It’s all your fault, really.


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed an incoming link to this blog where a blogger mentioned being happy because my post frequency was “back to normal”. Well, that lasted for about a week. I realize I haven’t devoted much time to this blog in the past month or two, and to be honest, I was hoping for some kind of writing revelation to occur. Unfortunately, it isn’t happening and I’m finding myself bored with my post drafts. So incredibly bored.

I’m not going to write about taking a blog break…it’s just that, I’m sitting here- my writing deadlines have all been met, my sick baby is sleeping, I’ve fed my Us Weekly addiction, but I just don’t have it in me to write anything at this place. And it’s not that I don’t have the material, because this week has been chock full.

(Such as, I’m now 34. This is my last year included in the 25-34 box, people.)

(Or how a stranger told my husband that I am a dead ringer for Sarah Palin. While I was standing at the polling booth! Wearing an Obama shirt! Which, apparently, is called passive electioneering and is illegal! Take THAT, rule-abiding self!)

(By the way, the short phrases ending with exclamation points?! BORING.)


((((Not to mention the overuse of parentheticals.))))

GAH GAH GAH. Am I the only blogger who feels this way? Obviously I am, since all of you are NaBloPoMo-ing it like crazed over-achievers. Way to make me feel like a total turd.



  1. I think it is normal right- just cyclical like everything else…Perhaps you can post a photo or find a gorgeous poem or a few days of things that are just beautiful and free you from stress. You will shake it off. We always do. And SP ain’t got nothing on you! xo

  2. My dear, you are NOT alone.

    I have been racking my brain, looking up old drafts, reading other blogs, reading newspapers, reading the walls of the toilet stalls … trying to find some inspiration someWHERE. ANYwhere.

    Alas … nothing.

    Seriously, I can only wonder why people still read me.

    I think they may just feel sorry for me.

  3. I am NaBlo-ing it, but I suck, so that is my civil disobedience for the day.

    And while I do see a BIT of resemblance, your glasses are wicked hot. I hate – let me repeat that – HATE – Sarah Palin’s glasses.

  4. Ha! You said “turd”

  5. You are very much not alone. Questionable sentence construction like that may be what’s keeping me from blogging. The only blogging box I’m checking these days is “malaise.”

    The time I spend dissecting my questionable sentence construction is ridiculous. (Or the choice of words! “Dissecting” is not what I wanted, but I CANT THINK OF ANOTHER!) You hit the nail on the head, my dear.

  6. Blogging sucks.

    Sometimes I look at my posts and I think “wasn’t I a dad blogger or something? Where did that stuff go?”

  7. Happy belated birthday and; i think you’re being way too hard on yourself. :-)

    That is the understatement OF THE YEAR. ;)

  8. Yes, I feel your pain. I’m nablopomo-ing for the first time and I tell ya. By yesterday I was sick of hearing myself even think. The thought of spewing out more writing made me ill. So I took pictures instead and felt much better.

    Sometimes our brains need a break from the word thing. And from ourselves.

    Happy 34th birthday!

  9. Hell no, you’re not alone…
    I’m participating in the NaBloButtBlow so I can do this:


    for 30. days. in. a. row.

    You’re welcome (2) readers.

    *Takes Bow*

  10. Just My Type says:

    You could always post more wedding photos. We’d like that.

  11. Why do you think I am not NaBloPoMoing? Cuz I’d blow it. Just come here when you feel like it. You have a lot of other blogging you do!

  12. Damn. I knew it was my fault.

  13. No, you’re not the only one. I feel totally blocked. It’s because I shot my big mouth off about NaBloPoMo. I just know it.

  14. I think you look more like Charlotte from Sex and the City.

  15. Dearest Whoorl (of the lovely hair)….I totally hear you on the posting…I keep telling myself I have so much to write about, but still, my blog hasn’t been updated in over a month. Don’t sweat the overachievers – I mean, clearly they have issues, right? Also? You do not look like Sarah Palin – I agree with Saerah, more like Charlotte. I have also been accused of looking like Sarah Palin because apparently all dark haired women with a fringe now look like Sarah Palin. Much in the same way all blonds with big boobs most assuredly look like Jessica Simpson.

  16. Wow, you are really hard on yourself.
    Always a pleasure to read you.
    Happy birthday.

  17. Happy Birthday!

    No, you’re not the only one feeling that way about blogging. It’s going around, and we’re all (or a lot of us are) feeling it. Check this article out from Wired:

    Interesting, huh? Maybe it’s the end of an era..

  18. I feel like that all the time. It’s all good. You write when you want to and don’t force it. And if you ever think of something interesting, but don’t have time to write the post right away, just take a note of it and save it for later.

  19. That’s the beauty of owning your own blog, write when you want………….don’t worry about it when you don’t!!!!!

  20. That is the reason I don’t write a blog…too much pressure to be entertaining, when my reality is mostly about laundry, keeping up with my two year old and worrying about what I am going to cook for dinner. That isn’t even interesting to me, let alone the rest of the internet. For some reason, though, it is comforting to read about someone else that is dealing with and managing similar life experiences, especially when they do it in a funny, sincere way.

