEEEASE!!!! What an awesome prize!! (oh, and I luv your site!!)

  104. Mmmm shiny hair secret.

  105. That is one PRETTY curling iron!

  106. It all sounds great! Thanks for the chance. Love your site!

  107. Dude! Think how awesome my new hairstyle will look with all of those fabulous toys!! (ps, you will be happy to note that I have decided to go with the longer layers and keep the bangs… LOVE IT.)

  108. wow all that for free?!?! count me in!

  109. I desperately need these items!

  110. Oh please, random number generator, pick me! My hair is slowly succumbing to THE FRIZZ and I need some motivation to do something about it!

  111. Samantha says:

    i am already dreaming about how fab my hair would look with these tools!!!

  112. what a great giveaway!!

  113. I TOTALLY need a hair makeover and this would be a great start!

  114. Okay, I’m in.. my heair needs help!

  115. Do you know what this give-away would do for me? It would make my life a better place. Because shiny hair is what it’s all about. (It’s true. I swear.)

  116. Thanks whoorl and stylebell! I would LOVE these products- hair fun!

  117. me me me! I wanna win it! Don’t let that ho isabel get it. She’s not worthy.

  118. Oooh, ooh. Me too. (It’s gonna be really hard to get everything done that I need to today while still keeping my fingers crossed…)

  119. Fantastic giveaway from one of my favorite blogs!!! Woot!

  120. Keilexandra says:

    Wow–count me in!

  121. Jannette says:

    Awesome giveaway! Who couldn’t benefit from these products? I know I could! Would love to win!

  122. Christina says:

    My hair would thank my eternally for these products!

  123. please oh please oh please oh please

  124. ashley Duncan says:

    me! me! :)

  125. I need some smooth shiny pretty hair- sign me up please!

  126. yes please!

  127. Ooo! Pick me!

  128. That’s an amazing prize package!

  129. I’m in too!!!!!!!!

  130. I need it all…please pick me!

  131. ohhh…. my hair could use some work

  132. Wow! With a pretty purple curling iron like that, I might actually WANT to style my hair!

  133. What an amazing giveaway! I found a four leaf clover today…let’s hope it makes me lucky!

  134. ooh pick me!

  135. Wahoo! Consider me entered!

  136. I want it! I want it!

  137. Ohhhhh please pick me! My flat iron just bit the dust!!

  138. Will I have good luck given that August is my birthday month???

  139. OOhhhh – me me me! I just started using my old flat iron and it, um, says that the cord may cause birth defects. So, um…yeah. WHEE CONTESTS RULE!

  140. Oh my God, WANT! Thanks for doing this, Whoorl and Sapna!

  141. yes please!

  142. Catherine says:

    Enter me! I like stuff!

  143. My hair is giddy now.

  144. :: jumps up and down, does the sprinkler :: me! me! And thank you.

  145. oooh pick me!

  146. I am pretty clueless when it comes to doing my hair, but these would help! Or at least then I would have something to at least attempt with!

  147. Oh wow, what a fun giveaway! I totally NEED all of these products!

  148. ooooh LOVES. Fingers crossed you pick me!

  149. Holy smokes I NEED these tools!

  150. As my son would say, “oooooOOOOOOOoooooohhhh!”

  151. Pick me! My hair needs this:)

  152. Christina says:

    I’ve never owned a flat iron and I could really use a new curling iron!

  153. MEMEMEME!

  154. Please pick me:)

  155. drooling….


  157. Oh Oh!! i luv me some Stylebell!!

  158. I am getting my hair cut tonight and will need these tools to maintain it.

  159. Christine says:

    oooh, pick me! I need it! You rock, btw.

  160. Wow, what a great prize!

  161. Tracy Maher says:

    I’ve heard great things about the chi irons, I would love to try one out!

  162. Katherine says:

    Oh, my! I would LOVE to win this!!!

  163. I just turned 26, which is far too young to have a mom haircut. I need this. I need this intervention.

    Also, you’re totally stunning.

    Now maybe you’ll pick me? :)

  164. I’m on a hiatus from my flat iron, but mine sucks anyway. I need all the other stuff immediately. What a great giveaway and website tip. Thank you

  165. Pick me! Pick me!

  166. How fun! I would love to have these goodies! Thanks for doing this!


  168. I think I would die of joy if I won.

    I bet I will not win, though.

  169. my hair needs the help so very badly..!!

  170. yes, please and thank you, ma’am!

  171. Oh, my hair could really use this…

  172. OMG, most exciting giveaway EVER! I’m going to cross my fingers from now until 8pm PST on Sunday August 10th.

    Ouch. I think there will be cramping.

  173. Having twins soon and will need all the help I can get!!!! Would love to win, thanks for the opportunity.

  174. Oh wow! I hope I win!

  175. Please! How very awesome!

  176. ooh! me, me! :)

  177. Rebecca Faulkner says:

    oh i hope i win!!

  178. Wow, I like free stuff of any kind, but I particularly love free HAIR stuff.

  179. Woot! I could definitely use ALL of that.

  180. This would be the freaking coolest thing EVER.

  181. Last night I washed my hair and let it dry naturally as I slept. When I woke up, I had the most perfect, more-than-wavy but less-than-curly hair. Like BEACH hair. How hot is that? And all I did to it was smooth a little Fekkai through it. I love my hair today. (Thanks for the product recommendation – I bought it back when I was on Hair Thursday!)

  182. Ooh, this is the best contest yet! Now I can be glad I haven’t won any others and used up my online contest mojo!

  183. Amazing prizes! I sure do need that flat iron …

  184. Love the website and this giveaway rocks!

  185. Yay! I’m desperately in need of a flat iron upgrade – thanks for the chance to win!

  186. Me please!

  187. This is a kick ass! giveaway.

  188. Gotta love GHDs!! Also gotta love your blog :)

  189. Ooh! Ooh! That curling iron looks preeeeeeeetty sweet!
    Face: Your hair knots post last week helped me out for a wedding on the weekend!

  190. Ooooooh! Totally KICK-ASS!

  191. Oh god, and by face, I meant fact.

  192. OOH, I would LOOOOOOOVE to win those!!!

  193. :fingers crossed:!

  194. What an awesome prize!!

  195. I’m in for the free stuff!

  196. I just found your site — it’s great! I’d love to win some hair stuff, thanks.

  197. pick me! pick me!

