Whoorlito Update


Please close your browser
if you do not want to read
about Mister Wito

Don’t write about him
much anymore, but I’m a
proud mama, I promise

Right now, he’s singing
the Spanish Alphabet song
How does he know that?

He wants me to sing
with him, but he’s way smarter
than me, dumb mommy

His memory is
astounding, remembers just
about everything

This does not bode well
for me, since my favorite
words are profanity

Crazy spelling boy
Video from the month he
turned two years old here

Please excuse my gross
appearance and cloying voice
I apologize

I know what you are
thinking, we’re Rick Moranis
on Parenthood, yes?

Not the case with Wito
It’s like the kid craves to learn
Good Lord help us all

He is most likely
staging a near coup d’état
of the Whoorl household

Above all, he is
now big pimpin’ thanks to his
spoiling grandparents


Don’t get me started
on the cuteness of little
cousin Sam, love him

I am now finished
Come back for next Wito post
in 2010



  1. Little Whoorlito is SO cute!

    He’s going to be picking up all kinds of ladies with that pimp-mobile!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Wito is a genius! Charlie knows how to work the Tivo remote and can swear like a trucker, I consider that progress.

    Some video of him in the pimping car is definitely in order. He is such a ladies man.

  3. Brag away Mama… it’s totally called for. Holy C.R.A.P.! :)

  4. Dude…seriously, that is ridiculous. Go Wito go!

  5. Do you remember those Go-Go Powerwheels cars? With the Go-Go! Powerwheels! commercials, wherein they sang that song and all the kids looked so happy as they whooshed by with their hair flying in the breeze? Yeah, when I was a kid that commercial had me at hello.

  6. P wants to join him in his new ride!

  7. How did you get that thing home?

  8. I can’t get over THAT CAR!!!!!

    And THAT BOY!!!

    Correction: THOSE BOYS!!!

  9. gah! someone teach that kid not to talk with food in his mouth! i kid, i kid! too cute!

  10. OK, that video is freaking me out!! I guess you already know that though. ;)

  11. Heather Cook says:

    Wito is simply gorgeous!

  12. Uhh, you had a smart one, the spelling thing is impressive!! He’s beautiful too :)

  13. more wito posts please!

  14. This blog is awesome!