Would It Kill You To Add More Purple Tootsie Rolls?


Packing suitcases
is killing my will to live
Hand me a gun please

Bacon yum bacon
Bacon bacon bacon yum
Bacon yum bacon

1 orange, 2 grape
100 cherry – I will
sue you, Tootsie Roll



  1. As we have discussed (uh, how many syllables are in discussed? Couldn’t decide)
    Purple is the very best
    Glad I ate one, yes.

  2. That would excite me
    Cherry is my life, you see
    I can’t stand the grape

  3. Don’t like fruity ones
    Vanilla is where it’s at
    Here’s to you, Tootsie

  4. Those are hilarious–you are definitely gifted! I hope you have submitted them for publication in a literary journal!