  198. Dude! Fekkai Glossing Cream is MY secret to shiny hair. Shhhh…..

  199. ME!ME!ME!

  200. Ooh, I want! Pick me!


  202. Pick me! My hair could use that glossy cream.

  203. Awesome giveaway!

  204. Ohhh…please pick me!! My hair could use some help! :)

  205. This IS a kick ass giveaway!!

  206. Awesome giveaway!

  207. I would really love that GHD brush. Good luck everyone!

  208. Oh, Oh, Oh! Please pick me!!!

  209. this would help me in so many hairy situations.

  210. Sounds Great!

  211. Oh, beautiful hair products, how I’d love for you to be mine!

  212. Sweet deal! Enter me please.

  213. If I win, I promise to send Hair Thursday pics of my drastically improved hair.

  214. I love a giveaway. I’m in!

  215. Boy do I need hair help! Pick me! :)

  216. Please pick me! My hair needs major assistance!

  217. Oooooo This contest Sounds really good!!!!!!!!!!

  218. I would be happy with the glossing cream. I’m on my last ounce and have been debating between buying a new bottle of it, or buying new shoes for the little guy. Shoes for the child or absolutely perfect hair gloss for me…hmm. Maybe I’ll win and won’t have to wrap his feet in trash bags for my vanity :)

  219. Pick me! Pick me!

  220. HELP! The summer has made my hair majorlt un-shiny and required some assistance! :)

  221. Elizabeth says:

    I would love hair stuff that you would not find in the dollar bin at Target! Whoo hoo!

  222. Ooooh! I *need* ALL of those things. Pick me!!! My hair would be sooo happy.

  223. Rebecca S. says:

    Ooohhh..those would come in very handy. My ceramic straighteners are from England so I need ones with an American plug.

  224. Ooh! Pick me! :) LOVEE HAIR THINGS!

  225. Oh Please…Me Me ME. :)

  226. You had me at flat iron.

  227. How did you know my CHI kicked the bucket the other day??

  228. Ooooooo I would love to have all of those goodies!

  229. Hey, this is totally worth de-lurking for! I want shiny hair, I want to perfect the Whoorl-curl…if only I had the requisite tools! Pick me!

  230. Wowza! I’ve had a bad week! Please pick me and make it better! Thanks, Whoorl!

  231. awesome contest! thanks for the opportunity!

  232. I could totally use some of THAT!!!

  233. Yay! I need new hair tools! especially the curling iron since i recently got a new dew!

  234. Step 1: Dive into the comments fray.

    Step 2: Truck on over to Stylebell, and prepare myself for the Vortex of Awesome. I don’t know if I can’t even handle it.

  235. Love it!

  236. Ohh ME, ME, please pick meeee!!!!!!!!

  237. All these comments already… wow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. :)

  238. I so need this stuff….not want, but need. If you could see a picture you would agree!

  239. Oooh, how exciting! I love new hair stuff. I hope I win!

  240. Enter me too!! All those goodies look fabulous!

  241. Me, please!!!

  242. What a fantastic set!

  243. I came to see results from last week, and I see a contest! Woot!

  244. This is amazing. Fingers crossed!

  245. wow! fingers crossed…

  246. monkeygirl says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! How completely fabulous!!!!!

  247. Oh, fun! and possibilities!

  248. Pick me!

  249. I would love to win this! What a great giveaway thanks!

  250. I so need help with my hair lately! It’s greasy and dry at the same time. You would not be impressed!

  251. Oh, too good to pass up! Count me in.

  252. I’m crossing my fingers and my toes, just in case that helps.

  253. Hair poofy. Please. Send. Help!

  254. Oh, pick me please – I have a two year old (tomorrow’s his birthday) and am pregnant with #2 = hair craziness in need of taming!

  255. Alisha McLain says:

    I totally need a straightening iron. And shinier hair too! Fingers are crossed!

  256. Heather from NC says:

    Oooohh, pick me! I want a new straightening iron and the heatproof bag really a lot. Thanks!

  257. Tame my curls, please.

  258. I would be excited even though I wouldn’t know what to do with half of it… :)

  259. Yes please!

  260. I wanna enter! My hair could use some pampering!

  261. Fabulous! pick, me, pick me!

  262. I want to win….

  263. Love your site!

  264. I don’t think I have enough hair for all of that, but I’ll grow it if I have to!



  265. ok, it is random. So randomly pick me. My fingers are crossed.

  266. Oh how very generous of you! I would love love love to have all of these things!

  267. My straightener just broke!! Please pick me! I need a new one desperately!!

  268. Yes, yes, yes!
    Me, me, me!

  269. My hair would be SO thankful!!!!!

  270. Lucky comment number 265!

  271. I’m like the 265th commenter, but those are still pretty good odds, right?

  272. Nancy Galanty says:

    So exciting! Thanks Whoorl and Sapna!

  273. please, please, PLEASE, pretty please pick me!! (Say please 3x – it’s fun – and so will it be if I win!!!!!)

  274. OMG! i just won the lip gloss contest from metalia so i’m sure my random chances of winning are like slim to none now.
    crossing my fingers and toes!!!

  275. Oooooh! Me! Me! Me! My CHI is dying (and I’m not talking about my sex life, although there might be a correlation there) and I do not own a curling iron and I want to do Whoorly hair like in your oh-so-cool video instructionals. Meeeeeee!!!!
    p.s. I know the begging doesn’t help. You’re going to use that random number generator that has a personal vendetta against me.

  276. Yes, please!! I’d love to have them.

  277. me me me :)

  278. My Chi is dying a slow death right now…..

    I love Hair Thursday!

  279. I would love some new gadgets!

  280. whee! Pick mee! Thanks Whoorl and Stylebell!

  281. Love the site and love the free stuff! Thanks!

  282. Wow…I think I would spend all my free time doing my hair if I won this.

  283. Wow, all such awesome stuff!

  284. WOW! My neighbor was telling me about the Chi iron and how much she loves hers! I was telling her about how I am afraid of them, and she advised me to “Be not afraid…get your ass in gear and start straightening!” Hence my entry for your contest :o)

  285. I’d love that stuff!!!!

  286. ooooh, pick me! My hair desperately needs some love!

  287. Here’s hoping…

  288. c’mon random number….

  289. This would be so awesome!!

  290. I’m praying to the gods of randomness, crossing my fingers, knocking on wood… this would be a fabulous win! Me, me, me!

