What? We always stand on rocks and gaze lovingly at each other.



Happy Anniversary, D.



  1. Wow, what an action-packed week…the election…your anniversary…your burfday.

    You are the most beautiful bride ever, btw. Happy anniversary!

  2. Ooh, pretty! You look amazing in that dress. Happy anniversary!

  3. so so so beautiful

  4. you guys are way too cute!

  5. That dress is amazing. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Oh my word, how gorgeous! Happy Anniversary!

  7. You SHOULD always stand on rocks and gaze lovingly at each other. Not only do you look gorgeous, I hear that that is actually the key to a happy marriage.

    Happy Anniversary!!

  8. Happy anniversary! You two are crazily gorgeous.

  9. Happy Anniversary! You look beautiful.

  10. aw. ;)

  11. Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

  12. Seriously, it’s like a picture from a bridal magazine.

  13. Look at your buff arm in that photo! Two tickets to the gun show…

  14. Congratulations! On finding the right one, on making it work! Revel in it! Own it! Awesome!

  15. Awww! Happy Anniversary, you two!

  16. bishOp stu tu says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! Sip some wine, share the time.

    da bishOp

  17. You didn’t mention it was your anniversary when I saw you this morning! Happy Anniversary–what a beautiful photo of a beautiful couple!

  18. Oh, well. This just topples the universal happiness scales right over. Happy! Anniversary you two.

  19. Gorgeous.
    Happy Anniversary!

  20. omg, you look GORGEOUS! i love your dress, your hair- all of it!

  21. Gorgeous photo. Happy Anniversary.

  22. Congratulations! That is a beautiul, beautiful picture.

  23. Happy Everything-that’s-Going-On!!!!
    (And I really hope that you post more photos from your wedding! Gah! You’re too gorgeous for words.)

    Thank you! I have a few more wedding photos here:


  24. Is that a yellow orchid in your hair? Inspired choice! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  25. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous photo.

  26. I needed some beautiful this morning. Thanks.

  27. Stunning image!! Happy anniversary!

  28. Happy anniversary! That’s a gorgeous picture.

  29. That is an amazing photo!


  30. That is a beautiful photo. Happy birthday and anniversary and send my condolences to you son, I just got over a double ear infection and BOO is right!

  31. So pretty! You look like models in your photo!

    Happy anniversary (two days late).

  32. That is just gorgeous. Look how perfect and priceless y’all look.

    May you always gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, at least once a day, rocks or no stinkin’ rocks. ;-)

    Happy Anniversary!