Can You Say Carpal Tunnel?


1. It’s not all tofu and hemp over here. I’ve finally admitted to my paper towel addiction.

2. If you have an iPhone, you have to check out these apps for parents. (Your iPhone can act as a baby monitor! That calls you at your number of choice when it detects sound! DUDE.)

3. Plus-sized tips and cute fall fashions. 

4. Playing catch-up at Hair Thursday.

5. Victory rolls! Be sure and watch the video I posted by Super Kawaii Mama. (I’m cyber-stalking her in a mild, rule-abiding way.)

6.  If this kid doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy, you are an asshole robot.

Wow. Maybe there is a reason why I can’t get things written at Whoorl. Like, MY FINGERS ARE FALLING OFF. Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got a couch and a DVR calling my name.

Have a super weekend!



  1. I’m glad to know I’m not a complete asshole robot but I do however, HATE Method wipes. They leave funky streaks on my funky electric blue countertops.

  2. PLEASE tell me you have the Shazam app on your iPhone?? It’s a little voodoo box with which I am obsessed.

  3. YES! Shazam rocks my world, but didn’t really fit into the whole “parenting” category. TRUST ME, I tried to put some sort of spin on it.

    Shazam failed me for the first time last week, but I must admit, it was a completely archaic jazz number.

  4. Totally read that as “crapal tunnel” and I thought “worst tunnel ever” and I also remembered your tweet about rivers of poo.

  5. Didn’t want to register on the filterforgood website but we do use kitchen towels — never three days old though! Bah, just realized filterforgood probably wants you to recruit people to register for the site. Tell them their registration system is too much of a hassle.
    These are great posts. Thanks for the plus-sized fashion, particularly. You are super busy these days.

  6. Hey Whoorl…so I am very new to the world of blogging…a close friend of mine who just happens to be Mr. Revolution himself (bg) has mentioned you more than once so I thought I would see what you “a real and blogger” is all about….fun blog you have I will be back…and stop mine if you get a chance. Thanks


  7. Is it okay if I use “asshole robot” as a replacement for “asshat?” It sounds much more progressive. I’ll do a little verbal bibliography and mumble/whisper “by Whoorl” after I say it. Okay? Okay.

  8. Asshole Robot, by Whoorl.

    The perfect name for a new fragrance, yes?

  9. Sometimes the fingers on my right hand go numb. Me? What internet addiction?

  10. This is apropos of nothing but I thought I would share:


  11. I want an iPhone so bad! You people just keep confirming it for me!

  12. Asshole Robot would make a good children’s toy, too. Or maybe a new Jetson’s character.

  13. if you’re like me (and i suspect you are) you find comfort in knowing that others share your vices. I’m a total paper towel addict. Sad.

  14. Thanks for the plus-sized tips! Just hit Old Navy and might actually have something to wear for the holidays that doesn’t have sequins or cats on it! Thanks so much! :)