My Top Products Now


1. Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray – Protects my hair from heat styling and the sun, and smells unbelievably fresh and clean.

2. Pureology Real Curl Creme – I currently rotate three curl products, but if I was forced to choose one, it would be Real Curl.

3. Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream – Like I’ve said one hundred times before, nothing compares to the shine this product creates. Remember, a LITTLE dab’ll do ya.

4. Redken Workforce 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray – Forget about humidity issues with this spray. It holds without any stiffness and is completely brushable.



  1. Kerastase is the most amazing product out there. I have naturally wavy hair, sort of similar to yours, not curly but wavy and a lot of it. I use a flat Iron when I want it to look all smooth and fancy. This product has rejuvenated my hair, to the point where people say, “wow you’ve got such healthy shiny soft hair.” It cost an arm and a leg but so worth it.

    Oh and I made friends with my hairdresser, she gives me her 30% discount so every little bit helps.

  2. Bed Head After Party! I can’t go a day without it. It smooths my fine, thin hair without weighing it down.

  3. Matrix Biolage Hydra-Seal Leave-In Creme is my new fave. It works to tame frizz and flyaways while providing heat protection.

    I think it makes styling of hair easier thanks to gentle shaping polymers and it smells wonderful!

  4. Amy in StL says:

    Holy Cow, I’m totally on the Biosilk Silk Therapy bandwagon. I have such baby fine hair and not a ton of it, I’ve had such bad results with anything taming frizz being too heavy. This just isn’t. And, I can get it at Target!

  5. Any recommendations for deep conditioning treatments? Or do I need to go to my salon every week?