Why every time I pick up The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy to look up a specific question, the subject is never listed in the index?

Girlfriend, you aren’t helping me out at all.



  1. Pregnancy books are one of the (many) reasons I’m looking forward to getting knocked up. I hear Belly Laughs is a great one.

    Hope you were able to find what you were looking for!

  2. Sundance Kid says:

    I found that book merely a light read. What’s your question?

  3. You have questions? Ask your real girlfriends!

  4. Oh, you could have just asked me. The answer is: Yes, Chipotle is GREAT for the baby!

  5. Sundance Kid is right. Girlfriend’s Guide is definitely a light read…

  6. LOL.

  7. Most of my answers would involve cats and wine, so clearly I’m no help.

  8. kris-

    actually, if i weren’t pregnant, i might assume these “marks” on my backside were from a wine-fueled fight with a cat.

    so, theoretically, you aren’t that far off.

  9. Are the marks like bruises, only wine-colored and a little streaky?