My Top Tools Now


1. Hot Tools Ceramic Curling Iron – I have the 1-inch model and it works perfectly on my long hair. The size of the ringlets look like this.

2. HAI Ceramic Flat Iron – Heats up to 400 degrees in about 10 seconds. HUZZAH.

3. Mason Pearson Brush – Nylon and bristle, junior size. Brusha brusha brusha, shiny shiny shiny.

4. Revlon Hair Dryer – I usually let my hair air-dry, so I might not be the go-to source on dryers, but this one gets the job done. (And it’s inexpensive. Score.)

5. Medicis Paris Round Brush – The good news? This is the best round brush I have ever owned. It doesn’t pull the hair and the boar bristles don’t cause the slightest bit of static. The bad news? I can’t remember where I purchased it and can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE. Help.

Any tools you absolutely love?



  1. I love the new site.

  2. bethany Coffey says:

    Lovin the new site, just thought you might want to know that the link for the Mason Pearson brush actually takes you to the HAI flatiron….just thought i’d let ya know.

  3. I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I own a Hot Tools Ceramic 1″ curling iron that I have yet to ever try, and I bought it in March of 07. And I have the optimal naturally wavy hair and have wanted to achieve this look. Even before you posted about it, horrible I know! Its sheer laziness on my part flat ironing my hair is so much easier.

  4. I have a product that you HAVE to try:

    It is right up there with my all time favorite beauty products.