Making out with makeup


Blogher and Estee Lauder gave me free makeup in exchange for a big, wet kiss.

Not really, but you can read about it here.

(Also, exactly how many readers would never EVER come back to this blog if I wrote all of my posts in haiku? Isn’t haiku SO over that it’s actually cool again?)



  1. I’ll read you either way. But on the note of haiku’s…my co-worker and I send haiku’s to each other when we start to get so stressed that we want to pull our hair out. Shockingly, they actually help. Strange. :)

  2. Kim Yamaguchi says:

    Great review of the Estee Lauder site. It sounds really cool. I agree about foundation. It’s impossible, I feel, to really know what shade to pick online or in a catalog (which is why I haven’t even ordered any foundation from *myself* because I can’t figure out the right shade!)

  3. I always enjoy a good haiku and actually didn’t think that haiku was the sort of thing that could be “in” or “out.” Shows how with it I am, I guess. Not sure I care a whole heck of a lot about make-up, but I do care about haiku apparently. Go figure.

  4. I still don’t really understand how to even DO a haiku, you could give a quick lesson, no? Oh, and free makeup, *drool*

  5. You know…I just recently ran across your blog the other day and the REASON I started reading it is because you did a whole blog in Haiku. My friend and I make up horrible Haikus (not as a hobby more as a joke…we aren’t mental) but yeah it totally cracked me up because thats totally something I would do.

  6. Off to Sephora
    Will resist perfume samples
    Just need new lipstick

    How come ev’ry time
    While going Christmas shopping
    I find stuff for me

    Target, I love you
    But I need to take a break
    Christmas shoppers suck