  291. I so need this – my cupholder in my car after the gym isn’t the best place for my beatup flat iron!

  292. Random number generator, you bitch, pick me.

  293. please enter me! that glossing cream is my new fave…

  294. Ohhh, what an awesome give-away! This would be my ultimate hair tool kit dream come true- it’s also like a trip to Sephora without an interrogation session from my husband….plus, it’s my birthday today…:)

  295. I love hair toys! Pick me!

  296. Me!

  297. Ahhhh! I want, I want!!!

  298. Pick me!

  299. oh all that stuff looks FUN.

  300. What a great collection of tools. I could definitely use them on my chronically understyled hair!

  301. ok, so my birthday is tomorrow, making it 08-08-08 this year…and i’ve heard that this is the luckiest day ever or something…maybe you could make that a certainty for me…ps, love your website! :)

  302. Wow, would love to have the whole package!!

  303. I would LOVE these treasures … please!!!! :)

  304. BALLIN. I would love to win this stuff, obviously.

  305. These tools have been on my wish list for sometime, just haven’t been brave enough to spend the money on myself. I’d love to be lucky enough to win them. So, I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for the giveaway.

  306. Ho hum. Pick me. Tweedle dee.

  307. Oh Random Number Generator, your humble hair servant bows before you!

  308. Oh!! This is only the best giveaway ever! Pick me! Pick me!

  309. Oh my! I think if I win, I’ll cry sweet sweet tears of joy. Seriously, I probably will cry. Because I could finally have the hair of my dreams for FREE!

  310. I never win stuff – but it’s worth a try

  311. Ditto my last entry.

  312. I can only imagine the wonders I could do with my hair with REAL tools. I do okay with the cheap-o ones I have, but LOOK OUT if I win these, man …

  313. Pick Me, Please! It would be an awesome bday gift for myself. :o)

  314. Pick me!!!

  315. Maybe these will help the endless frizz the heat is causing me!

  316. You had me at the CHI flat iron….

  317. I need hair help.

  318. Sweet deal… My hair could certainly use the professional help.

  319. Elizabeth says:

    Hi! I love your site. I discovered it a few months ago when I was trying to figure out how to curl my hair to make loose waves. I came across your site and your hair is very similar to mine. I’ve been using your “whoorl curl” technique and it looks great! Now, I’m addicted! I would love to win these products, pick me please!!

  320. ooh…please, please, please. Does begging work? Can I send cookies to the random number generator? Anything?

  321. GIMME!! I just blew out my flat iron and need that CHI!

  322. Elizabeth says:

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  323. Please pick me! I need hair help!

  324. Wow, maybe with all that I’d finally have a day with no frizz.

  325. Oh my heck, I’ve been pining for a ceramic flat iron for quite some time. Pick me pick me!! Great giveaway.

  326. Elizabeth says:

    I really want to try the glossing cream!

  327. Ashlea Y. says:

    ohhhh, shiny hair?!

  328. Usually a curly girl, but like to mix it up and would love the products to do it right!


  330. Commenting! MAH GAH, my hair could be so pretty!

  331. 328 responses already? this will be a miracle if i win!!

  332. With all those toys I might actually “do” my hair rather than walk out the door with a wet head!

  333. I have never wanted to win a prize so much in my ENTIRE LIFE.

    How generous!

    (And this would make a great 1 year anniversary present to myself…it’s normally paper or something…but whatever!)

    Oooo I want to win!!

  334. It’ll never happen, but pick me!

  335. I never win anything, but here goes.

  336. Ooh, pretty! Sign me up.

  337. I hate work. Pick me.

  338. No one needs these products more than me. My 4 year old daughter has taken over use of the current (inferior) flat iron. (Is that bad?) And I’ve always refused to buy Fekkai products because my mother-in-law is such a pusher, but if I were to WIN that gloss, well, I couldn’t help but use it…

  339. oh! i would love to win!!! pick me!

  340. One of my best friends just came out of the closet. Pick me.

  341. Dude, awesome giveaway! I never win anything and enter everything, but THIS, I want to win!

  342. Will you include a stylist with this package? Please.

  343. Ooh… please, please, please.

  344. Oooo, count me in please!

  345. yes please!

  346. I keep meaning to get myself a ceramic straightener, this would be awesome.

  347. Wow. That would CHANGE MY LIFE! :)

  348. Oh yes… enter me please….. hope it’s my lucky day

  349. SUH-WEET! :)

  350. Wow! That would be an awesome addition to my hair care collection of… a hair dryer and a grocery store brush.

  351. RachelAnne says:

    Oooh… lots of pretty stuff.

  352. You have a lot of people to pick from. What a great giveaway!

  353. katie crockett says:

    me me me me me me me . . . PLEASE . . . randomly choose me!

  354. Awesome giveaway! I vote for me to win it! :)

  355. Oooooohhhhh me, me, me….over here in the back! **waving hand like a lunatic**

    I have a birds nest on my head where most people have hair. I NEED the help desperately!

  356. Well, this is five kinds of awesome, kind of like this entire site.

  357. SWEET. I could never afford this. Maybe I’ll be the lucky one!

  358. I loved the recap of your trip to BlogHer, especially your dance explanations! I also enjoy reading/seeing all the hair updates on hairthursday!

  359. oooh wow, this could change my life! or at least my hair…same diff right?

  360. WOW… I’m drooling!

  361. I need these more than you know…PICK ME!!

  362. *Crossing fingers* Pick me!

  363. Me me me!

  364. Wow, that is amazing!! :) I would LOVE to be picked (and even if I’m not, I would love to do a feature on Stylebell’s products for my blog!)! :)

  365. Dude. I need them THE MOST. Pick me!

  366. Please enter me! I just found your site and I really enjoy it. You’ve inspired me to change my hairstyle. I just had a baby and am feeling totally blah and ugly. Thank you!

  367. Wowee! What an awesome prize! Me, me!!! :-)

  368. Yee haw! WHAT a giveaway!

  369. Oh oh! I am pregnant! At least I could have good hair!

  370. Wow. Just wow. I’m down to the last drops of the Glossing Cream, and it melts my heart to see this image on there!

  371. Maybe, just maybe, with these stellar products, I can have hair nice enough to sell my stock in “Hats Unlimited.”

  372. count me in, please!

  373. oooo, this stuff looks great! Please pick me!

  374. You had me at Frederic Fekkai.

  375. I think I will throw my hat into the ring. :-)

  376. Freebies?! I am so there!!!

  377. Oooh! Please enter me in the contest!

  378. oooh! things i am constantly considering purchasing but never seriously considering purchasing! the only way i’ll ever have them is by winning them. and then, lo, fantastic hair, etc etc.