    Hope Wito is feeling better.

  21. Not to worry, you will be home for Christmas and this fam always gives you something to write about. How can anyone forget picking up the 6 foot sandwich in a snowstorm or the slaughter house ham from last Christmas?

  22. You are not a turd. Just not crazy like the rest of us…

  23. I’m nablopomo’ing again and I don’t frickin’ know why… I was MIA from my blog for a while too… maybe I’m just trying to recapture some of that blog passion?

    I don’t know. You’re not a turd, though, that much I do know. And I’m all about parenthicals too…

  24. All I know comes from my personal experience, in which I did the same thing for so long that I became a cliche of myself. At which point it was just time to move on. :) I think I avoided that realization for a while because it felt disloyal. But it was true anyway.

  25. Miguelina says:

    I know exactly how you feel. I’m doing the NaPoBlo thing PRECISELY because I’d been avoiding my blog and putting too much pressure on myself to be entertaining. Now I’m just blogging. Also? I’ve started doing the question-mark-in-the-middle-of-a-sentence thing.

    I hang my head in shame.

  26. I’m pretty sure there is some sort of law of the universe that says when you are required to do something, it is no longer fun. You’re writing so much now for weekly columns, writing for fun prob. isn’t going to happen. Oh well. We still have your tweets!

  27. There’s a better chance of me suddenly grasping advance calculus than completing NaBloPoMo. And considering I got 17% on my midterm in math, you can see I’m not a math genius. Don’t feel bad about this not wanting to write feeling, you are definitely not alone.

  28. I know just what you mean. Perhaps more invigorating for bloggers than NaBlo etc etc would be a pledge to avoid all the hackneyed “bloggy” writing devices, mang of which you have identied:
    Using full stops (or “periods” as you call them, hee) in. totally. inappropriate.places.
    Writing in caps ALL THE TIME. Or even ALL. THE. TIME
    Using exclamations marks! Like this! As you pointed out!
    Writing huge run on sentences with mininal punctuation, not because we don’t know how to write, because oh my god many of us do have degrees, which by the way means we should how to punctuate, but because it’s just like the way bloggers write.
    (And using parentheses)
    (Too many of them)

    I do all of these things myself, and so do most of the bloggers I read regularly, but have decided that enough is enough. I’m tired of boring myself.

    I’m not being entirely snarky, just irked, and also relieved that somebody else has noted that blogging can be kind of boring when you don’t break the mould.

    Let’s get fresh! You know what I mean.

  29. *many* of which you have identified, I mean.

  30. I completely understand! When it comes to blogging, my boredom comes in spurts. Some days I can’t wait to write. Then other day – I cannot think of a single thing to say!

  31. i think November, for me, will be a “let’s see how infrequently ali can post this month” month.

    because i’m boring myself to tears these days too.

    (ps. you are so much hotter than Sarah Palin. just saying ;) )

  32. Hey, it’s YOUR blog. If you dont have anything you want to post, then that’s fine. I think your problem may be that you have so much other writing assignments going on that involve deadlines and stress, that you can’t view your blog as a release. Its become yet another place where you have to fufill other peoples expectations.
    My advice…take a blogging vacation till early next year. When you come back you’ll have plenty to blog about.
    Most importantly – we still love you.

  33. My frequency has gone down too..

    My vote for your next blog post: what-all you did, saw, and ESPECIALLY ate and drank in my beloved Charleston! I must live vicariously. I haven’t been down since HOPING to make it this weekend, but my workload is growing dangerously close to weekend-trip-prohibitive.

  34. Sarah Palin? That’s just nuts. I thought you looked like Rosemarie DeWitt in Rachel Getting Married. Bad, bad movie but Rosemarie/Rachel sure is pretty.

  35. Yeah, I get the same way with my site all the time. Highs and lows, inspiration and boredom, all that. I find that when I let myself truly believe that I *don’t* have to keep up the site regularly, I get an urge to post. Weird.

    And, no. I don’t see the Sarah Palin thing either.

  36. I have never felt better about not posting for thirty days straight than I have thus far this month.

    Taking pictures of my shoes for thirty days straight? Now that’s something I can handle.

  37. Not the only one, for sure. I’m not even trying a post a day, or whatever that is. And I don’t have a sick kid to help take some of the “blame.” There seems to be an epidemic of writer’s block going around. I could make a killing by finding a vaccination for that.

  38. Seeing as I’m commenting on this post like a week late, no you’re not the only one. I’m not into writing or reading. I keep thinking I’m going to come out of the funk and yet, I have not.

  39. Me too! I’ve considered just ceasing to blog, but then I realize that I like my every once in a while posts…so it’s worth keeping up…but life changes, interests change…it happens.


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