Hair Thursday on Nightline


Hair Thursday will be featured on Nightline tonight. Be sure to tune in!



  1. I LOVE the new website! I am so excited for when everything is up and running!

  2. I just watched you on Nightline, and you did great! Whew, that one’s over. :-)

  3. Ack! Was just watching you! craziness!!

    Great job!!

  4. Now that you are a celebrity, does this mean I will have to be “on call” for anytime you have “just one more thing” for me to do on the site?

    Great segment on Nightline – all the best!

  5. As I just commented over on Whoorl, I just watched the amazing Sarah James have her TV interview. A natural and fun to see some of the “behind the scenes” looks at what makes Hair Thursday.

  6. Just saw you on Nightline. So cool…I’m a new fan!

  7. Good a place to gossip about hair…yahooo..all hollywood babe!!

  8. I think we were separated at Birth, which would be weird since my name is Sarah too. I am so glad my work is slow today… because I am reading your site and LOVING it. I saw you last night when I was feeding my 6 month old baby girl. Swear to god this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in forever. I’m Obsessed with hair and like nothing more than to critique and tell other people what to do. I’m 34, and sometimes I’m a little sad that the days of being able to do your girlfriends hair are long past me. Kudos to you! Hopefully I will not get fired for reading your site all day.

  9. Missed the Nightline segment, but I found their story on their website:

  10. Love! the new digs. Very rad.

  11. Darn, missed the interview. I read the story though.

    Actually, I don’t think it’s “sad” really, that people go on the internet to ask opinions. It’s a bit easier, the anonymity makes it feel a bit safer. I’d find it easier to ask and get an honest opinion at Hairthursday than my next door neighbour, KWIM?

    Great job on this site, Whoorl!

    Thanks! The interview is posted on whoorl if you are interested.