  379. Maybe the Whoorl Curl will work if I don’t use a 15-year-old curling iron!

  380. come on, snake eyes!

  381. Pick me! I need help!!!!

  382. Crossing my fingers that I am picked!

  383. Wow–369 replies already!!! There are too many good things with this giveaway!


  385. Aimee Claton says:

    Woo hoo free stuff.

  386. I’m commenting, and may I just say HOW VERY BADLY I would love to win all of those awesome prizes! Cheers to great hair!

  387. OMG!!!

  388. Oh how I would love this stuff!!

  389. My hair lusts after each and every one of those products. Pure unbridled hair lust. It’s freaky.

  390. My hair is so hideous that when I took my son for a haircut on Tuesday, the dye lady came over to try and convince me to get a cut and color. THAT bad. So, I’d love to win these prizes and perhaps once again look like a human.

  391. Oh, hello, why not. That’d be amazing.

  392. ooh! Ooh! HAIR STUFF! I would luuuurve!

  393. Hoo boy, that’s a lot of comments. But I neeeeeeeeeeeed to win!

  394. Pick me! My flat iron crapped out on me and I need a new one!

  395. This would definitely improve my life right now.

  396. Me!

  397. Pick me pick me!!!

  398. Hi! Here’s my comment! And my crossed fingers! Wahoo!

  399. New job–>actually need to look polished at work. This for me is going to require several of these items and a lion tamer with a flashlight- what a fun giveaway!!

  400. Here’s hoping!

  401. I already won something from you! But I’m commenting anyway! I’m a jerk!

  402. Courtney says:

    Oooh I wish my hair was shiny like yours!

  403. crossing my fingers and hoping I win!

  404. Pick Me pick me!!!

  405. Oh Beautiful hair stying treasures, how I covet thee!

  406. ohmygoodness, all of these comments already!

    I could use a new flat iron. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  407. I blew through the Need A Haircut phase, faked my way through the Yep, Definitely Still Need A Haircut phase, and am now counting the seconds through my Urgent Haircut Alert phase, which will last until I see my stylist this weekend. But then, oh- then, with all these products, imagine the possibilities…

  408. RANDOM # GENERATOR… please pick me.

  409. Ooooo, how fun! Love hair stuff!

  410. Oh count me in! I could really use some updated styling products…..

  411. I have curly hair and I’m scared to wear it straight.. perhaps the flat iron would encourage me!?

  412. Shawn Marie says:

    I’d love to win! I’m trying to figure out wedding hair…

  413. Jennifer says:

    Love your website! Hope you pick me!!!

  414. i could use ALL of it! and the glossing cream sounds awesome. i hope it’s my lucky day when a winner gets picked. :)

  415. OMG. Love. Need. Covet. Best giveaway EVER.

  416. wow! Great giveaway.

  417. I am SO glad I found this link!

  418. I want Whoorl-esque shiny shiny hair! Also, with that flat iron, my hair could be twice as long as it is now (magic)!

  419. wow that’s amazing! :)

  420. ohmygoodness ohmygoodness!!! this would be soooo great.

  421. OOoohh…AAAaaahhh. Yes, please!

  422. I need these! Pick me!

  423. you know, this would be kinda cool cause um.. i’ve been meaning to get a fucking curling iron for awhile now.

  424. Considering my current straightner is covered in taped to keep the cord from falling apart…I would love to enter!

  425. for the love of Fekkai, pick me!

  426. My hair will never forgive me if I don’t jump in.

  427. those are some cool gadgets! :)

  428. Stephanie says:

    I long for beautiful hair. Maybe winning is my ticket to being gorgeous!

  429. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I love hair tools! :)

  430. Kimberly L says:

    OH my what wonderful products, keeping my fingers crossed that I get chosen. Thank you so much

    brn2lisn at gmail dot com

  431. My hairwould be so excited! Oh, and me too :)

  432. Ooooh – hair stuff!

  433. Ooh, I could totally use some new hair products! Especially since I’m considering a pretty big hair change!

  434. Leaving a comment. ;)

  435. I would love to get some free hair stuff!

  436. Oooo… fun… free… hair… stuff!

    Love it! Thanks!

  437. Jeanmarie says:

    I have two tweens and will be in DESPARATE needs of these tools all too soon!!

  438. That’s all kinds of awesome.
    Trying my luck.

  439. Just started visiting your site… LOVE IT!

  440. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, my hair sucks right now because I don’t have the proper tools!! Pretty Please I really need these!!!

  441. please, oh please, oh please

  442. Oooh, I could use some non-crappy styling tools!

  443. Wow! Pick me :)

  444. danielle says:

    oh pretty puh-lease pick me!

  445. Awesome! Hair Products! Free! Yay!

  446. me!!! :-)

  447. Caroline says:

    I could so use those tools. Pick me, please!!

  448. Mary Kate says:

    Oh. My. God. Ever since my stylist curled my whole head of hair in about 10 minutes with that FLAT iron I have been trying to rationalize funding it for myself. Winning it would be FANTASTIC. If this were a drawing I would fold my entry all weird so that when the picker put her hand in, it would feel different and interesting and be chosen. It worked when I was a kid.

  449. Elizabeth says:

    I would LOVE these products!!

  450. Elizabeth says:

    Me, Me, Me, pick me please!!

  451. Wow, what an awesome contest. I’m trying my luck too!

  452. This would do WONDERS for my hair!!

  453. Oh please, let it be me! I’d love to use a flat iron on my bob and see how I can switch stuff up. Good luck to everyone!

  454. My hair needs a makeover!! pick me!!!

  455. Can it be ANY comment or do I have to say something clever?

  456. Oh, this would make everything better. everything.

  457. love free stuff!

  458. wow AWESOME stash of goodies!

  459. How cool!!!! I am in need of a new flat iron really bad.

  460. jennifer in sf says:

    I could totally use all of those things!

  461. I never win anything, let’s change that! :)

  462. Brenda Willis says:

    I want it!

  463. Oh, pick me, pick me!

  464. HELLO, I would KILL for that curling iron. But I won’t; I’ll win it instead.

  465. This would be just the pick me up that I need! Yes! :)

  466. I want it all! Please, pick me, pick me!! :D

  467. Oooh, this stuff would totally fix my unruly bangs issues!

  468. I’m having hair issues!!!! Pick me!!!!

  469. Me please!

  470. Ummmm yeah what all of the other people said… :) My curly unruly mess needs the help!!! Thanks for the contests and give aways…

  471. Michelle says:

    I would love some hair schtuff! Thanks for the site, Whoorl.

