Au Revoir!


Monday morning, I’m leaving California on a little adventure. First stop, New Jersey, where I will get the chance to film my very own talk show at CafeMom Studios. Totally crazy, but super exciting crazy. We’re filming ten episodes devoted to all the things I love to chat about – beauty, style, parenting, travel, fitness, organization, taking care of yourself, and we have some really fantastic guests lined up. I’m really excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. No, maybe nervous.

From New Jersey, I’ll be flying straight to Miami for Mom 2.0. I can’t wait! I’m speaking on a panel entitled, What Happens Now? Moving from ‘Mom Blogger’ to ‘Mom Who Blogs’: How to Transition Your Site, Brand & Focus with four lovely ladies. I’m nervous about that as well, but the New Jersey nerves are overriding the Miami nerves for the time being. I suspect that will change in about a week. Any chance I might see you there?

From Miami, I’ll be flying back to California for just a few days before our family takes off on a short vacation to Honolulu.

(Deep breath.)

(Can you imagine the sheer multitude of lists cluttering my desk right now? It’s uncanny, really.)

All in all, I’m beyond thrilled for the next few weeks, but I have to admit, up until now, 3-4 days away from my kids has been my max, and this first 7-day stint is going to be tough. I’m sure my jam-packed schedule will make the week fly by, and I really, really hope it feels the same way to my kids. I know a lot of you travel for longer periods than that (how do you do it?), but ugghhhhhh, I feel like it’s a long time for me to be away. The busy preparation of the past few weeks has kept my mind off leaving the kiddos, but that achy pang in the pit of my stomach has officially made itself known over the past day or two. Blergh.

Posting will be light over here for the next few weeks, but I’m sure I’ll be around my usual haunts, Instagram (whoorl) and my Facebook page. And speaking of my Facebook page, the recent conversations over there indicate to me that you all have varied opinions regarding Fifty Shades of Grey right now. All I can say is, seriously, STOP WITH THE INNER GODDESS TALK, MISS ANA. I can’t deal. (Also, I really hope my neighbor on the plane doesn’t peek at my Kindle because he/she will surely think I’m a porny porn peep.)

Wishing you a great few weeks! Talk soon. (Or as one freaky dude would say, “Laters, baby.”)



  1. One question….how long is the flight to Hawaii and will Wita make it?

  2. WOW! That’s a wooorlwind of a tour ;)And you are coming to HAWAII but not Maui…boo. Have fun and be safe!
    Sarah recently posted…a message in a bottle

    • I thought of you! I’ve never been to Honolulu, so I’m excited to check it out. :) We’ll meet someday!

  3. I might put you in my suitcase in Miami.
    (Fair warning.)
    Helen Jane recently posted…Thoroughly enjoyable weekend

    • You know, I recently took a wine tour in Temecula…and let me just say, I need me some Helen Jane wine country.

  4. Sounds crazy with a capital C. I can’t imagine the packing lists for a trip like that! I’d have lists of lists! Can’t wait to see the final results.
    I wish I had tips on the week away but I looked to you when I had to be away for two nights. The bonus is that you can return and then all veg out on the beach catching up.
    I’m totally jealous of the trip to HI. I really want to go and take our boy. I’m not a Disney aficianado but I’m really eager to spend some time at their new HI resort drinking Mai Tais.

  5. As always a big fat YEA for you! I can’t wait to see the talk shows! Love Cafe Mom and I live in New York so I’ll send you some good “don’t be nervous” vibes from Warwick!

    Have fun in Miami, I was going to go, then not, then yes, then not.

    And HI? Awesome well deserved vacation soaking up your babies (and hubby!)

    Have fun, enjoy every second of it!
    Jill V. / TerraSavvy recently posted…Happy Weekend!

  6. Safe travels my friend! Might you be at BlogHer in August?! :) We can meet then! hehehe

  7. Wonderful and fun things you’re doing these days. Hope you post at least a little bit so we can live vicariously. :)
    laura @ hollywood housewife recently posted…friday links – engagements edition

  8. I didn’t know about the CafeMom news — congratulations!
    Roxanna recently posted…“In Praise of Slow Mastery” Everyday #117

  9. Good luck, break a leg and all that! Your kids will be fine and you need to do this for yourself, so go for it and make them proud!
    mau recently posted…Embrace the camera 26th April 2012

  10. FYI, if you’re staying in Waikiki, the beach is being shut down every so often to replenish sand so you might want to plan.

  11. LOVE all the successes you’re having! You deserve it and are just too fabulous for words! Enjoy this crazy work week, because that will make Hawaii that much better of a trip! :)


    “Laters, baby” is just too ridiculous, as is that trilogy, yet, my “inner goddess” loves it and is dying for more. So, so, sad.

  12. It all sounds so exciting and I can’t wait to read your opinion of Honolulu and any tips you will share as my husband and I have a trip to Oahu planned for later in the year. Have fun on every leg of your adventure!
    Ninabi recently posted…Garden buddy

  13. Thinking of you, girl. And wishing you a super successful trip!!
    Carrie recently posted…With the Wind at My Back and a Picket Sign in My Face

  14. Are you at Jazzfest? Not that we’ve ever met but I seriously saw you and Wito or your NOLA dopplegangers, completely with kiddie chapeau yesterday! Have fun on your adventures. Today my friend and I are all about Foo Fighters with a side of Galactic.

  15. Emily Woodhouse says:

    Wishing you all the best for your upcoming journey. Hope it’ll be a great one. I’m waiting to hear about some awesome experiences.

    Prenez soin(take care)!
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted…How Much Are Guitar Lessons?