I have an excuse
for not posting yesterday
roadtrip to the sticks

Why oh why am I
the only human who can’t
sleep in moving cars?

As you will witness
the boys in my family
have no such problem

Apparently my
grandma is housing a rogue
cat, I could not breathe

I violently sneezed
at least 500 times while
in the dander zone

Cats, I fucking hate
them with the passion of a
hundred blazing suns

I had so much fun
with Slynnro, she has a great
recap at her blog

I’m having lunch with
Susan today, I hope we
don’t wear the same thing

Family photo
this morning, why do I have
to wear a cream sweater?

Too bad, heather grey
will have to suffice, peeps
Talk about washed out

It’s acceptable
to drink 30-proof egg nog
for breakfast, healthy



  1. i totally can’t sleep in moving cars either! unfortunately….neither can ALL THREE OF MY KIDS. makes for, um, awesome road trips. heh.

  2. Dude, you are not alone on the sleep thing. I’ve never been able to sleep in cars, planes, trains, etc. I slept a little bit on our flight back from Rome this summer, but only b/c I’d taken an Ambien *and* had three glasses of red wine.

  3. Aw! Cute picture. hubs can’t get mad at that one, especially with the adorable little guy next to him.

    Ps – I never used to be able to sleep in moving cars and now, on long road trips I can hardly stay awake on them!

  4. What a brilliant breakfast idea!

    Dear Santa,

    I would like a keg of 30 proof eggnog for my cube. Please deliver it early. Like in the next six seconds. Thank you.



  5. I cannot sleep in
    cars either. I actually
    prefer that I drive.

    So jealous of your
    shopping trip with the Slynnro.
    I love bloggy friends.

    As cold as it is
    I think alcohol is of
    course acceptable.

  6. Hopefully your husband will not mind the cool pic of him and Wito traveling in the car.

  7. Never tried eggnog.
    Am I missing out?
    Goddamn you, Judaism!

  8. Oops! That should have been:

    Never tried eggnog.
    Goddamn you, Judaism!
    Am I missing out?

    This is what I get
    For trying to haiku from
    My phone. Duck this shot!

  9. Here’s where I confess
    That eggnog makes me gag, but
    I also hate cats

    This haiku thing is
    getting rather addictive
    Brilliant work, Whoorl

  10. D sleeps in the car?
    I assume a DVD
    Must have been playing.

    I also assume
    That by “sticks” you mean the ‘phur?
    Love to Grandma please.

    And to the StuTu
    Clan we send our Xmas best.
    Soon again we’ll toast.

  11. Cannot sleep in cars, planes, trains, etc. either. I like to think I make very excellent company. That or I am a terrible pain.

  12. Two things.

    One: I can’t sleep in moving cars either.

    Two: Zyrtec (for the cat allergy).