  472. ohh, i’d love to win these tools!

  473. Oh, pick me! I’m in need of some SERIOUS hair help!

  474. Great giveaway!

  475. oh random number generator, please feel #470.

  476. This is so awesome! Very generous of Stylebell (and you, too, of course, to share your secrets). :)

  477. I need these products–it looks like a baby chick just hatched on my head

  478. Shiny hair be mine?

  479. Elizabeth says:

    Fingers (and split ends) crossed!!

  480. Please pick me!!! I am the queen of frizzzzzzz.

  481. Awesome!!! Oh I think I need that hair straightner really bad!

  482. I need to win this. NEED!

  483. My hair could *so* use some love… what an awesome giveaway!

  484. I want to play, please :)

  485. Pretty please?

  486. what a great giveaway!

  487. I like free stuff. Especially expensive free stuff. :)

  488. Mary Sue says:

    I need ALL of those things!

  489. Ohhh! I need to win these goodies so bad! Pretty please can you pick me?!

  490. I would LOVE to win!

  491. Ooh pick me!

  492. Very nice!!

  493. I need these products so very very badly! Pleeeeeeease pick me!

  494. Count me in! Thanks whoorl for a great contest!

  495. Pick me!!

  496. SQUEEEEEE! I need all of that stuff. My straightener is a piece of crap.

  497. ME ME ME! I love my flat iron with a sweet passion. But dude, I bought it at Walmart. I need the chi…

  498. My hair would love to win this FANTASTICAL giveaway!!

  499. I need a Chi!!

    pick me!!

  500. heatproof bag? why don’t I already have one of these? I once wandered through the streets of San Francisco from my hotel to my car carrying my still-hot flat iron separate from my suitcase. I routinely do the same thing at the gym. it’s sad, really. heatproof bag. hmm.

  501. my hair NEEDS this!

  502. What a fabulous contest. I would love to win that stuff.

  503. I’d love to win this!

  504. Wow this is an amazing giveaway. I hope I get picked :)

  505. Pick ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  506. Dingerrr says:

    please please please pick me…my fro needs controlling

  507. I am dying to get rid of my clunky 2 inch wide flat-iron and have been secretly coveting one of the sleek, ceramic, upscale models for months!
    Here’s to the luck of the draw.

  508. These could do wonders for my hair! Fingers are crossed.

  509. My hair needs some help. Pick me!

  510. Woo-hoo! A flat-iron would be so nice – finally, a chance to see how one works on my hair without dropping a lot of cash!

  511. I need hair help.

  512. Pick me! My birthday is the 12th and it would be the perfect present!

  513. I need these!!!

  514. christina mclellan says:

    Please pick me! I have impossible hair!!

  515. I normally love my super curly hair. But it’s my first summer in DC, and my former BFF hair has now become my mortal enemy. I find myself wishing daily that it was easier for me to straighten, without looking like a frightening brillo pad.

    This would be perfect for me!

  516. Oh random number generator, will you please pick me??? (I’ll bake you cookies!)

  517. Me!

  518. E's Mommy says:

    Awesome prize. I’m in!

  519. I am newly recommitted to having fabulous hair- these little gems will help me in my quest!!

  520. Pick me, pick me! Fabulous products.

  521. ooh! pick me! pick me!
    My atrocious hair needs all the help these fabulous tools can give it. . .

  522. Oh, I have the thickest hair around. I need a shorter cut to keep me cool.

  523. Ooo! Me! Pick me!!!

  524. There seems to be pretty stiff competition, but I’ll throw my hair into the race too!

  525. just took a pic from last week’s hair thursday to the salon today and got my new do':) and LOVE IT!!! yeah:)

  526. Cool! I was just talking to my stylist yesterday about what kind of flat iron I should get. This would be amazing for my new haircut!!!

  527. Krista Merlino says:

    I just gasped…gasped when I clicked on your blog for my daily read :) Love the products, would love to win them!!

  528. School starts on the 11th; winning this would brighten a rather dreary day for me!

  529. pick me!

  530. Kaitie Tee says:

    Yes! Help my hair please!

  531. Great giveaway!

  532. I would LOVE to win! Thanks! Love Hair Thursday!

  533. I am a Whoorl disciple and professional lurker. I have never commented on anyone’s blog before. Ever. And yet … this amazing giveaway has flushed my elusive self out of the safe shadows of lurkdom and into the cold, cruel light of day. Take pity on me and my poor lackluster hair, and just think of how these products could change my life!

  534. Trying for the fabulous Hair!

  535. Oh.My.God. Delurking here to enter this giveaway. I thought this day couldn’t get any better since I just found out I got my dream job, and now entering this giveaway, which if I win, would just be the icing on the cake.

  536. Christine says:

    Please please please let me win!! My hair hasn’t been property straightened in YEARS!

  537. please please please!!!!

  538. Mama likes!

  539. Melissa Edmunds says:

    What a fun give away! Now gimmee!

  540. Awesome! I really really want to win this!

  541. Oh my god this is exactly what my sad frizzy hair needs!!

  542. I really need this….

  543. My curls seem mad at me lately and would love these products to take care of them!

  544. Who isn’t constantly striving for better hair? I’m in!

  545. Good. My hair needs a birthday present – I’m thinking a card won’t suffice this year

  546. mmmm…chi…..shiny hair… LOVE it!

  547. Ooh! I want that! I would love these products.

  548. Jennifer Gomes says:

    Oh, me please! What are the odds! :)

  549. Oh, what girl wouldn’t love all of that?!?

  550. How amazing! Just learning to love my hair, this would help with experimentation!

  551. My hair is lonely and needs presents. :)

  552. Ooh I’d like to enter too please! :)

  553. Ooooh…FABULOUS giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! : *)

  554. what a great giveaway!!! i need a new flat iron too!!!!

  555. 554, 554, 554…

  556. Sweeeeeet!
    I wanna win! Pick me pick me!

  557. Wow, unbelievable giveaway! Thanks!

  558. What an awesome giveaway! I hope I can be the lucky winner as I truly need some new hair products!

  559. Trying again. Since I know I will never be picked for a Hair Thursday (and I am in desperate DESPERATE need of a Hair Thursday makeover) I will pray and beg to be picked for the goodies…

  560. Oh man, what more could a girl want, I love hair stuff. I’m betting I would have to fight my teenage daughter for it…awesome giveaway!!
    *crossing my fingers*

  561. Um, yes please.

  562. I am full of lust for those goodies. Sign me up!

  563. Excellent! Hair Thursdays rule!

  564. Stephanie says:

    my hair + 95degrees + humid NC summer = ?

    These freebies would balance my hopeless equation!

  565. Awesome. Love it!!

  566. Omg, those woule totally help out my boring in need of help hair…

  567. I have always wanted a Chi, I hear they are the best of hair straighteners.

  568. Miss Virginia says:

    me! me! pick me! oh pleeeease??? how my hair would LUV these!!

  569. What fun! I would love to have a straightener, but alas, my budget has not yet allowed it :( But if I won one… wouldn’t that be neat?

  570. Oh my, a million and a half comments already. But I will try anyway!



  571. I have really been wanting to try Fredric! Fantastic giveaway!

  572. Stephanie says:

    Awesome giveaway! I would gladly take that off your hands. Love your advice!

  573. Carolyn Lopez says:

    Oh, I would love, love, love, to win these! I never win anything, though. Could this be a turning point? (Fingers-crossed!)

  574. How exciting!

  575. oooh, oooh, me!


  577. I just cut about 6 inches. Exciting! Traumatizing!

    It looks fantastic… When Katie does it. I could SOOOO use a better flat iron to help me replicate the fabulousity….


    {crossing fingers}

  578. oh my god PICK ME!!!

  579. Oh, lovely things! I’ve wanted to try basically all of those!

  580. I just got a really cute bob cut and I’m ashamed to admit that I do not yet own a flat iron. I’m taking suggestions!! :)

  581. Niiiiiice!

  582. Gayle S. says:

    Oh I want. I want so bad.

  583. My how we all roll out for free shit!

  584. jennifer says:

    hair intervention!

  585. Sorry for the profanity in my last comment.

  586. Would love, love, love to win this!!! I want my hair to resemble Whoorl’s… just a little bit!

  587. I need these products to assuage my disappointment with Courtney Galliano not winning So You Think You Can Dance. It would make the hurt inside go away.

  588. In response to your e-mail, Sarah, yes, I really, really want this shit. Bad!

  589. I check this site every Thursday. And my curling iron that i bought in 1991 finally died. I guess it is time to step into the 21st century of hair care.
    Shannon RF

  590. My last comment today before I leave for a retreat held in the devil’s armpit. I will be back tomorrow for more rapid-fire commenting.

  591. I want this so much. Please let it be me. Please.

  592. ooooh, yummy goodies! I could do some serious stylin’ with those tools!

  593. That flat iron would change my life!!!

  594. I’ve been “Hair’ed” by Whoorl and it was the best thing EVER!! :-) Love all the suggestions she gives!

    So..with that said..I hope I’m the winner so I can continue on with my badass hair! ;-)

  595. oh, ohoh, ohohohohohohoh! :) great.

  596. Pick me! Choose me! I need pretty hair!!

  597. Pick me!!

  598. Fun new toys!! I may just need to get a haircut if I win…

  599. Oh ME ME ME ME ME ME ME please

  600. Wow, lots of commenters! That means it’s a good giveaway. :)

  601. Very cool! I am really trying hard to be better at being a girl – hair stuff would really go a long way in that!!

  602. The Chi flat iron is the greatest hair tool ever invented. I’m dying for the curler!

  603. My hair sucks…
    It needs this bad

  604. Christine says:

    These freebies could help me get out of my hair rut.

  605. Yes please!!

  606. Pick me! I’ve been borrowing a friend’s flat iron for, oh, 6 months or more?

  607. I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair and am going to dive in and get some of those fancy side-swept bangs for the first time EVER this weekend, so winning these tools would be awesome!

  608. This is possibly the best giveaway ever! I could desperately use these for my not-so fabulous hair.

  609. Elizabeth says:

    Pick me please!!!

  610. Oooh! It’s like every girl’s dream!

  611. I really need a flat iron and I’d rather win than pay for one!

  612. Danielle says:

    What a wonderful contest!! Ohhh.. how I’d love to win all of these! I’m gonna cross my fingers!!

  613. My 2 teenage daughters and me could put this to good use. We all have shoulder length hair and love styling products. Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  614. i love hair products – please pick me :)

  615. Hey Whoorl,

    I LOVE your site! I have become a Hair Thursday ADDICT! Now, if only I had the tools to make it all happen for my own hair. I’ve got me some dull and lifeless hair that needs to be vamped up.

    Pick me and we can do before and after shots for your site. Me (all sad-faced and frumpy) BEFORE winning your contest. Then me (all smiling and looking stunning) AFTER winning.

    I am up for the challenge. Are you?

  616. Karin Jakubowski says:

    What a great treat!
    Please include me.


  617. I’m a frizz factory in this NYC heat…pick me!

  618. That stuff rocks! I want it all!!!

  619. Mina Nicholakos says:

    Pick me please. I have Greek, unruly, curly hair..hehe:)

  620. Oh yes, I would like all of those things please. Pick me! Pick me!

  621. Hi! Pick me! :)

  622. I need a new flat iron… Pick me, Pick me!

  623. I would kill for that straightener! ;0)

  624. Oh man, this is a good prize!

  625. My hair needs this kind of help!

  626. So need me some shiny gel.

  627. I am hair-product-obsessive. I think a little bit of drool escaped while I was looking at the prizes. :)

  628. I could always use some more hair products! Thanks for offering them.

  629. Oh how I need this. My poor hair is suffering from some serious neglect…

  630. oooooohhhh! i need these things!

  631. I need them

  632. Holy comments, Batman! I hope 625 is my lucky number… I REALLY want a Chi iron! REALLY!!!

  633. Sign me up!
    I’m, like, last on the list. How often does the very last person get chosen? Not often. Hopefully by Sunday many other people will have commented as well to boost me up a little bit.

  634. my wife would think I was awesome.

  635. korie parks says:

    cant resist- i neeeeed that chi iron!

  636. OK, I am leaving this comment in the hopes that I can win these great things for my 15yr old daughter. She’d go CRAZY for the straightener, curler and bag. Oh, and I’d keep the gloss :>)

  637. Elizabeth says:

    Me me please!!

  638. I would be thrilled!

  639. bridget Lynch says:

    Let me be the winnah!

  640. yippee!

  641. I would so love to win these! I’m new to your site, and absolutely love it!

  642. I just got a new haircut and could really use all of those things!

  643. This would be amazing – I have natural curls and just moved to the east coast. I need help dealing with the humidity!

  644. Oh please, oh please, oh please….

  645. I’m in a hair slump! Pick me!

  646. Melisa Geiger says:

    I love the straight iron!!! Please pick me!

  647. Please pick me!!

  648. Ooooh… pick me :) My hair will be forever grateful (and so will I). This blog is always so much fun to read. Yay for whoorl and Sapna!

  649. courtney says:

    My friend just broke her flat iron (which we all know is as necessary in the daily routine as, say -air? water?)and her life hasn’t been the same since! I already have a chi – so I would pass this on to her!

  650. Gloria Delgadillo says:

    That IS a kick ass giveaway – I love the case since I like to keep my goods organized too!

  651. Awesome.

  652. Tiffanie says:

    Oooh, super gifts, it would be awesome to try out your favorite products!

  653. Jen in 29 says:

    I’d LOVE to have these great products !!

  654. JAmyGirl says:

    YAY!!! Think of how much cuter I could be if I had the right tools!!! Now if I only knew how to use them ….. :)

  655. I’m loving your vimeo how-to videos.

  656. I really would like to win. A lot. But more than that, I’d like the patience to grow out my hair. What can you do for me on that one?

  657. I love Chi! Pick me!

  658. Fabulous giveaway!!!

  659. Hair Thursday is one of the highlights (har har) of my week.

  660. snowberrylane says:

    omg that’s a lot of comments. what’s one more?

  661. ooo…pick me! pick me!

  662. Ooh, my hair NEEDS this!

  663. Jennifer says:

    Way better than most of the giveaways on Lucky Magazine’s website, to be sure!

  664. My hair has gotten curlier and curlier with pregnancy/nursing. I’m willing this bountiful prize pack into my arms.

  665. galadriel says:

    Whee! Freebies!

  666. Jeannette says:

    What Ashley said and why does that happen????? I have no idea what to do with these waves and I’m tired of looking like crap!

  667. This is really exciting!!

  668. Wow this is really exciting!

  669. This would be the best birthday present!

  670. Ohhh, fabulous! I’m a little in love with that glossing cream, too. But I promise not to tell.

  671. Whoorl, you are so pretty!

  672. Considering my straightener is from CVS and my iron is from Wal-Mart. I could use an upgrade. (Yeah, YOU THINK?) Maybe I’m comment 666, that’s lucky right? RIGHT!

  673. Ooh, pick me!!!! Yea!!!!

  674. ohhh – winning this contest would officially rock my world. Come on random number generator chooser… PICK ME!

  675. ooohhhh My terrible hair could use some of these!

  676. I just checked out stylebell for the first time – what a great site!

  677. Poor me…Still waiting for Pureology to send me my prize…So I’m going to try for this one, too. Ha. :D

  678. i need those!!

  679. Natalie 42 says:

    Ummmmmmm, HELLO!!!!!! I’m in. I can’t wait to use my new hair products…

  680. pick me!!!

  681. Christina says:

    I hope I win!

  682. Gretchen says:

    I never win things…but it’s worth a shot!

  683. Wow, that is an incredible giveaway! As a gal with no fun tools for her hair, I hope I win! Then I could learn how to use a flat iron! Ha!

  684. Jennifer says:

    These products could REVOLUTIONIZE my life!

  685. Oooh, yes! S’il vous plait!

  686. ooo – ooo i need a straightener!!

  687. OMG, must haves it. :)

  688. Oh would love to win this……..

  689. Elizabeth says:

    I really want to win this!!

  690. Elizabeth says:

    Love your site!!!

  691. Elizabeth says:

    I would love a new straightener! I have a CHI, but it is a larger one and I have always wanted to replace it with a small one. I just had a third baby girl a few months ago and need all of the hair help I can get these days…

  692. I don’t think I’ve ever won a contest, let alone for something I’d actually use! Can’t hurt to try right? :)

  693. Pick me, oh random # thing. Great giveway, Whoorl.

  694. tools.good. thanks.

  695. Michelle says:

    Ooh, I’ve been eyeing that flat iron for a couple of months now. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

  696. oh… a chi. i want it. i could use a good win.

  697. Love love Love Oscar Blandi Jasmine hair serum as well but always loking to try new products

  698. Oh my gosh – my hair yearns for this!!

  699. Oooooh – Hair therapy definitely needed here!

  700. What an amazing giveaway! Wow.

  701. love your blog and new design. hope i win!

  702. I want to win!

  703. How fun is this?

  704. I’ve never had much luck with curling irons, so I don’t have one, but I totally wanna try the whoorl curl. :)

  705. are you going international?
    cos if you are, this would be mahvellous!
    mwah X

  706. I know I’m comment #84,233, but isn’t that your lucky number??? :)

  707. What a fabulous giveaway! I hope I win!!

  708. This is an awesome giveaway–I hope I win!

  709. In desperate need of a ceramic flat iron!! :)

  710. Fantastic!

  711. i’m in!

  712. Crap, I just cut all my hair off!
    Well, I guess if I win, I can gift this to a long-haired friend and she’ll think I’m awesome!

  713. I am definitely in need of some new tools… and I love your site! Your wrap-around-the-curling-iron method has changed my life. Honestly. Thanks!

  714. Count me in!

  715. I sooooo need this!

  716. I have never won anything ever, in my entire life, ever. Pleasepleaseplease.

  717. oh la la! hair products galore!

  718. Natalie J says:

    Oh gosh that would be a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  719. Aisha Dharamsi says:

    This is an amazing contest!!!!

  720. OOOH! I could finally do the Whoorl Curl!

  721. Oh sweet baby jesus… please.

  722. Oooo…I SOOOO need a better flat iron!

  723. wow, and wow again… hope this is open to Canadians

  724. Yes Please!

  725. Ok, I’m in!

  726. Please pick me! I’m making my whole life over, and being able to style my hair will definitely help!

  727. I love the glossing cream! And this site, of course!

  728. seriously, i want…i NEED THESSE!!! pick me!!

  729. Wow, I could really use these! My hair has gone all Bride of Frankenstein on me.

  730. Okay. If I win, I’m totally going to grow my hair out just so I can use the products properly. (If I were to use a ceramic iron at this stage, I would probably end up in the hospital.)

  731. Ooooh! Ooooh! I NEED those appliances…
    Do you have any IDEA how much time I spend in Oklahoma on business? I live in Colorado…my hair gets so very, very confused. Humid/dry! Humid/dry! Humid…oh, you get the picture.

  732. oh.



  733. Elizabeth says:

    Me, Me, Me, Pick me please!!!!

  734. Awesome products!!! Pick me!

  735. It would be a present for my sister, who is the most awesome esthetician and make-up artist evah! She would LOVE this.

  736. awesome!

  737. Those are awesome hair products. Who wouldn’t want to be in the drawing! :)

  738. Elizabeth says:

    I really, really want to win this!!! It would make my day!

  739. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I live in Oklahoma and need all the hair help I can get with this crazy weather we have.

  740. I’ve been wanting a CHI for sooo long. Oh pleeeaaasse random number generator…

  741. danana banana says:

    Ummm… this would make me the happiest girl in the world!

  742. me me!

  743. yay! what a great giveaway. CHIs are awesome!

  744. Oh my! I am drooling right now.
    My flat iron has served me and my curly hair well for the past 4 years, but it is dying.
    The glossing cream has been in my amazon cart for a month and I just haven’t been able to buy it yet. I was thinking to myself just the other day that I needed that same curling iron to give myself so loverly curls whoorl-style.
    One lucky person.

  745. absolutely fabulous!

  746. I love hair products, and have super curly hair…Chi straightener’s are the best!

  747. Chiara Goodyear says:

    fingers crossed!

  748. OMG, flatirons are essential to my sanity! Ceramic??? Yes, please :)

  749. I wanna win! Still!

  750. This would make my year. Ok – maybe more like my Summer. I don’t want to sound too lame.

  751. I think I should be picked because technically, you got me in trouble. I read your article on essential bags, which led me to the Lands’ End web site, which led to me purchasing two of their totes, which led to a very pissed of husband. According to him, I am to consult with him before such “frivolous” purchases and demanded I return them. But, I had them monogrammed so, oops! I told him it was your style advice that made me purchase, which is partially true. But they didn’t have the cute navy/green combo in the sizes I wanted so I had to settle for the black/khaki combo. PICK ME!

  752. oh how my hair needs it!!

  753. I asked Hank what I should type and he said, very seriously, “belly button.”

  754. Oh, wow. Is it bad that this post turned me on a little? Okay, just kidding. I’m not that weird.

    But I do want a new hair straightener. Badly.

  755. Save me from the boredom of American/Chinese basketball with the news that I won this rockin’ prize.

  756. If you pick me, I will send before/after pictures of how this contest changed my life (hair).

  757. One more comment before I go take a shower and hen style my hair with my limited and dated styling tools. This straightener would, perhaps, reverse the damage my addiction to crimping has caused.

  758. Hair Thursday rocks!

  759. Elizabeth says:

    Me please!

  760. Wow, what a wicked giveaway :)

  761. Ohhhhhh – I hope I’m not too late!!!! I’m crossing my fingers.

  762. Pick me, pretty please. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  763. Do you know how badly my hair is screaming PICK ME PICK ME right now?

  764. Oh hair goddess…pick me!

  765. Pick me please!

  766. My hair NEEDS to win! Needs it!!

  767. Do you except bribes?

  768. Elizabeth says:

    I love your site! Lots of good advice and always fun to read :)

  769. I love hair thursday. And I love giveaways!

  770. Christmas in August…maybe YAY!

  771. I would love to have these products! This site rocks!

  772. Ooh, I’ve never actually used a straightener before–Asian hair, but my perm is looking a bit ratty now. . .could come in handy!

  773. Oooh, I’ve been wondering if a flat iron would tame the unruly natural wave I have – only on the back of my head behind each ear – by the end of the day I look like I have wings.

  774. Elizabeth says:

    I would love these products!

  775. oooh! This would be awesome!

  776. Please oh please, pick me random number generator thingie!!

  777. I just got home from the Chicago Breast Cancer 3-Day. You don’t want to see my hair.

  778. I would LOVE these products! Pick me!

  779. Elizabeth says:

    Me please please!

  780. My son just pooped in the bath for the first time in two years. It’s been a shitty night (no pun intended). Pick me.

  781. Whew, barely made the deadline!!

  782. Before I head off to give our tub the Silkwood shower, consider that I want this above all others who claim that they want it. That might sound aggressive and pompous, but it’s true. I have to go scoop feces out of a bathtub and then bleach it and all toys in the tub at the time of said incident. I could use some pampering – or even some just plain winning.

  783. I will probably enter again – right after I scour my entire body with a Brillo pad and Comet.

  784. Elizabeth says:

    I keep trying! I never enter things like this, but this one is too good!

  785. Pick me!

  786. I’m back! Ready to win!

  787. No! Pick m!

  788. m=me.

  789. I want my hair as straight as these asian gymnasts.

  790. I highly doubt that Olympic athletes eat McDonald’s Southern Style chicken biscuits.

  791. a 33-year-old German gymnast? Kick ass! My Olympic dreams wont die when I turn 30 in March. Is ice-eating an Olympic sport?

  792. Why can’t they just show the human interest stories and skip the competitions?

  793. …..fixated on this giveaway………

  794. Some of these Eastern European gymnasts could use your hair & makeup advice. Enough with the glitter.

  795. Do blank entires count? I’m running out of things to say.

  796. On the chance that they don’t I’ll keep up with the random Olympic commentary.

  797. I need that flat iron! :)

  798. I would have thought I’d be duking it out with more last minute commenters here at the end.

  799. Ten minutes and counting…

  800. Elizabeth says:

    Please pick me!

  801. Elizabeth says:

    I really want to win! My hair needs help.

  802. twiddling thumbs……

  803. Elizabeth says:

    I never win anything, but this is right up my alley for sure.

  804. Elizabeth says:

    Getting down to the last minute now….

  805. Ooooh – competitors – I knew they’d show up.

  806. Elizabeth,
    I admire your dedication.

  807. Elizabeth says:

    Trying to get my children to sleep is such a chore….can’t wait for school to start. Oh, and I would love to win!

  808. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Lyndsay, you too :)

  809. 5 minutes

  810. I’m in it to win it. Still here!

  811. Elizabeth says:

    The person who wins will probably be someone who only commented once knowing my luck!

  812. Elizabeth says:

    Just a few minutes left….

  813. Elizabeth says:

    Last chance to possibly win!

  814. 2 minutes.

  815. one more?

  816. who will get in the last comment????


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